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Remembering that life is repleat with oppertunities for reinvinting ourselves can be difficult, when comfort zones become the order of the day. I once Crafted an awesomely detaild Coven ritual, based on renewal, because I could feel so many of the lives about me on the cutting edge of change. However, I missed the oppertunity to manifest that Ritual due to changes, and movings in the lives of others. I kept its details Masked away. But someday I would like to preform it.

Change is often desirable, frequently necssary, always inevitable

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  1. I followed your link from Write Words Writers Club. thank you for your visit...I have strolled through your journal and it is a breath of fresh air. These blogs are so wonderful for bringing people together to share...
    Final Fantasy VII soundtrack is such beautiful music.
    if you would like to join us with writing we would love to have you. You can email me and i will send you an invitation to be a member of the blog so you can post.
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