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King Cicadia

 The "wings" detail will accect the Carrying cases' story of the one-eye King of the Blind illustration and carving about rebirth and forgiveness.



 Assumed Name: Eclectic Snowbear

The Eclectic Snowbear - Selling my Art

The ECLECTIC SNOWBEAR is the legally registered "assumed name" that I will use to sell my artwork under.  A friend gave me the cute name, and so I designed the logo based off a Polar bear.  There was a picture taken of me, posed with my long stemmed Churchwarden pipe that my wife bought for me a few years before, which I based the LOGO from.  An LVN co-worker made the scarf for me and I fell in love with it and drew it as well.

   As of this Blog's posting date I still have yet to do anything more than register the "assumed name", set up a website from which to showcase my artwork for sale, and slowly begin working on a few craft items.  After making, and building up an inventory of items such as : Gift Boxes, Decorative Masks, Windchimes and Fantasy Cloth Maps, I will open it up for actual sale. 
I still need to sign up for the TAX number and set up PAYPAL on the website.  I also want to sell my wares as a local vender at some Craft shows. We all have plans and goals - guess mine have to start somewhere! 


THE DISTANT FOOTPRINT ( A COVID-19 short story for your stay-at-home reading pleasure).

(Yet another short story..)
by David DeLane Snow
The virus stories dominated everything in his social feed, in the media, and every conversation at work. Sam, like everyone else was hoping the recent new-normal would just as quickly return to his old-normal, and soon. He knew that was a laughable thought because things had dragged on too long with far reaching rippling effects that weren’t going away in his lifetime. Sam Galloway wondered how much of the new would become the norm as new cameras were popping up on every corner with facial recognition scanners included as fast as the death rates had been. Only in the last few days were they hearing the turn of numbers were finally leveling off; maybe. The government was always spinning their version of the story. Who knew the truth anymore? Ten feet distancing, five people allowed to shop in any given store, temperature stations and ID check points on every corner; the world was turning crazy with its own pandemic fear response of the virus.
Sam’s phone died as he suddenly recalled its charger was back home in Seattle. He’d gotten stuck in Texas, having flown to Dallas for his cousin’s funeral. Stanley Marshall died from a massive coronary totally unrelated to the viral outbreak. Well, not totally unrelated, the overweight heavy smoking fool worried too much about everything. Stanley ranted for months on end to Becky that he’d contracted Mesothelioma but confined in Sam he just watched too many commercials and thought everything he saw was somehow going to kill him. When the viral pandemic broke and the causalities rose, she knew her husband wouldn’t last a second heart attack.

DRAFT scribbles still working on this...