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The Wheel In The Sky Keeps On Turning

   Life's a Blur sometimes....
   Looking over my Blog, which I've not written on in like - forever; wow, how things have changed.  Change is a funny thing.  You never think things will ever change then one day you look up from all the distractions of the mundane and the world seems so different.
   Alice is still using a wheel chair to go long distances, and occasionally walks out to the car from the apartment but mostly uses the chair; and continues with her quad-cane about the house. 
   James, my son-in-law; recently had spinal surgery; fusing some lower disc - he's home recovering.  He uses a mid-waist strap-on back brace and for now a walker; doing better and figuring out his ne normal.  The grandkids are growing like weeds and Lizbeth is frazadled but well.
  Funny - a thousand things in my mind but they evaporate when I think of things to be done. Today: we've got to go grocery shoping, and take the grandkids to the Dentist.  I'm also developing an online scavenger game called Cyber-Quest HUNTERs and a neighbor (whose recently moved) is to assist me in some video filming for the game; after we finish our other errands.