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Stories From Work: The Bib

   The other day at work as I was assisting another individual during meal time. I just happened to notice my co-worker struggling to aid one of the men with a "clothing protector". The client was vigorously refusing to wear the (bid) about his neck as food kept spilling on the front of his shirt. The Staff patiently kept attempting over and again to assist and block the agitated flying arms of the client.  After a few moments of this the staff just gave in and opted to change the man's shirt later.

  The client was waving off the (bib) and grinning from ear to ear - as if to say, "WELL I didn't want to get that dirty either!"


Stories From Work: The Floor Mat

   One evening, during Shift Change, I had just assisted an Individual to bed. He was lying beneath the covers giggling and laughing for about 10 minutes. I was giving a hand-off report of the day to the incoming Home Team Leader and was continuing to do so as we both entered the laughing man's bedroom. He was still giggling beneath his covers. As we both stood there beside his bed I informed her that he had been good all day. She bent over to reset the floor mat alarm. At just the moment she stood back up the laughing man came out from under his covers shocked to see her suddenly standing in front of him.  He rose up out of bed, and nearly began climbing the walls with a horrified expression.  Whaling and screaming as loud as possible.

  We stood there just as stunned that we had scared him; and suddenly all three of us burst into laughter.


Stories From Work: Name Tag

   Awhile back I was working with a female staff who had assisted several of the disabled individuals we care for with changing their clothes after the evening meal.  About an hour later as we were all enjoying the sun on the patio she asked if I had come across her name tag.
   After 30 minutes of searching the Home and no luck of finding my co-worker's name tag she had resigned to just let it turn up on its own. A few moments later, after we finished another round of "check and changes" I was the one who retrieved her name tag from a soiled brief, asking her, "You want me to clean this for you?"


Well Wishes! Happy Retirement.

A co-worker (at The Denton State Supportive Living Center), Brenda Turk is retiring after 20 years of service as a Direct Care "Professional" (DSP).  In reference to her, no I do not use the word professional lightly. For she was in fact the quintessential example and standard of what we in that staff position should strive to be. Above reproach on the job and in her personal life. Frustrated and fed up a lot with all the beaucratic systematic and constant changes, Brenda remained smiles and encouragingly upbeat.  She leaves now so as to continue being the sole Caregiver of her severly ill husband.  You could always "catch" Brenda in the act of 'doing her job'. Sweet and kind but never negative of staff that were less than the standard but always wondering how to lift them up and encourage others to be even better than herself. Having once been a HTL (Home Team Leader) she stepped down from it years ago to resume the backbone position as a way of exemplifying better what even that role should be. Personally, I was humbled to know Brenda and she will be sorely missed, with her shoes never quiet being filled.

The Campus Superintendent, The Head BC (that originally hired Brenda) and one of the Master Trainers on Campus, as well as some departmental heads and coworkers signed this. Realizing the State will provide fancier documents of Service Time and blah blahs, it was my intention to provide, my co-worker a "document" from the heart and meaningful token of appreciation; knowing Brenda the way I do I am certain tears and thanks are forth coming. Miss you and wish you all the best Mrs. Turk!!!

AS A BIT OF HUMOR for Brenda (and employees): I drew a "Gait Belt" {about the Star}, A "built up handle spoon" {above the name Brenda}, and a "Cut out Nose cup" {above the Surname Turk}; as these are The Tools of our Trade in assisting Individuals with physical disabilities.


Tardis Google Portal

Look Inside the Tardis!

At least, that's what is implied in this incredible Google Streetview easter egg. Click this link to the map of Earl's Court Road, then click the double-white arrows directly in front of the call box. Immediately you're transported inside the Doctor's famous time machine, complete with a detailed 360 degree view of its interior and various controls. 




 can break and need a greater strength.

 (feeling very stressed, and sad). Lady Snow just called me, as I am at work. My pet ferret, Rosie... Passed away. 

When I get off, at 6AM I have to burry her. Losing a pet, especially after four years is difficult to process and deal with at this moment, when I can't do anything about it, (not like I could bring her back to life if I were home). 

Why do I allow myself to be so emotional? *sigh*

I love my fur-people I hate when they die....

This is my ferret, Samwise, his mate Rosie passed away today. We've been their pets for over five years and am heartbroken that her health condition developed a tumor we could not cure. I praise The Lord for allowing me to know the joys of caring for theses wonderful people, wish I was a better caregiver. Love and miss you Rosie Cotton Snow.

I have to bury my sweet Rosie girl tomorrow. Feel so sad for Sam, (and us).

Good bye Rosie, you were most loved.