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Here, we are in Game Play, meaning no distractions are allowed; everyone is to stay in "Character".

DM-ing is taken very serious during Game Play. We are the gods of the Campaign; if there are any deveations from the canon, then our word is gospel. We're not jerks, it's just the way it is; a standard has to be set and followed, even when Chaos, Magics, and the Impossible is the Order of the day. It's all in agreed upon fun! Several breaks, a meal enjoyed, and plenty of laughs to go around - wishing you were here!

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Beating down upon our heads
the last rays till we're dead
the Sun burns bright then out
all our lives lived with shouts;Live and LearnDie and Forget it all...
laughter and love
pain or sorrow
all pleasures or defeat
beneath that Orb's glow
neath blue or thunderous clouds
life is what it is
something to be experienced...

Dungeons & Dragons

My brother-in-law, Michael Smith, and I are Co-"Dungeon Masters",(Dungeons and Dragons). We GUIDE the Characters of players in a roleplaying game. Those interested or invested in their own Worlds can check out our Online Notes.

I have been quiet busy designing the City of Calah, Captial of the Empire. So far the city map is taking up 36 pages (aprox. 4'x5'), worth of details. I enjoy using some of my artistic abilities in drawing the maps, and crafting various props for our Campaign's game play; which enhances the imagination and realism for the players. We're homey kind of folks so this is about it on the Social Scale for us.


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