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Fallen Stars

I saw seven star fall from the heavens, and they lay dead up the ground.   Then something like unto a sheet of skin appeared blowing in the wind came and covered the fallen stars.  It came to pass that a great ocean wave washed them away for neither the sheet of skin nor the stars were to be found.  They had both become as whispered rumors as a forgotten nightmare is unto children.”

The Book of Shay

[The Elven Kings were replaced with Men-Judges, before the end].


Do you Believe?

  PEOPLE often as me, "So...What do you believe?"
   My dad once told me, "Son, I pray to the GOD of my understanding..." His third wife, an ultra-conservative woman {Southern Baptist}, was very offended and hyperly sensitive to such topics. Dad and I spoke of such matters openly. Yes, Scriptures do teach us not to lean on "our own understanding," but upon everything taught in Scripture. However, whose version, translations, doctrine, religion, interpretation should guide you?THIS is what my father instructed me on. Son, think for yourself, read for yourself, study for yourself; when you pray it is YOUR "understanding" not the programmed "dogma" of a religious Cult [like the Jehovah's Witnesses], but the growth and personal journey you are developing in a "relationship" with the God of Your Understanding.

   Jesus in many things to many people. I think of original Truth like a huge mirror; shattered by opinions and now we all understand only the shards we perceive from our experiences and understandings. (Paul said "a glass darkly" - I love that!) Yes, lean not own your own understanding, but every utterance of Scripture. But it is still my understanding.

   Scientology says: God was an Alien who spliced our DNA with theirs.

   Mormons say; Lucifer and Jesus were brothers.
   Jehovah's Witnesses say: Michael the Archangel became a perfect human being and died on a telephone pole, and his vanished body is held somewhere for a future exhibition, That his spirit fooled the Apostles into believing a physical Resurrection by taking on various bodies and confused them.
The BIBLE says: Jehovah spoke the Invisible Word, and the Divine Word became flesh ; as the perfect "Undercover Boss" JESUS showed us the basic principals of dealing with man and being faithful to God. Faith is believing THAT, and then that he sacrificed himself in our place and in place of the daily slaughtering of animals, that our SIN penalty would be made void, cleared, and paid in full. Death holds no fear AFTERWARDS, because what follows is not condemnation, for the embracement of previously desired gifts to be bestowed upon children. Rather than the absence of such joy; due to our failed disavowing of HIM. Christ was resurrected in the same body that was murdered, the spirit that inhabited the body was the same that entered the body, it was the same that rose the body, and is the very same Spirit of God that empowers "Believers"!!! THAT is the Christian joy, the dancing feet, the raised hands, the laughter of excitement, the unpronounceable "tongues" of sheer praise of knowing that we know, we know - by faith; Death has no sting!!!! Death has is void of fear to the believer because HE is our reward. THIS is "why" we pray and to whom.
Well... that is my understanding, and what I believe.


Neat beat!

Illustrated Manuscript

I am continuing to work on my story THE WATCHER'S BOOK.  I am still writing, editing, translating and illustrating it.  Here are a few of the parchment leaf pages.


THE Nephilim TOME

The goal and idea is to take all my lose leaf parchment pages and sewing them together, crafting a single work, and a bound Tome.  THE WATCHER'S BOOK would be an artwork in itself.

The special tassel I would make would be made from a lock of hair.

A few of the pages would be cut away views, that when placed atop one another as layered pages would create a 3D effect and depth as a single picture.  For example the 21 watchers names would be divided between the points of a star and each leaf or page would detail those three listed names.  About the Star would be the Verse: From beginning to end, and from end to the beginning is the Unspeakable Name of The One and Always.


   The rituals are what saved us.  They created our new era society.  By way of ritual were the outsiders made insiders, and was trust gained.  Each one who came to be a part of the city had to learn why we stayed and the growing experiences along the way became mile markers for who we became.  The tradition of storytelling, re-enacting and imbuing items with worth that became sacred relics did become our way.  We lost all we had in the people who left us.  In staying behind we grew to understand the meaning of acceptance by moving forward from our grief, which became our new hope. 

   These new traditions became shrouded in story telling routine, and its repetition a tradition unto itself.  The rituals we insisted others to learn created bonds of unbreakable loyalties; for all past traditions and ties were forsaken for our ways alone.  Through ritual, and the progressive levels of upward growth was the newcomer brought under the leadership of the King.  In this manner the nearly abandoned grey havens swelled to become an educated and well-fortified city.  Mithar leaded among its neighbors of desert Bedouins, poor hamlets and fishing villages.

   The inner workings of Mithar’s Grey Tower were widely known secrets which no one knew, for they had to be experienced and its written text were allusions unto itself decoded in person.  By then, the learner had become a “spiritual-slave” and a productive member of the new society of believers.  Mitharians are free servants unto the King and against the Rituals one would never betray.  The secret of the rituals is that there is no secret.  The rituals made you a Mitharian; its religion was its society, and it a theocracy unto God above who ruled from below.  As above so below; by way of ritual alone was one made whole. 




The Details of Writing

Taking life experiences and turning them into a therapeutic way of dealing and sharing for myself is just a coping skill I am continuing to develop.

Writing the ideas and concepts down...

Translating them into another "language"...

Genealogies of  the various characters and their backgrounds...

Photo-shopping some of the 'main' sites to stir my imagination even more...

Creating a map of the place where things take place...

Designing the world view...

Timeline of overlapping events...



I've begun  "translating" 



Doom of the Kings


   There was an old woman brought before the king one afternoon. The guard said, “My Lord here is the Seer you called for.”
He spoke to her saying, “Word has come to my ears you are one who practices the dark arts, is this true?”
   She answered, “I practice the arts sire but it up to others whether they be good or ill. For God makes it rain on the just and unjust; destroying forest fires replenish the woods. Pray, what is it really you seek King of the West?”

   “To amuse us as I weigh the case of your kind before me,” He said to her.
   “As you wish,” She stepped forward and took the kings own bowl of water for cleaning his hands and cast it before court on the chamber floor. “In time we all vanish before the world.” Suddenly the water on the floor dried away before the onlookers. From a pouch on her waist cord the old woman withdrew a velvet bag. Emptying the contents into the bowl she set it before the king again. Stepping back to where the guard had introduced her, the old woman requested of the king. “Oh King, before this council chose and do with them as you wish.”
   Looking into the bowl he saw gemstones, acorn, almond and various seeds, crow, rabbit and rat’s foot and various bones. The King picked out the gem stones: red ruby, black onyx, blue sodalite, purple amethyst, snowflake obsidian, rose quartz, blood garnet, white agate, and the yellow leopard skin stone. The king set them in a row, and then looked up at the old woman. She gave no attention to him with regard to reaction.
Thinking he had been made to play a fool’s game, king tried crushing the stones with the hilt of his side dagger, then brushed them and the bowl from off his table crying out, “Such nonsense this foolishness is. If we are called to play games then name it as such, and if it be some lesson of fate then instruct such as well.”
   The old woman covered her face in her hands and began weeping as she rocked back and forth. Then answering the king’s question of ‘What is wrong’ the old woman rose to her feet from the floor?
   “Hear now, oh realm of Eriduah for your king has selected your future oh Mithar! Not the bones of your various enemies did he seek to wipe away, nor the various seeds of your children does he care to plant; but those who desire to instruct with wise council has your king chosen to crush before him. Yeah, for many kings of this realm shall crush those with firm voices to direct, yet shall the un-thrown one remain before the city falls!”
   Looking before him, the king saw that the white agate remained where he had placed it, then to the guards he pronounced, “Take her from my sight, and to the caves of Sinjar you are confined till I call for you, one year from this very day.”

Before the year is out the King has killed Kashon, the first of the Nine Prophets to arise and nine days later; to the very day the king himself falls into a deep sleep never to awake.


   I, Baal-yick called Stormraven do write this at the nearing of my life’s end in remembrances of our new beginning.  Seems as the end draws near so many things come into clearer focus, and the once strongly held are now viewed as youthful foolishness.  But for me, Celavacess, The Feat of Lights and Water, it was always dear to me.  It was first among our customs.
   However, tragically so, we had become like the lesser men of whom we so desired to remain among and yet saw ourselves different from.  We wished to pass on our wisdoms yet they in turned showed us in clarity first-hand the depth and courage in facing their mortal doom.
   Sadly to admit with one another unto ourselves who were called the remnant or Watchers; staying behind after that exodus and great departure, we came to be men.  Walking through that mortal valley just as them for the grace of elven kind departed as well and we became shadows.  Now, only I remain to share the last new light before I too pass from this realm of life.

   THE new moon of Yethaywe, October, marked the very day we remained.  It became our New Year’s Day.  On handcrafted paper swans we placed lit candles and set them adrift, toward the twin mountain peaks of the Bay of Luhun.  In hopes of following those Eldar fleets unto the Undying Lands beyond the rim of the world; that they would know we would forever remember them.  Upon the deaths of those founders their created remains were kept in a holy Urn, being treasured as a holy relic.  Yet, on the eve of Celavacess each remaining one of us would take an ever so small pinch of ash from the Urn and scatter after the paper swans.  Alas am I all who remain, and soon shall I sail unto them who went before me.  We read the requiems of hearts; soon I shall read from the Grey Book of books no more.


"Blessed Be THE Unspeakable Name"


TALE OF SALUN "The Scroll Keepers".

   Years ago my dad gave me an old restaurant calendar I thought was really neat, because of how it was made.  These many years later I finally figured out what I'm going to do with it.  I will take the NASIL fonts DAN SMITH made for made for me, and 'translate' the following Verse onto the back of the Calendar turning it into The Salun Scroll.


“Like the terrified inhale of a sharp gasp,
I saw her life being extinguished and fade
as in the exhaustion of sorrow.

In the inhale of that crumbling moment
my life’s meaning faded away
as sorrow filled my heart with loneliness.

Cradled in my arms, she died so pale
a lifeless shell, void of expression;
yet forever, my only, one true love…”

The Salun Parchments
 Scrolls I:1-9


The sons of god from

righteous lands they came

to take for themselves

the daughters of men

with wicked hearts proclaimed

as teachers of the truth

they were lords of lies

fallen-ones who ruled no more 

Uruk Tablet  No. 3-3
Transliterated by Martha Paske-Townsend


In the garden of Eriduah
the pleasure grove of Eul
there dwelt many wonders
the greatest of these
were the Two Trees
of such bitter-sweet fruit.
Called “Life” and “Wisdom;”
Life was eternal, and
Wisdom without end.

The Salun Parchments
“The Two Trees” I:1-9

The Guardian resonated,
“In it harm none,
Do what you will.
So mote it be;
Remember and be renewed.”

The Salun Parchments
“The Two Trees” I:94-98


Then without warning they betrayed us as 
   our clothes they had torn off in shame,
      and took our bodies in lust, but
   our men they burned like our homes.

This they said was done because fear
   was not given them as a sign of respect;
      they rose up against our Chieftain who
   was then torn asunder and left for the birds.

Each new moon they were an affliction,
   a curse upon our people and the land
      because they had rejected peace of truth; for 
   a taste of lust, by the hand of power instead. 

The Salun Parchments
“The Heirloom” II:45-56


Six days after I entered into the pangs of womanhood
   my mother came unto me with the bold
      words of her mother’s lore; of
   my mother’s shadowed traditions she gave.

On that star filled night Milcah did cast a circle,
   by the names of the four winds that flew,
      but on that night they fell silent
   by coming of that dark hour’s dew.

Beside the banks of the Quicken River
   there was kindled upon a great stone table
      a fire to burn away the fear of the night;
   there gathered the women of our clan sky-clad.

The Salun Parchments
“The Mother’s Rites” III: 5-16

That Fair One departed from my mother,
   until the winter had passed;
      We did not see that pale stranger
   until he appeared many Springs later.

The Salun Parchments
“The Withdrawal” IV: 1-4

The stranger was no where to be found as
   the ground showed no footprints of his hard shoes
      I ran to my home and told my father-in-law of
   the vision and his warnings of gloom.

No one believed me for I was but a child to them
   only Gilga-noak, my husband’s father listened
      the gods command of him to build a ship; for
   only he and our family heeded the vision’s woe.

Others had been warned, but only laughed
   scoffing at my husband’s father
      “Rain from a clear sky was mad!”
   scoffing at the gods had its own reward.

The Salun Parchments
“The Last Keeper” V: 33-44

Ere the thunder clouds shouted no more
   the world I once knew had faded and
      from memory only memory remained of 
   the Nephilim and their Fallen Mark of distrust.

About me the very land had been changed,
   renewed by an act of shame and regret
      to be replenished with a mere handful;
   renewed by the hand of a divine command.

The Salun Parchments
“The Last Keeper” V: 49-56

Never shall I forget those drowning screams
    that fell silent beneath the waves
      when the rains finally came upon us all;
   that day when outside they perished.

For in the end when the waters dried away
   their bodies lay bloated upon the seas and land
      before the feasting birds where judgment fell;
   their names all but forgotten by Heaven’s hand.

The Salun Parchments
“The Last Keeper” V: 69-76

Originally written in 1992 (c) 

THIS verse/ Scroll follows Fayendar's Verse.  He told of his life, the Salun Scroll tells of his wife Enava's side of the family.  THE WATCHER'S BOOK: The Book of Endings

Book Making



(The Book of Tales: The Stranger)

   A man was driving one day and saw another struggling to get his cart out of the ditch beside the roadway.  The one the wagon pulled over and offered the burdened fellow.  Afterwards he was rewarded with ample praise and a silver coin without asking.  Continuing on his journey to the Market of Mithar the man in the wagon happened upon yet another man in distress, only this time he was on the other side of the road and his cow was stuck in the mud from the rains before.  She had strayed far from her fields.  Again after rendering aid he was given much gratitude of praise and eight copper coins for his trouble; all without asking.
   Now much further down the Wall-stone Road the stranger came upon yet another person in need.  This time an elderly woman striving to pick up her dropped walking cane beneath an enormous load packed upon her back.  Offering her a ride, after he stepped down from his wagon to assist, she told the young man she had no coin, and her last loaf of bread was for him but stashed deeply away in her mounted bundles.  Her praise and delight were free.  The stranger smiled and helped her all the more up into his wagon and down the road to her destination.

   After a while the old woman inquired of the young stranger, “A man with a cart passed me by, and yet another striking his cow and neither helped me as they went alone their way.  Why ever did you?”
   The smiling stranger easily replied, “I only helped you and even them before, out of their own ditch of troubles, because – it was the right thing to do.  Someday, when I have no coin, no bread or voice to lead praise with, I have abiding faith that God will aid me.  I did so, not for all those things, but as a way of thanking God in advance before he does so.”

[FOR THOSE WHO thought I only wrote of death, doom and gloom].



The Judges
 (Shadols) after the Fall of Mithar:
Shadol Ya-elwe   =  Godly, 1 wife, 7 sons, 3 daughters, restored the 1st and 2nd walls of the cities Mithar and Lindol and renamed the one city Mithvalon “No Longer Forgotten”.

Shadol Ya-wynel   =  A good Judge, 9 daughters, and 3 sons.  He tried to be a good person.  Had 5 wives and several mistresses.

Shadol Ya-banwe   =  A good Judge, the best, cared for the people dearly, but always looked away from the faults of others without correction.

Shadol Glorsolon   =  A bad Judge, his daughter is taken, 6 months later she is returned, he becomes a good ruler.

Shadol Uthane   =  A good Judge, becomes deathly ill, prayers, is healed, and spends the rest of his many years being one of the worst rulers.

Shadol Celewyn   =  A good Judge who tries to restore things back like under the old Mitharian Kings.  Recovers copy of THE WATCHER’S BOOK and builds a Hall in old Lindol.

Shadol Manusay   =  Restores the old Mitharian Priesthood.

Shadol Endar-we   =  Good but allows uncorrected bad to occur.

Shadol Callendor   =  Good but allows uncorrected bad to occur.

Shadol Kenan-we   =  Good but allows uncorrected bad to occur.

Shadol Yel-meno   =  Evil, very cruel, disbands the Priesthood, murders them.

Shadol Geben   =  Evil, worships the Darklord Melkor, murders many, he had many children, no wives, he is a pedophile.  The Judge sees Noah’s Flood occur.  

[I was inspired by THIS]. 

The Book of Jubilees refers to Noah and says that he was taught the arts of healing by an angel so that his children could overcome "the offspring of the Watchers".[20]  SHUNNED. 



The Art of Elizabeth Garza

I am extremely proud to introduce my daughter to the world.  Elizabeth is beginning to explore and open up to her natural artistic talents. If these are her "beginning" efforts then I am more than assured her developing will be astonishingly amazing down the road.  I am very proud of her, (I always  have been).