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MY brother, Tracy's situation

   Over the last few weeks or so after his motorcycle wreck where my brother, Tracy broke his back, he's recovering but other complications slowly emerged.  Weight lost of some 60 pounds and feeling ill have brought him down to 120 pounds.  Years of a "bad boy"  life style and rough living saw his survive a double lung transplant due to emphysema, only to have harsh consequences on his other organs, like kidneys.  As of yesterday his growing kidney failure called for a need for emergency dialysis, and IV fluids to counteract dehydration.  His dropping blood pressure landed him in ICU for more critical care and observations, as well as a need for a blood transfusion for unknown blood loss.

Continued prayers requested and updates forthcoming...



   The journey of life is all about writing our own experiences.  The meaning of life is - what you put your heart and soul into.  The purpose of life is - well, more than pleasure, more than procreation, it's about passing on the big picture take away moments and gems of wisdom and passing them on to others, to those whom you pray will succeed after you.

SEE YOU IN THE NEXT CHAPTER of my story.  We are moving from HERE to THERE. Plans for stashing our stuff and plans for getting there.


Garza Family Drawings

This is a photoshop picture of the five drawings I did of my daughter's family. 



The Watcher's Book of Books