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The WATCHER's BOOK : A "Cult" fiction-fantasy


   This volume of The Watcher's Book is hereby acknowledged as the sole authorized and complete version thusly sanctioned by The Third Goverening Body of Mithar.  Sixteen of thoses twenty-one original elves who remained behind at the Grey Havens, refusing to leave Middle Earth as the countless before them had done wrote accounts of why and what transpired afterwards.  This is the full and collected body of those efforts.  Witnessing the passing of the old world and accepting a new order brought challenges and eager hope during those epic times.  It was those very documents that have been canonized and accepted as Holy Writ from the very beginning, and are upheld to tis this very day in high esteem as more than mere histories.
   The Order of the Sacred Brotherhood of The Watcher's Book created a new society and renamed that bay city Mithar.  Those collected works in a single volume of Scripture are worthy of great praise. For the past 175 years The Order has proctected, studied, taught and continued to transcribe handcrafted copies into the common tongue of men.  That the wealth of those Ancient fathers would not fully diminish from the world.
   The Order itself was first alluded to in the original cloth Scroll of Seariphim.  Later, in part because of his singular account others, such as Baalyick, and Vendumar expounded in greater detail upon The Order's origin and Rites.  Histories, Songs of Praise and Proverbal sayings which encouraged others to remain faithful to their cause began to be written by the others that remained behind as well.  The first elven child to be born after The Great Departure grew to be an amazing adult. For unlike his peers that came after him, Nadan of Mithar lost none of his Elven graces but seemed endowed with greater gifts as well.  In The book of The Chronicles of Nadan, The Great Exampler is true lily manifested as The Purpose Incarnate before the reader of The Watcher's Book.
   Yet it was through the many letters of Nadan's bravest disciple, Aratimtus that attention on The Prophet's life and miracles is given greater insight.  For by Nadan was the way of The Nephilim Age brought into being. Those sages seen as the Sons of God herald in a golden era through the daughter's of men, fulfilling the Watcher's mission for ignoring the call of the Arrogant Ones who fled.
  May all wo learn of Nadan from this great book draw close to The Order of The Sacred Brotherhood .  For in doing so many one gain accurate knowledge of the sole source of truth, thereby being able to press forward, ever keeping your eyes on the prize of eternal life on paradise earth.

Head Overseer of the Fith House of Varlendur,
and Chief Councileman of Mithar's
Order of The Sacred Brotherhood
Holders of The Watcher's Book


The feast of lights


Tragically to admit with each passing year our grace of enchantment dwindled away as we faded more and more from the world in which we had chosen to remain a part of.  Our people fled beyond The West; yet, we who remained became as mortal as men by each dying year's end.   Even in our new customs we took on that mortal garb of their affairs.  For death had its own day of remembrance.
   The very day that the first among us fell into that eternal slumber; Lord Symodare himself, the ending of our days began.  
   We so marked the occasion as a solum day of fasting and joyless song with a single evening meal.  The Feast of Lights it came to be known on every October's New Moon, because candles were set afloat upon paper swans.  They sailed beyond the Bay's cliff gateway just as the real ships had done before.  We recounted each name and deed, while crying in our hearts knowing some day our own would be listed among them as well.  Upon that beach amid the gathered people stood The Watcher's Urn beside a torch for each one so inturned.