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ICONS die too

Sign of the times that my generation is getting old and dying out; ending of an era. I loved Michael Jackson's music but wasn't like a real crazy fan of his weirdness. I use to have this poster of Farrah, like every teenage boy in the late 1970's. Kinda sad to hear of her passing; she gave it a good fight, something we could all learn from.

Tehuti The Dreamer

Well! Since he didn't like the picture I used for my last post, so I redid it for this one. My best-good friend! Mike and I have known one another since sixth grade, Junior and Senior High Schools, best-men at the other's weddings, and blogger along the way. Our lives always seem to cross and weave just when we need each other the most. True life long Friends.
Mike is a true artist. He's imagination sparks the creative gifts in others, yet he himself is imbued with originality. A special person and great friend! Thanks for being who you are.


I have really come to be impressed with FACEBOOK. Through it I have rediscovered individuals I have not seen since Junior and High School. I droped out in 1982, shoud have graduated in '83 but got a GED in '87 - wasn't quiet the same. I am publicly very proud all of those folks who did so and have gone on to do great things... Check out FB, and get back in touch with your past, it's never too late to start the future!

Iconic Photos that Stay with you

This shocking photo depicts a starving Sudanese child being stalked by a patient vulture. It is a horrific picture that gave people a true look at the dire condition in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kevin Carter, who took the photo, won a Pulitzer Prize for this work. Kevin then came under a lot of scrutiny for spending over 20 minutes setting up the photo instead of helping the child. Three months after taking the photo, he committed suicide.

Photo Base

I love this site. It's where I get most of my best Photo Base photoshop ideas.

Vloving zee Blood

I now have a new favorite TV show, TRUE BLOOD. Very sexy, smart and fun. I love it! If you haven't seen it, you're so missing out in a great new revision of Vampire lore.