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David DeLane Snow

       David De Lane Snow was born in Irving, Texas in 1963.  He has worked for more than 19 years with individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities who reside in a State Supportive Living Center.  He lives in Lewisville, Texas with his wife of 36 years.
      David De Lane Snow was raised a Jehovah’s Witness for 13 years, married and became a Southern Baptist.  He was a Baptist for 15 years, a Lay Minister for 7 years and then attended seminary 3; before dropping out of Howard Payne University and feeling disillusioned by its politics.  For another 15 years, he explored the Occult, Witchcraft, and Paganism.  In 2012 he re-dedicated his life to Jesus Christ, though not a perfect saint, he is a follower of God’s manifestation all the same.
      It is from these various religious experiences that his draws upon to write his stories. 


BOB L. SNOW (link) 


   A few years back I had detailed out a story that was my attempt at a Thriller.  I love stories that have a twist and several turns you never see coming. THE PLANCHETTE was designed from the outset to be such a tale.  From the sole viewpoint of a woman who discovers that her husband had been a serial killer, before taking his own life.  But the story is more layered than that as she also sees the "ghost" of his victims.  One was such victim is a little boy.   who he killed backing up his car while still in his apartment's parking lot, and then hurriedly buries in a nearby wooded area; where all the other bodies are concealed as well.  The boy's family discovers a missing game piece, (the planchette from an Ouija board), which they use, only to learn the horrid truth of his and the location of the other murder victims.  But, alas there is yet a final plot twist that unravels everything!

UPDATE: I found the story hiding under another title.
   A week had gone by before the Coroner finally released her husband’s body to the local Funeral Home; a single gunshot to the head confirmed what she had seen for herself -- a suicide.  Jillian would never forget how she found George slumped over on the blood soaked couch with brain matter splattered against the wall.  Nor would she be able to erase having to clean it up by herself.
   Jillian gave a long audible sigh as she sat there across from the couch.  Those images were forever etched into her mind.  She was looking forward to her sister’s visit.  How she desperately needed Olivia’s comfort.  Jillian was barely holding on and each day that ticked by seemed like a struggle for things to come together.  In front of her, on the coffee table lay the evidence of her complicated life.   There, next to a pile of bills and collection notices still lay George’s final note in the ashtray; which simply read: “I’m sorry it all got out of hand, I can’t stop. I didn’t mean for the last one to happen.”
   George’s gambling debts had drained their joint bank accounts, and now Jillian was left holding several unpaid Payday loans.  She lost her land line, cable, and now her utilities were being threatened with getting shut off as well.  She was beyond stressed as she had to wait for his Insurance policy to arrive just to pay for his cremation.  He was still in the funeral home, lying beneath bags of ice until a check hit her bank.  Their eight months of marriage had not seen them do anything more than verbally plan for their future old-aged deaths.  Hence, the wait for her dead husband’s agent to return from his vacation continued.


MY Writing Goals

   Over the years I have scratched out my ideas, and only just recently had the courage to 'put myself out there' and actually publish some of my writings. My first effort was a book of poems.  I have several other projects I want to publish as well.  Over the last 20+ years, I have slowly scratched, written, and pecked away at various ideas and concepts, some are listed below

Snow's Scribbles: An Eclectic Book of Poems and Verses 
[ Poetry ] ON SALE NOW!

The Apartment Complex 

[An Anthology of odd short stories ] Coming Soon!

The Nephilim Age: Jacob's Catharsis 
[ Fantasy ]

The Watcher's Book of Book {Compaion to The Nephilim Age} 
[ Fantasy ]

Cure Crisis
[ Science-Fiction / SteamPunk ]

The Planchette 
[ Thriller ]

History of a Surname 
[ Genealogy ]

The Pagans of Scripture 
[ Religious ]

LOL A New! Idea.... WHAT HAPPENS to the missing phone that you just replace?






The Sayings of Enosh:

God alone knows the hearts of man.
Correction and justice are necessary things.
Evil men strangle the fate of others for their own will.
May clear truth never be called high-treason.
Those who would stand, even in a crowd for righteousness’ sake shall forever be blessed.
A great and terrible thing is marching upon you all …feared the most.
You shall surely be saved…  you and all in your household.. three generations from now.
The sorrow that shall befall that very hour…  because of vain traditions… lies from the Book of Books… like crumbs finger fed to beaten pets!