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We're moving today, and will be offline till everthing's set up...

A Gathering at Ra`More

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This is just one of my many "sketches" in Photoshop I'm working on for my story. . .
I get pics from various sources; for example: Pointy Ear

THE NEPHILIM AGE: The Salun Scrolls

Prespective of TNA

I'm the kind of individual who trys to plan everything out, and be prepared for things ahead of time; which doesn't always seem to work for me. We're moving to another apartment complex across town. Having come from a much smaller town, (Corpus Christi, 3 years), this venture will seem like another Grand Adventure; eventhough it's just "across town,"(here in Dallas).
Everything's packed up, with one week to go. So, I guess it's pertty much time for the computer and its addiction to be shut down. I'll check my emails, surf and all but I'll hold off here, till the later part of next week... an eternity it may seem, til then.
Some Changes: A new apartment complex, (a townhouse with a study, and a room for the brother-and-law, instead of the livingroom futon), new cable company, phone & Internet provider, Electric bill to pay now, three tenis courts, 6 swimming pools, a new route to work. Hopefully, come August, I'll be going back to college; looking into being a Certified Medication Aid, then seeking a new job closer to home. - Remember the changes I infered? Well these are some of them.
I really get a kick out fooling around in photoshop, and scribbling down the ideas that the pictures spur for my story. However, I can't quiet get anywhere in my writing; so maybe this break, and the new changes will help towards developing new ideas. Please, feel free to leave any comments you wish in reguards to my Story.
This is probably one of the rare places you'll ever find where an author request such an open form on their work - take advantage of it.
"Life is a learning experience; and we are all its teachers." - Feandar`Kien

Magick Lives

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Many people come into our lives; only after we have seemingly moved on to other aspects of our maturing self can we, through reflection, devise and reason them being there. The Elodreen, (half elf- half deer) were such for me. A collage of various influences who despenced Truth, enlightening me at various points along my journey in life.

I wish I could thank each and everyone of them for their role. Sadly most I've forgotten their names, or their influence, but I know deep in who I am the other ripples caused things to grow and the changes overall have been positive ones.

Like the manger of the fast food resturant who doggedly drove us to better sales, prepared me to face the drill sargent back in basic, who laid the groundwork for the regimental dorm director at the state school; all who encournged me to be better than who I was the day before - a better example to my daughter. Now, I'm learning how to be a grandfather to another generation. My precious little Savannah has so many lessons to learn, it's going to be another exciting phase of life to witness; as the wheel turns...

THX 1138

THX-1138 is an awesome film flick; it obviously influnced many other films: Star Wars, (of course), Logan's Run, The Matrix - for sure, and a host of others. I remember seeing this as a kid and not knowing what the hell it was about. I watched it again yesterday and was blown away by how many movies since must have been influnced by it. Lucus had such insights.

THX-1138... What's your social security number? Wal-Mart: Remember: Work hard. Increase Production, and Be Happy - We will not harm you. We are here to help.

Have you taken your sedation?

Trying to write TNA

THE NEPHILIM AGE click picture to enlarge

As a child I use to daydream about turning those wooden spindals. Letting my mind's eye wander, back to those far away times, of heroic events, mentioned on those weather worn scrolls, encased in a box of ancient bark. Oh! I remember how the Elders cherished that book, they were so guarded of its secrets.

Yet, when I became of age, and was I allowed to read from it, my whole outlook on life began to change. For I soaked up every letter and verse, til the day swept over me like a cliff drop - when I came to realize its true meaning. A sudden understanding of all the lies that had been layered over my life. A wave of disillusionment and frustration was my only reward; a heady replacement, for the joy I once experienced in the presence of the book as a child.

In time, I left it all behind to simply find meaning in my own life. Then one quiet day the words of the book came to me; however, the meaning was far richer and deeper than the fallen lies. I had found myself as a man, whole and content - eager to share my experience, and own truths. Yet, a silence fell over me.

Here I am trying to retell the story of that change in my life, but am finding it such a struggle to make it just as meaningful for others. For others have experienced far different paths, than my own. Neverthelss, it is my path that I wish to share; not for conversions sake. When will the end ever come;
the story is too long, the words so difficult to find, and the listeners scare. So, I write the tale for myself - that I don't forget the coast my of my present journey.

Namaste. . .


WOW! We just got back from seeing Star Wars III. Finally, a movie that lived up to all the hype. I enjoyed the musical score, and how Lucus tied all the lose ends up in preparation for Episode IV: "Star Wars" A New Hope. I had heard so much bad press about this film that I only looked for the worse and was happily surprised.

Now; that that's over - I'm really looking foreward to some other films as well:
Fantastic Four,Batman,Narnia, and of course Harry Potter and his force!

Movies are a great escape from the mundane world's pressures and work-a-day stresses, why not enjoy them for what they are. In time these fades fade as well; take your family or a friend, for that's where the real excitement is - is sharing the popcorn, drinks, and juju beans

Bush liked The Sith (Movie)

The economy, gas prices, murder, gangs, War; everything is horrificly increasing. But, (as one comment mentioned), we should really be concerned about how our Leaders wish to Tweak the Constitution to fit their own, present day agenda. First booze was legal, then illeagal - what's next; religious freedoms, the press, my blog?


We, Americans, (myself included) are consumed with individualism and entertainment, anything to keep our heads off reality. After all, what can we really do about terrorism anywho? I enjoy Star Wars as much, if not more so, than the next guy, yet there are larger threats sliping over our opened boarders, than an imaginary Galatic Empire. I think we need to wake up to the coming forces that will make 911 look like a cake walk.

MS13 is one of the most fearious gangs seen in years, and their linking up with Al Qaeda is scary! Look at all the intercity street gangs that are around today, and those that have come and gone; not getting any better folks. No one wants to tackel this real issus; however, George W. -playing with drugs overseas - wont even send the National Guard to protect our own boarder states. When someone does approach the subject, like Arnold did about security, they get jumped on, and have their words twisted about and thrown back in their face.

I don't know what the answer is. Our leaders wont do anything, or are too handcuffed by politics; but one thing's for certain MS13 and the like are on their way...

Hope you enjoy Star Wars III.


Yeva`lo meLen En`ave - lor Fean`dar El`nephlo.

INSIDE THE TREE SHRINE OF RA`MORE; looking out beyond the two Blue robed Guards: Vishular and Meredol. The spiraled lamps, and the knarled foot stools of the Elven Thrones of the last haven. The Nephilim Age was a time that refused to be forgotten in a forgotten time.


Today is my wife's 42nd Birthday; wow - I still see her as that young little chickadee. I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on her. It was a week after my eighteenth birthady.

I used to live in Brownwood, Texas, the burial place of CONAN's creator, R.E. Howard; we use to go out to his grave site and pour a libation of Lone Star Beer to honor his good 'ol days of adventure. A friend mentioned that his sister was coming up for another summer visit. I jokingly remarked that I sure hope she looked nothing like him.

As the guys came by to pick me up; I hoped in the back of the pick up truck - there she was! I couldn't take my eyes off her. Twenty-three years later there are moments like the years have never gone by.

You can probably guess from all the pictures on my site that I looove women; oh yes, their compassion, boldness, beauty, wit and charm - by all these years later- with all the mundane worries and concerns, and difficulties - my Alice has remained my Universal constant and purpose for carring on. So Happy Birthday day dear, I love you...

"NEVERBORN" by Sikali of Deviant Art; man if I even had half the talent! Hypnotic. . .

"Defrost" by Raun of DeviantArt; what can I say "Wow!"

I didn't know "Spock" Leonard Nimony was into Photography; awesome work, the lighting effects are stuning.

We're looking foreward to moving into our new apartmet; however, the neighbor's pets are already looking in the windows. I guess they are just as eager to see the new Harry Potter film as we are - man, they're just going to have to wait!

Beloved Fool that I am; hopefully I'll be remembered for something more than showing up to work early, always being the reliable guy, Mr. Boringly dependable, an amature artist with a weird twist...

Legacy Box

After living up here in Dallas, for going on three years now, I've finally located the burial plots of both sets of my grandparents; it was a Long Now moment for me. Which got me to thinking about my own mortality, and history. My life seems to be repleat with lessons learned, and examples set. Looking back on things I've often wondered what I will be leaving behind as a legacy for my grand-daughter, her children, and those who follow her.

Then the idea of making a time capsule - of sorts - struck me. My wife and I went out and bought a really nice decorative box; to be filled with momentoes. We're all going to write personal letters of importance, and our desired hopes for Savannah. The chest will be wraped up in a sealed box, hidden away - up in our colset - and (hopefully) remembered in time for Savannah's 20th birthday.

The box itself will be a special gift, but its contents of: personal letters, a lock of her baby hair, and tokens of the time period she was born - will hopefully be an interesting milestone marker for her. As an adult, my wife and I have precious little reminders of our own parents, and grandparents.

I've come across very few individuals who know anything of their own family heiritage. Would it not be fasinating, in your own life, to come across such a treasure trove - either hidden away up in the attic, or gifted you at some important time in your life? Some token, resurfacing from the past, that shed even a glimering light on all the odd little stories you heard growing up?

She looks Soooo much cuter in my arms!

Savannah Alize Garza ,my precious Granddaughter, with her proud Mom. Web-cam pic isn't all that but it will have to do for now. I had to put up at least one picture! I really love my two girls; don't know which one makes me happiest.

THE SALUN SCROLLS , is the Introduction to The Nephilim Age... looking for comments; pro / con. http://thesalunscrolls.blogspot.com/

THE FACES of SNOW ;Men making a difference in the lives of those around them.

David Snow Presents...

A friend sent me an e-amail the other day, with a website by a man having the same name as me. I found that rather curious. So I did a search of others with my name.

If you ever become frustrated with things not going the way you hoped, or maybe depressed that you life is not quiet turning out the way you wanted it to. Or been thinking "what if I had take the road less traveled;"then just do a search on your name. Myabe, like me, you will find a little encouragement in knowing that someone out there IS doing something different than me, and maybe even vicariously so am I. If "the other me" can do great things, then surely there's hope for this version of me to accomplish great things as well. I could be anything: A Mental Health Worker, Tour Guide, A Web Designer, A Tatoo Artist, An Attorny at Law, or even a Sociology Professor.

We all have greatness in ourselves; finding it may take a lifetime, but it's in the journey where we grow.

THE ROGUE BLOGGER's CLUB ,an elite group of talented strangers with the potential of having something worthy to say. Check 'em out, who knows for sure, one day even you may be included among these classy folks.

THE NEPHILIM AGE: A Guard of the Ra`Morian Tree Shrine


The Watcher's Book of Books