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Casmar and Duke

Origins of the game of Kings; excert taken from

"The first day of the Fair of Merd saw a swarm of people entering the walled city of Germaine to set up their stalls in the marketplace. Jugglers, courtesans, artisans, storytellers, and vendors of every commodity imaginable thronged the plaza, each vying for the attention of the passerby.

"Chance for gold! Play the game of Kings! Double the contents of your purse!"

In one corner of the market sat an ostentatiously-attired young man. Before him was a gaming board set with curiously-wrought playing pieces which gleamed in the late morning sun.

"Chance for gold! Play the game of Kings! Double the contents of your purse!" Few of the passersby did more than momentarily glance at the board. One onlooker, however, stopped in his tracks and surveyed the table with puzzlement written upon his face.

"Try your luck, sir?" queried the young man.

The potential customer, a large barbarous sort, shrugged his brawny shoulders, and took a seaton the provided stool, which groaned ominously. Even sitting down, he towered over most people. He scratched in turn his hairy pot-belly, his long mop of dirty-brown hair, and the matching beard which grew wildly from his broad face.

The young man withdrew from a pocket of his cloak a large deck of cards which he began shuffling flamboyantly as he explained the rules of the game. *

*Originally written by Michael T. Smith and Don Walker

The Journey

My brother-in-law, Michael, is an impatient sort. He seems to think that just because he's got a niftty idea - with the game - we should be producing them and making money hand over fist by now. I've shared with him that a thousand goals have to be achieved first: actually handcrafting the pieces, making the individual aspects of the game, designing and producing even the box, patents, copyrights, trademarks, license fees, opening the bank account, yada yada blah blah - a zillion things have to fall into place way before we can even think of bying those little umbrella drinks yet.
I'm excited about the Journey, it's still a fun hobby, and artistic venture in the making for me; several goals have to be met, and then before we know it the machine of the business will be eating us up, and it wont be fun anymore.
My out look on life is that every mundane experience is only a foreshaowed teacher of greater and more diverse things to accomplish in our lives. I wish the big bucks were rolling in too; however, we've not even bought a horse to get in front of the cart.

My Shadows

My personal Book of Shadows, the cover of which was made from a sheet of walboard, ( from when I remolded our kitchen), the binding ropes are boot laces, ( from my military days); and the Wand I handcrafted from oak, and pine, ( from trees where I work). These items were crafted and embumed with intence emotions and around significant times in my life.

Time Change Again?

Yoda Logic

Childhood Influences

Fasinating the events that influence our lives. I was born six months before JFK was killed, grew up during the 1960s during the Viet Nam War era and greatly embued with the feelings of govermental distrust. Having been a Jehovah's Witness, the Armageddon indoctrination of the WatchTower's Cult stifeled even more my outlook on life. I loved the Planet of the Apes movies, yet again was the gloom of a crumbling society. I remember ROOTS and feeling the "guilt" of being a member of the White Race during the late 70s. But in becoming a teenager I also remembered the humor of the (60s) Dick Van Dyke Show, the hope of Star Trek, and the vision of Star War's of brighter times ahead.
We will continue to have higher gas prices, terrorist wars, growing weather concerns, viruses around the corner - but such doom and gloom is only an aspect of the world in which we live. I can't afford to see the world in such black and white absolutes any more.
The world is a wonderious place, filled with oppertunites for self improvement, and strivings to reach out to others. I know I can't change the world, I stoped trying years ago; but to live the best where we are and be an encouragement to others in sharing our experiences. Many have influenced me into wanting to become a better person - to them thanks are beyound words.

No Coffee

You'd all be proud of me - I've had no coffee today, and no extra sugar, AND no jittering sleepyness - feels weird - being clean. Man I need a cup to wake up with right now. I haven't smoked my pipe in quiet awhile either - what's up with that!

Ah the early morning light is pouring in through the upstairs window flooding the appartment with a false sence of warmth; it was very cool when the dogs when out for thier ritual visits.

Well our outing yesterday left me a bit down trodden but I guess you can't be King of the world everyday or expect a winner the first time around in starting a small bussiness, 'eh?

Uphill all the way

Seems getting into the "toy" gaming market is not only difficult but dam near impossible. Nevertheless we'll slowly plug foreward with our handcrafted, strategic board game but in a much smaller focused group.

We went to one dealer who shared his years of experience as a shop owner in the gaming industry, and - well 'wet blanket' is mild to say the least. Discouragingly honest. Ah, its just a hobby at this point any who.

KINGS at the Galleria Mall

We still have much work to accomplish in even beginning our small bussiness; however, on a marketing excursion to various North Texas shops, at least three appeared hopeful. We went to the Dallas Galleria Mall yesterday. At one of the upper level shops, Amazing Toy Creations, the spokesperson was very open to the possibility of us placing our GAME OF KINGS on consignment at thier location. If nothing else it would be name reconginition, and at least a foot-in-the-door to other local Merchants.

It's just a neat hobby - using my artistic abilities, but who knows with a lot of patience, luck, and a great deal of presistance we just may be on to something. The experience will be interesting to say the least.

Sizing It Up

We're going out today to do our first survey of the market. I've finished actually designing, crafting, and polishing off the Rules. Now to begin doing some research and information gathering on "How To -" start a small bussiness. . .

Wish us luck!

We have nothing to complain about... ever again. Resourceful, 'eh?

Hand Crafted GAME

THE GAME of KINGS; our handcrafted, made from scratch board game, for a "from the ground up" beginning new small bussiness: The Thomas DeLane Company.

KINGS origins

Click to enlarge
This is a MAP I drew based on the rough sketches of my brother-in-law's penciled efforts of The Lands of the Seven Empires; where The Game of Kings is first mentioned.

The Game of KINGS

Pipe dreams, being what they are - flights of fantasy, with high hopes of grandure - I've got one of my own. Without drawing out all the details, this is just a hint of one of my hobbies and aspiring pipe dreams; before its big premiere debut. Here is the first Handcrafted version of "The Game of Kings."

A complex, situationally driven, strategy game using a milliaristic format to move pieces on a board with dice, and cards. Inspired by the Fantasy Shortstories of Michael T. Smith, and Don Walker.

The origin of KINGS reaches back into the antiquity of a forgotten world; the Land of the Seven Empires. The Game of Kings commemorated the end of a seven hundred year war between its two largest countries. The realm of the Moon standard lands of Berendez, and The Star standard eastren lands of Parval; who ended their rivalries naming KINGS their offical game. Having once been a game only for the nobles, KINGS soon found enjoyment in all households of the Empires.

KINGS is a two player game. Any method agreed upon to begin play is acceptable. The image on the card depicts which piece on the board may be moved, in alternating turns.

The full deck of cards are shuffeled then placed face down. Each player initionally draws six (6) cards, and thereafter must retain six (6) in hand throughout the game. Only a pair enables a piece to be moved. The Flag card serves as a "wild card" allowing it to complete a needed pair. The player anounces the piece to be moved, while removing that pair from their hand, creating a discard pile, (with face up; oppoiste the draw plie). A player's turn is called a "round" and is completed by replenishing the player's hand, totaling six cards. If no pairs can be played the player may discard as many cards as they wish, replacing them with the same amount; which concludes their round.

The cards determine which piece may be moved. Yet, the dice determines which direction the pieces are allowed to move. Each piece is governed by its own moving style. When the Flag is threatened with capture in the next move it must be anounced with "Threat." Whenever all possible protective countermeasures have failed "Surrender" is anounced, and the is game over. However, when the Flag has not been surrendered but all possible moves place it in Threat a Stalemate is declared, and the game is over. If all of an opponant's pieces have been captured the game is over, and victor declared.

Remember When?

Amid all the Hurricain Rita and Katrina mess still in the news today I can't help but to remember some of those others big headliners that seem to have become woven into urban legends and missinformations, or dusty history. Like all the deaths in Jonestown, bodies that just kept on showing up. The day John Lennon was shot when everyone cried liked he was their own personal friend. The Oliver North Trial that lasted "forever" and never saw Pres. Ragan getting impeached.

I remember being excited about finally being able to watch a lift off then horrifed when the Challenger blew up; or when the whole world seemed to tune in to the Berlin Wall's fall. Just as jolting as when 911 and Pentagon shock us. Remember the O.J. Simpson thingy? Or Clinton's Impeachment over getting a blow job? Saddam's statue fell like the beginning of - well we're still over there; Gulf War Part Duce?

What's the next big thing "to remember -when"?

China's Tiakonauts take flight

China makes the third nation to go into space, and as far as I'm concerned I'm glad. Maybe this will get us started in another Spaace Race, and an excitement of future endeavors again; instead of finding folks to war with over resources.

The mission, reportedly due to last up to five days, is an effort by the communist government to declare its status as a rising world power with technological triumphs to match its rapid economic growth. Chinese space officials say they hope to land an unmanned probe on the moon by 2010 and want to launch a space station.

They returned safely home this Saturday - so, it begins.

Coffee's unfiltered woes

You know - just when I was getting a handel on my coffee obsession...

The coffee culprit
Although caffeine is often cast as a villain, the stimulant is not to blame for unfiltered coffee's effect on cholesterol levels. According to Klag, the increase in cholesterol is believed to be caused by oils called terpenes that are found in coffee, but are mostly removed by filters.


Sometimes I feel very foolish in sharing some of my dreams, or goals. I've shared with several folks my desire of going into the Nursing field, but it seems difficult - for some reason- to get my funding situation worked out. Then, since I'm not in the course yet, when asked about how I'm doing, I feel like I'm going out-of-my way to develope excuses. I'm still striving to get into the Nursing program - just taking forever to get back into college, and knocking out the pre requirements. First step is funding. Looks like I may be doing some rescheduling, and getting a transfer at work. So that'll go along ways to opening up a Monday through Friday window for classes.

Thank you all for your encouraged support. I'm writing again, for myself, it really does seem to help, as opposed to not getting any of those 'random thoughts' out of my cluttered head. No, I think I'll just keep this same site and polish it up a bit, instead of moving on elsewhere.

To Dream is to live in the hopes of something better to come; I have many dreams, as I know many of you do as well...

Well. . . I'M BACK!

Humm mmm.... other than a few cob webs here, and there.... Ah, a lot of mail of encouragement - still looks like home. I'll have to reply to all those nice folks for having taken the time to "comment." And to those readers surfing by - thanks, sorry it was so quiet here...

Okay, the cyber addition got me again; that and the voices in the back of my head stoped arguing.

*Sigh* Feels good to be back, Rosie.


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