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Missing and wanting is all I seem to do
having and enjoying is an elusive blue
there were trails and walks beneath the trees
thoughts and desires buzzed like bees
yet they were as unobtainable as smoke
I loved those memories and want them stoked.


To Be A Published Writer

I came across a Great Blog and  RESOURCES FOR WRITERS.



I have developed a few Web sites, one for me, and my siblings:

Creative writing process

THIS is my "writing creative process"I stash folded paper in my pocket, and as thought come to me I sketch them down and then much later on the computer I refashion them into Stories. So far I have four working diverse novels.
HERE is my current one.
.......Scribbled Story Notes-To Self (waiting to be fleshed out):
........................A Conversation...........................................................
- "Wow!"
> "Wow?"
- "You have an interpreter for that script?".. LOL
> "Script?"
- "I can't read cursive."
> "Serious?  I thought you were a Journalist, Brycin."
-  "Yeah I am, Matthew. LOL Just never came across anyone who still used it. Script went out of style about 60 years ago. With dictational-AI or Texting no one even bothers writing in cursive any more.  Kind of a lost art you know."
Matthew:... "In 2013 The Catharsis Church mandated cursive into its priesthood curriculum."
Brycin:... "Ah, so that's what all the post note passing among you fellas is all about."
Matthew:... "Sorry. I'm no longer a priest or Lay Servant as we called them. Here, I'll just re-write the letter for you."
Brycin:... "That Church is something else."
Matthew:... "Yes. They are gaslighting with my head," Matthew said, "and I'm not crazy that's just how they want me to feel, but it's not working; yet."


WORD: Gaslighting

"They are gaslighting with my head," Matthew said, "and I'm not crazy that's just how they want me to feel, but it's not working; yet." 
David DeLane Snow


 GAS-lahyt  , verb;  
to cause (a person) to doubt his or her sanity through the use of psychological manipulation: How doyou know if your partner is gaslighting you?
light produced by the combustion of illuminating gas.
a gas burner or gas jet for producing this kind of light.
gaslit ( def 2 ).
"My feeling is that he, Gable, and whoever else in this have been trying to gaslight  the president.""Why would anyone want to make my husband think he's lost his mind?"
-- Jeff Rovin, Divide and Conquer: Tom Clancy's Op-Center 2000
If Howard was more energetic and imaginative, I would suspect him of an elaborate plot to gaslight me.
-- Katharine Weber, True Confections 2010
Gaslight  comes from a 1944 film of the same name in which a husband secretely and repeatedly dimsand brightens the gaslights in the house while accusing his wife of imaginging the flickering. This moviewas based on a play by Patrick Hamilton. The verb entered English in the mid-1900s.
MOVIE: Gaslighting

I'm Writing A Book

LOOKING To publish my first Novel.  Of course it would be great that it would sell well, but more than anything is the adventure in writing, the friendship that spawned its conception...


JWs Refashioned...



    The booming voice of the priest bellowed out, "Since the days of the Last Administration, and the revelation that the Iran-Israeli Crisis of 2014 declared the official end of the Church Age; have we all struggled for meaning in our lives!”

    Matthew Daniels had grown up listening to such religious propaganda his entire life.  It seemed that every eight to twelve months, with the revelation of the latest “New Light” a new pet word or catch phrase was being ushered into everyone‘s vocabulary.  The old, out-of-dated phrases became a warning sign to the Faithful that a believer had gone astray.  Therefore, non-believers were easy to spot.  The rhetoric of terminology had changed over the years, but the theme remained the same: The Church was always on some razor’s edge of being snuffed out.  For persecution was a constant threat to stand up against.

   The High Bishop continued his call to the faithful with, “It was then that The Great Tribulation of the Saints began, and the flood gates of hell themselves were thrown open wide!" The speaker's voice rose as Amen resounded throughout the sanctuary's audience.  Accentuating a gesturing hand in the air, the ornately robed figure behind the lectern added, "Yet - yet, with the advent of the Emulator in our midst came the manifestation of the long prophesied Day of Resurrection of the true believers.  The spiritually destitute have been revitalized into the Global Order of this gathered Brotherhood today.  For only with the acceptance of this Divine light is there any hope beyond the sin of natural death.  Salvation is found only in the surrendering-release of the broken spirit, and only in His True Church!"

   The Lee-Roberts device had become a fixture in every Church, and almost as ubiquitous as the Crucifixion itself.  Its use was as common as the collection plate.  Everyone knew that, more than 12 units, (which equated to 12 years of an extended lifespan), caused a permanent side effect on the human body with its discoloration of the eyes.  It became the sign that a true Christian had indeed been “born again”.  For the physical mark of jaundiced eyes was an undeniable evidence of an inward spiritual change.  Sure, you could deny you ‘belonged’ to the Church, but the assumption was always there.  Yes, Satan had his counterfeit organization in the guise of the Underground’s misguiding’s, but it was The Church alone that could save one’s immortal soul; via the Emulator.

   Mathew had believed so much of the official, ever-changing doctrine for so long without question as a child; but, over the last few months he had begun reading the Scriptures himself.  Strange the difference he began noticing in his own head space of thinking.  It was beginning to dawn on him that the context of reading really seemed to vary drastically from what he had heard in Sanctuary all of his life.  For the more he read the more the message of the Church seemed to be beyond disturbing to him. At times it was just downright dishonest.
   One day, while passing along an alley way, one he had been down a hundred times before something caught his eye as if for the first time.  A worn and tattered poster of Smokey the Bear had been plastered on the vandalized brick wall squeezing the two buildings close together.  Its fading, bold print caption still read: ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT remained; the phrase “Forest fires” had been ripped off.  The badly stained poster underneath it was in even worse condition pasted over yet another copy of the same.  But it got Matthew to thinking, and the first thing that came to him was, ‘If not me then who’ is going to bring any change to the Church?
  From that moment onward Matthew Daniels had begun finding himself in troublesome conversation in his Church circles.  After the Sermon-talks on Sunday morning he would ask his own myriad of growing questions during the Study period instead of answering the stated ones.  The frustration of his peers mounted as they tried to fill in all the holes with “proof-text” doctrines that only lead to even more questions in Matthew’s aching head.
  Then one day the stomach churning realization struck Matthew undeniably when an Elder, Jonus Neardan said, “Need to be careful with all the questions Matt, some folks may think you’re becoming an Apostate.” Truth of the matter hit him square in the face. He was an Apostate.  Death was now on his heels.


We are born into the screaming world
crying that our desires be met
our hope someday will be fulfilled
and our fears quelled in love.
We all pass from this life is certain;
asleep in a dreamless peace in the night,
amid the alarms of a hospital's arena
or the massive pileup on the freeway's mess
all find an exit in some fashion and day.
Birth is a blessed gift from our Creator,
and death regardless our ultimate end;
yet it is the dash between the headstone dates
the opportunities seized upon or dismissed,
the multitude of consequences endured
from the myriad of choices diverged
that make our journey an individual one.
I on the one hand have been blessed
beyond measure of rank in stature
to experience this realm with love
abounding from even the briefest of
park bench smiles to the
life-long hand-held to the last.
Not the dates but the dash matters most
in this thing we call LIFE.

~ David De Lane Snow


The Watcher's Book of Books