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For The First Degree?

Circle of the Quill and Serpant; would be an active learning group.
After the 25 question application is returned; and the individual is accepted as a member, they have one year and a day in which to meet the following for their 1st Degree Initiation:  The object lesson here is for the "student" to become accustomed with researching, study, and writing and original thoughts,  and sharing of ideas.  The Quill is for study.  The Kabala Serpant is for the Journey along the Path of discovery.
Attend at least 2 holiday Circles
Attend at least 2 Rituals
Compose at least 2 Spells of Coven BOS
Compose at least 2 Rituals of Coven BOS
Learn Theban and transcribe text
Write 4 essays:
Your work must be referenced from at least one verifiable book source, and two web sites; or four web sites:
Must include: Founder, major leaders, dates, structure, doctrines of Deity, the afterlife, and scriptures used/ dogma.
1)TOPIC; pick one:
Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Scientology.
2)TOPIC; pick one:
Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, Seventh Day-Adventist, Pentecostals.
3)TOPIC; pick one:
Judaism, Muslim, Christian
4)TOPIC; pick one:
Hinduism, Buddhist, Confuses.

ALL of these written documents would be returned to the individual and make up part of their beginning BOS.
TOPIC; pick one:


0 Degree
After an “interview” an accepted the new neophyte would answer the following and return.
Today’s Date {Anniversary their acceptance}
Snail mail address
e-mail address
Phone number
DOB {happy Birthdays later}
Please do not write on this page. On a separate page, a 3 hole punched, lined page; please re-write the questions then reply in your own words. This assignment will be given back to you at a later date. [Part of their beginner’s BOS].
1. What brings you to be interested in the Wiccan Path?
2. Why are you interested in joining this group?
3. How long have you been solitary?
4. Have you been in any other group?
5. Why did you leave?
6. What do you hope to gain from our group?
7. What do you hope to bring to our group?
8. What do you hope to learn as a member?
9. What do you hope to teach as a member?
10. What makes a good teacher?
11. What makes a good student?
12. Should a man be over a woman?
13. Is it right for a woman to be in a leadership role over a man?
14. What was your religious background?
15. What does the word: “God/god” mean to you?
16. Does “salvation by grace” having meaning in your spiritual belief system; and explain why/why not?
17. If someone had been dismissed from another magickal group would you be willing to have them join; explain your answer?
18. What would be some examples of things that would justifiy someone being “kicked out” of the group?
19. What does “magic” mean to you?
20. What is death?
21. Are you willing to keep an oath of secrecy?
22. What consequences for the breaking of loyalty would you be willing to uphold against another member?
23. Some believe in reincarnation; your thoughts?
24. What is evil to you? Are there demons?
25. Some groups have some/ all rituals “sky clad” or nude - would you be willing to do so as well; explain your answer?
Date completed: