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April 17, 1982

Today is our 24th Wedding Anniversary. A night out in a Hotel, dinner at Steak&Ale - just me and my gal.

We've weathered a few storms, seen a lot water under the bridge, had many cars, jobs, homes, and religions - but I've been very blessed that Alice has always remained by my side. She, more than anyone else has remained my greatest source of strength and encouragement. There have been many times, (that she's never even been aware of), where depression has edged me close to some very grim thoughts; but in the pools of her eyes I see the only proof I need of GOD, hope and unconditional love.

Happy Anniversary, Alice I love you is something I try to show everyday .
Thank you; first and foremost for being my friend!
We took a night away in a really nice Hotel, and ate at Steak & Ale, (first time there, very nice). I hadn't always appreciated, her but she deserves better - she make me want to be that better man...


  1. Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary!
    Today is my Blogs anniversary too! its First!

  2. Congratulations! You are both blessed to have each other. Lo these many years I've watched as you made your way together through the world. I would say you are a lucky man, but I know that love and loyalty, not luck is what your marriage is based on.

    My blessings on both of you, officially and as your brother. Candles will be lit tonight in your honor.



  3. Awww! Congrats on your 24th, and many more to come.

    In May me and Heather will be celebrating our 6th.



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