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EMBER's Pictures

ALL OF THESE Pictures are like symbols of LOVE surrounding Ember as they were drawn by her family even before she was born and hang on her bedroom wall at home.

MOM Elizabeth Garza

DAD James Garza

BIG SISTER Savannah Garza

BIG BROTHER Jamison Garza 

AUNT Michelle Garza

UNCLE Chris Garza

GRANMA Ana Longoria

GRANMA Alice Snow

GRANPA David DeLane Snow

THREE New ones were later added:

Kyra Hall                                                           "El Guapo"

(C) 2014 by each artist named.


"2014 Edition"
EMBER with Grandpaw
EMBER with Granma Alice Snow
EMBER with Granma Ana Garza
"It's COLD out here PEOPLE!!!!"

Getting her first Bath!!
The entire family gathers about to ensure Nursing begins the right way!!
Everyone in the family drew these pictures for Ember before she was even born and they hang in her room at home.
WELCOME to the Family
Ember Marie Garza
"You are loved!"


LTC   04/25/2014
DeLane Snow, DSP I

  My mission in life is to be an encourager who serves those around me as I am able.  Reaching to obtain a work goal of becoming an Orientation Instructor, and a published author in my personal life; but always striving to share with others what I have learned along the way. That I may continue to mature toward a higher calling let me not neglect to call upon God for strength and endurance.


Moses Moran, Jesse Moran, John David, Elmo Lee, Bobbie Lee, David DeLane SNOW

Jesse Moran 23 July 1856 - 20 April 1939
John David 28 April 1886 - 18 Oct 1972
 Elmo Lee 19 March 1918 - 10 Jan 1985
Bobbie Lee 28 July 1941 - 3 April 2008
David DeLane 12 July 1963

STORIES to tell...

My computer crashed and I have yet to re-collect all my old stories that I've sent via email to friends or posted as links... when I do I will begin to post them here (as links).


Foolish no more...

APRIL FOOL - Is how I feel today. It's a feeling that I am slowly trying to get away from. Six years ago my father passed away; the day after April first, the day I had come back home from visiting him in the hospital. For two weeks I was a constant presence and fixture of the ICU waiting room. Camping out: sleeping alone in a freezing room, cushions lined on a floor, eating out of vending machines and bird baths from a restroom sink, and unshaved. But I was there. I was there visiting my dying father in the Abilene ICU Hospital for two weeks hoping beyond hope. Those last few years was the closest my father and I ever came to having a real relationship of sharing ideas and understanding.
Yet... I went home to take care of some paper work for FMLA, the day after April 1st 2008, I got word he was "gone".  I'm beginning to feel less "foolish" but I still miss him greatly. He told me once that he was proud of me, and then again in the hospital just days before... I... I... know I haven't lived up to his high standard, but I see his face in the mirror every time I shave.