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MY Writing Goals

   Over the years I have scratched out my ideas, and only just recently had the courage to 'put myself out there' and actually publish some of my writings. My first effort was a book of poems.  I have several other projects I want to publish as well.  Over the last 20+ years, I have slowly scratched, written, and pecked away at various ideas and concepts, some are listed below

Snow's Scribbles: An Eclectic Book of Poems and Verses 
[ Poetry ] ON SALE NOW!

The Apartment Complex 

[An Anthology of odd short stories ] Coming Soon!

The Nephilim Age: Jacob's Catharsis 
[ Fantasy ]

The Watcher's Book of Book {Compaion to The Nephilim Age} 
[ Fantasy ]

Cure Crisis
[ Science-Fiction / SteamPunk ]

The Planchette 
[ Thriller ]

History of a Surname 
[ Genealogy ]

The Pagans of Scripture 
[ Religious ]

LOL A New! Idea.... WHAT HAPPENS to the missing phone that you just replace?

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