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Once a year the variouse State Agencies come together to converge with a vengence, it seems, on the campus' of the State Schools. This July will make eight years that I have been with the State; April is here and so are the Survey teams Inspecting, and the overwhelming stress levels shooting through the roof. Walking on razor blades and egg shells, while holding your breath, with that pretend frozen smile. Over acting every exacting detail, to preform in front of a clip board toting stone face jotting ever wrong thing down. Like Smokey the Bear's "Only You can prevent forest fires" - you are made to feel that passing the Inspection of the State Schools is totally dependant on you; while Pink Floyd's Teachers leave those kids alone, plays in your head as taunting, downward brows glare at you.

I know we'll pass. I know life will go on. It's just the time of the year, at work that everyone dreads most; the headachs of dealing with the Pro Staff running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Pretending it's just another day, as they reem you out about some minuet stupidity that has nothing to do with you, but something they themselves should have taken care of weeks before.

Come next week - same 'ol same, till Inspection next year...

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