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My grandaughter, Savannah just turned a year old, (April 14, 2006). Seems the highlight of the party for her was diving into her Cake! Though she enjoyed the clean up bath afterwards as well; she's begun babbling-talk, and is a constant joy to be around. The rocking horse; whose pinched ears activates its singing feature, was not her favorite party gift - it scared her. The drums, and other toys were a hit. I don't know who got a bigger kick out of the party, her or the family.

The "Moon Phase" pictures of her life, is something I am determind to keep up with as she grows older. For, seldom do pictures like these seem to surrive the passing years of our own lives. Few of us have such memories of our own early years. I am the Historian in our family, and this is just another aspect of keeping a record of our events.

Garza-Snow Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. James & Elizabeth Garza
In a private home ceremony, before a Minister, with Union Candles, ending with a Kiss; my daughter now begins a new chapter in her life.

Feandar and the Guard

Deep within the dampness of the woods, Feandar meets a shadowed figure of a guard from Ra`More. Yet the Elven Shrine lies still miles to the south, on the small island of Eul. Cautiously approaching, he hails a greeting, just as the figure fades from site...

Sexy Feet

I remember when my wife and I first started dating. We went to a local hotel's swimming pool with a group of our friends; while floating about I would playfully nibble on her toes - they're still yummy. . . uhmmm. I love Sexy Feet

Keeping an Eye Out

We watched my daughter like a hawk, as she grew up. Driving her back and forth to school, and all points inbetween. I vowed to my wife that our daughter would never have a picture on a milk carton, either; we were succeful. Now we have a granddaughter, and another one on the way - living up here in the Metroplex is all the more scary. Some friends of ours endured the long pursute of an offender; they did it the right way, I would have taken care of it myself. Keeping an eye out on your own neighborhood can be eye opening!
Remembering that life is repleat with oppertunities for reinvinting ourselves can be difficult, when comfort zones become the order of the day. I once Crafted an awesomely detaild Coven ritual, based on renewal, because I could feel so many of the lives about me on the cutting edge of change. However, I missed the oppertunity to manifest that Ritual due to changes, and movings in the lives of others. I kept its details Masked away. But someday I would like to preform it.

Change is often desirable, frequently necssary, always inevitable

Commissioning the Movie

Here on my site, in the right hand side bar there is a FED GOV site link; anything you want to know and more, (except for who shot JFK, see: X-Files for that one). Before the Movie, United 93 comes out, I thought it might be interesting to pass on something I resently read, The 911 Report. Its said the film makers got the go ahead from all the families involved before making the movie, it'll be interesting to see how close they come to the Congressional Report of the event. Nine-Eleven will be a bench mark date for years to come, it has been intereting thus far to see how our Leaders have used it, now to see how Hollywood views it.


HEY! Tehuti... Here's my "To Do List."

Savannah's A Year Old

Actually, Savannah Alise Garza's birthdate was April 14; we just celebrated it a little later. Just our family - mostly for us anywho. We took several pictures, but guess they'll have to wait as well; my digital is out. A year has already gone by, and another DUE date comes in August, with Elizabeth's second child; which I'm saying will be a boy, though they've not sexed it yet. With tight finaces and all it would be far better for them to have another girl; sisters, mixed means another bedroom and male clothes. Least with another girl there'd be hand-me-downs. But I said it'll be a boy.

A grandson. Neat.

April 17, 1982

Today is our 24th Wedding Anniversary. A night out in a Hotel, dinner at Steak&Ale - just me and my gal.

We've weathered a few storms, seen a lot water under the bridge, had many cars, jobs, homes, and religions - but I've been very blessed that Alice has always remained by my side. She, more than anyone else has remained my greatest source of strength and encouragement. There have been many times, (that she's never even been aware of), where depression has edged me close to some very grim thoughts; but in the pools of her eyes I see the only proof I need of GOD, hope and unconditional love.

Happy Anniversary, Alice I love you is something I try to show everyday .
Thank you; first and foremost for being my friend!
We took a night away in a really nice Hotel, and ate at Steak & Ale, (first time there, very nice). I hadn't always appreciated, her but she deserves better - she make me want to be that better man...

The Coming of a Slow NOVEL

I have actually forgotten how many years I have been working on my novel. Piddling more like it; obviously - since it remains no where near completion. I am redressing it, with photoshop pictures for the internet, in hopes that some readers may find it interesting. I am in constant need of encouragement, due to my insecure nature, I guess. Anyway. The story has undergone many title changes, the latest to be settled upon is: NEPHILIM FORBIDDEN.

The Nephilim are the central characters, and it only seems appropriate to keep their name in the header somewhere. The background setting for my novel is a blended cross between: Middle Earth, and the ancient Biblical World. The peoples are also a blend of Tolkien's work and Scripture, for both have influenced my personal thinking greatly.

My Nephilim are the Elves who remained behind in the Gray Havens of Middle Earth. They are the "Sons of God." Who, in their quest to repopulate and rule that ancient time, have fallen from their High Nobility. They have turned into greedy and lustful teachers of lesser men. With their appearance, in that pre-flood world, came an age of herindious chaos.

However, one of the desendants of the Nephilim, Feandar, learns of his true nature, and seeks to regain that nobility in his own personal life. He seemingly goes foolishly through life without a care. Such are the trials, and experiences of enduring life in an upside-down world filled with war, terrorist, pain and sorrow; sucide is only an easy course, and a hollow loss. Time and again various lessons are learned, til one day the maturity of finding true love awakens in him the desire to live, reguardless of the coming rains. Just as, in real life it seems, when we realize "what it's all about" we reach our ending years of mortal life. So too is it with Feandar, and the coming of the Flood.

Visit TIE-DYED Brain Rays for yourself...

and see if you don't agree:
"No matter what phase he's gone through - he's still the Best Blogger in the Middle East!"

BEST of Friends

After we moved across our small town my parents were happy that we were only a block away from an Middle School. Only thing was I couldn't attend - bussing was the order of the day. I had never ridden the bus before was outright terrified. Noticing a group gathered in front of the school's main enterance I tried to be absored into it without notice, only to be all the more afraid that I would miss the correct bus. So trying to scrounge the courage to make conversation about something I could sound intelligent about I asked a kid with high arched eye brows, "Hey, are you related to Leonard Nemo?"

Looking at me with a smirk he replyed,"It's Nimoy - Leonard Nimoy; No. You new here?..."

"Yeah." Thinking I was fixing to get the crap beat out of me, the Spock looking kid told me to join him on the bus. When I asked why there were so many dents in the celing above the driver I was told to just wait and watch. After the school bus was loaded and the chattering volume began to rise our elderly troll of a driver grabed a short handle stick, and proceeded beating the hell out of the top of the bus, yelling,"Chut-up! Chut-up!" At which you could hear a pin drop on the entire trip across town to my new Middle School.

Man, this kid was smart. He became my best friend. Through the years to come where ever you saw him, you saw me joined at the hip. My own brother was three years older, on a far different wave length; actually we never got along - always fought, and never found anything in common to agree on. This new kid - knew my thoughts even before I did.

(From my Junior High School Yearbook 1979-80)

Michael was a Star Trek fan, like I was. He was a Baptist, Pentacle-something or other; never really caught it. You see I was raised a Jehovah's Witness; you know, that "Thou Shall Not" kinda of religion. But the neat thing about it was - far as I could figure - we never had much to say about our religious backgrounds. Others stayed as far away from me as they could, or I them. But Michael accepted me for who I was, and didn't seem to care (or knew) that he was going to perish during Jehovah's Armageddon; and after awhile, I began to wonder why I didn't care either.

I seemed to be over Michael's house far more times than he was over to mine, for the most part it didn't bother me; being at his home was like being in a different world. His parents treated one another as though there was a real interest in each another, and their kids. Michael's brother was even cool; not as cool as him mind you.

Building on our interest of Star Trek, came our mutual love of art; drawing and crafting things with our hands. I think in some respect I've always had an edge over Michael when it came to art, but his imagination blew away the breath of any talent I had. I would spend an hour on a project that came out pertty good, while he would churn out masterpiece one after another.

During Junior High School, my religious focus waned even though my attendance continued at the Kingdom Hall; my life was about to change. The change for me came with the expantion of my circle of friends. There was Tony, a Boy Scout trooper who loved, and introduced me to Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Paul, introduced me to Styx, and Battlestar Galactica. Lane Boyd, another artist who could do the Robot as well as me. Shannon - an "atheisit", but he loved Science-Fiction, so he was okay. And of course, there remained Michael. Those were the days, and the individuals who influenced me most in life - more than they will ever understand.

In Jr. High, our art teacher, a Mrs. Pat Dunn asked Michael and I to "paint" a picture for her. I believe it was on a masonite board. Our school looked like a prison with no windows, so we jumped on the oppertunity to give the 'ol Art Mum the view we saw of the world outside. Actually it somewhat resembled Middle Earth: with a great mountian (mine), in the background and a Hobbit tree (Michael's touch) in the foreground. It was fun working on the painting, but we were not the Brothers Hilebrant.

(Brownwood Bullentin Newspaper; page 10-A Sunday, September 21, 1980)

Through the years Michael and I were always a pair. An influence on one another more than even we realise now. He was the Best Man at my wedding, and I a pallbearer at his father's funeral. Yet, even over the long years, when we lost contact with one another as adults, Michael remained a driving inspiration of hope and imagination in my personal life.

Somehow, these many years later I was able to reconnet with my old friend; and have never regretted his presence in my life. Old, and dear friends like Tehuti don't come along that often, and when they do, too many times in this crazy world of ours we never seem to take enough time to thank them for the many contributions they have made in our lives. So, Thank you Michael for accepting me for who I was then, for being more of a brother than my own, and for being at my wedding when even my own father wasn't; "you have been and shall always remain my friend."


Who always seems so happy in a crowd
Whose eyes can be so private and so proud
No one's allowed to see them when they cry


I have visited several Blog sites, and have come across those with many comments; it's nice to see that I've finally wiriten one which has earned many responces. The subject of Immigration Reform here in America raises many sideline topics, and has been faced many times before in our country's history, and I bet will be brought up again in the future. An ever changing Country of Immigrants, like the U.S., endures these growing pangs - that enable it to be strengthened to meet far greater challenges. We are facing another phase in our national experience, just as many before us endured; however, we need to keep in mind that this too shall pass, and that the steps we make today will be followed by those who come after us. As much as I frustratingly think that our Leaders do not listen, I have also come to believe that they are a reflection of who we really are as individuals; we have grown arrogant, self centered, and misguided - the immigrant issuse has only awaken us to the fact that our journey is on going. We are just one small country among the community on this globe, taking care of the community and the globe is obviously something we've neglected on both accounts.


Can you imagine? You are sitting on your lunch break, when someone else enters the room. You stike up a conversation about the weather. Later, the conversation turns to complaining about work issues: you hadn't gotten a raise increase, benefits arn't all what they should be, and a host of other subjects. During the entire conversation with your guest something just doesn't sound on the up and up. Then it suddenly dawns on you. You don't even know this person. In fact they are not even a co-worker, nor an employee of the same Company! Yet, here they are complaining to you about your Company situation.
What does it mean to be an employee, a member of an Organization, a citizen? If we give Texas back to Mexico, and North Dakoda to Canada, then what remains of the US? Every American is an immigrant after a fashion, so the argument of not allowing them into the country is mute; we are a country of Immigrants. However, we are also a country under the rule of law. So, what does it mean to be "Illegal"?

Illegal immigrant, like the rest of us, are only striving to seek out a better way of life. When I hear the argument that the citizen wont work for such-and-such wages - so let's hire the illegal immigrant; all I hear is an illegal act that victimizes another person, and drags the economic system down. It is just this slow, erroding away type of thinking that has brought us where we are today in America.

We need to secure the boarders the way we always have, not by fences and walls but by upholding the legal system that our immigrant forefathers founded, and our dying, patriotic fathers before us upheld. It wasn't considered racist then to protect the nation, and it isn't rascist now. It is sissy, and foolishly politicly correct to think that Homeland Security can be upheld by buring our heads in the sand, and not facing the issuses, or boarding ourself in against the facts. Treat the immigrant with the same humane respect you as a natural citizen deserve; their only right is that, and the Rule of Law. Don't like the rules? Then Vote otherwise.


Looks like my brother-in-law, Michael T. Smith has finally made it to Cyberspace; good for him. His site's title: In the Beginning was the Word - Scriptural as it may sound, is really about Writing, and believe me he's a pertty good Word Smith. Drop by sometime, folks and give him a welcome - I know he will have some very fasinating things to share.

Some Fellow Bloggers.....

Like setting back for an hour or so watching TV, I get a kick out of surfing the web via NEXT BLOG, you come across some rather interesting people in the world...

The Bear in New Jersey has a political slant going on and some great links to check. LynnCorney of Chaple Hill, NC. also has some really neat stuff to share; something about her writing makes ya want to tune in. Heidi Granada of Barcelona, Spain has some beautiful pictures; makes me want to be a world traveler for such. Steve in Austin, Texas has a good site, neat format; I like the picture of the baby with the ram horns! I like Lucy Quintanilla of Neptune, New Jersey's format; good flavor of the area, I'd like to see more pics though- makes me want to write more. Wendy C. of Arlington, Texas has a really nice "In-the-Life-of" blog going on. Dave, in Michigan has some neat tech items, and very sharp photos - I like the Sand Castle.

Flower of Life

Still Questioning...

I don't think that someone has to have been a durg addict to tell me about the dangers of drugs; likewise I can still learn insights about McDonald's from a former employee.

I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses from 1969, until I left in 1982. I waned in my attendance during my last years in high school, and shortly after my marriage. My Dad left the Society because of the hypocrisy of others, my brother and sister fell away because there was no demand to continue going to the Meetings, and my Mom - well she left afterwards as well. I stayed because I believed everything I had been taught, I was faithful to Jehovah's Servant without question.

The day I bagan studing the 80 Questions for baptism, was when I began to have serious questions of my own. The Elders grew wary of my search for the TRUTH; a Truth beyond their doctrinal, cookie cut answers. One of the major things that began my journey of leaving was researching and questioning the Leaders of the Organization itself. Never ask questions. Don't think for yourself; or you will be in darkness, lost and apart from Jehovah's Servant.

Jehovah is the same yesterday and forever; the Watchtower leaders are ever changing, their Light always a different color. Why all the changing dates for Armageddon? Why the many changes in the Biblical Translations, to suit their doctrine of the day? Why? Why? Why - must I accept only what they say; when what they say is ever changing? So, I became a Southern Baptist; a Lay Minister for seven years - preaching Jesus is LORD. After 15 years, I began to question again; returning to many of the same JW questions that lay unsnawered.

Surfing the NET, purchasing many books and studying the Bible for myself I finally washed myself clear of JW-ian Shadow. However, I remained psychologically scared for life; skeptical of everything. One reoccuring theme that touched, and "haunted" me was how everything was Pagan related. So, I studied Paganism. Today I call myself a Pagan. I got a tattoo on my left arm of a Tripple Moon with a Pentagram and Hounds. My tattoo reminds me that you can never unring a bell. The misinformation, and out right lies of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and the misiformation of Christianity is something I can not unlearn, unresearch, nor go back to "not knowing."
As a Seeker, truth can be found in many places and love seen in many faces; one belief is not invalidated by another's view of their walk with Deity. I believe the cults like Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses mislead people through the manipulative misdirection of zealous Leaders seeking their goals. Organized Christianity is a farce on mankind, for Jesus taught things which were layered upon by men with their own agendas. Paganism sees the Universe as the beginning and end unto itself; men responcible for their own actions. Ill treatment and decption upon ones brother - watch out - Karma's a bitch.


Once a year the variouse State Agencies come together to converge with a vengence, it seems, on the campus' of the State Schools. This July will make eight years that I have been with the State; April is here and so are the Survey teams Inspecting, and the overwhelming stress levels shooting through the roof. Walking on razor blades and egg shells, while holding your breath, with that pretend frozen smile. Over acting every exacting detail, to preform in front of a clip board toting stone face jotting ever wrong thing down. Like Smokey the Bear's "Only You can prevent forest fires" - you are made to feel that passing the Inspection of the State Schools is totally dependant on you; while Pink Floyd's Teachers leave those kids alone, plays in your head as taunting, downward brows glare at you.

I know we'll pass. I know life will go on. It's just the time of the year, at work that everyone dreads most; the headachs of dealing with the Pro Staff running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Pretending it's just another day, as they reem you out about some minuet stupidity that has nothing to do with you, but something they themselves should have taken care of weeks before.

Come next week - same 'ol same, till Inspection next year...


Nephilim Forbidden is the working title of my novel; that's been in progress, since - like forever. My, self chosen Pagan name of Falconmyst ("Soaring through the fog of life") seems more appropriate for such an eclectic Blog as this, and hopefully I can focus more on writing again.


The Watcher's Book of Books