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THIS IS THE HEART of all my writing! This is the "original" CANDLE EVE long verse revised.  It was from this one tale that all of my other writings, maps and drawing revolve, and grew from.

 111   I was young when my mother called
 me Fayendar, but I kept the name and
      ever was known as “Beloved-brother”
unto all I met in my travels thereafter.

112   So it was the name I divulged
to that woodland maid, who worshiped
      ‘neath the gray moonlit stars,
near that clear running brook.

113   For seven nights she bathed
and did prance before my wanting
      eyes, all the while unknowing of
my desirous presence, and gaze nearby.

114   On that seventh starlit eve
I wove her name upon the wind,
      like an enchantment into her
tune I sang along in whispered chants.

115   “Enava,” I so named my sweet
“Morning Love” when at dawn’s break
      she would always dress and leave me;
always wanting more of story to hear.

116   She sang of children’s laughter about
 her feet, she desired sons and daughters of
      her own, a family to grow and teach,
clothe and love; to be mother and wife.

117  She sang of the Goddess Ye`vonel,
the naked Moon-Queen who rode across
       the midnight sky upon her winged
steed, granting fertility and strength.

118   With dripping long hair, arched
 back, and her firmness raised high, she
      kicked amid that splashing brook to
conjure forth a melody and husband seek.

119    She was a daughter, from the village
 called Uruk, just one among twelve most
       loved by her mother, yet she felt alone;
and indeed her time for love had come.

120   On the eighth night she wept instead,
and ere she pranced-bare, alone before the    
      Goddess-moon; Fayendar announced
himself as a wanderer of Mithar unto her.

121   He calmed her frightful gasp by
 singing his own song of faraway lands and
       his desires of home and love, of family
and need of wife as lovely as she; “Enava”.

123   Instead of anger, Arlene by name
blushed at his confession, that he had so
      enjoyed her prancing-arch, moon-lit
 dance,  which had conjured him forth.

124   It was then in that fair moment
near dawn’s hour, at which three great
      hounds bounded toward my strange
 presence, to save their princess fair.

124   Yet, Enava-Arlene called them back
by name: King, April and Micah; from
      their pouncing duty against the
woodland wanderer she had befriended.

125   At her behest they led us back home
 to where our winding trail so followed;
      past Uruk’s market well, and sunbaked
homes, where questioning faces turned.

126   She introduced me to her mother and
 grandmother too, a story-telling brother
       and sisters more; yet even among them
 all,  Enava still held my wanting heart.

127   They took me as one of their own as
 though I had always belonged among
       them; her mother spoke of me as a son,
unto her brother, a brother I had become.

128    In seven months’ time I called dear
 wife and me, her husbandman true; then
      gifted me a daughter who radiated with  
elven-grace, a  beauty beyond elegance.

129    I so name the child “Ilbrekah” for
 indeed she was “A child of Elven-love”, bold
      and strong willed more than her kin,
 adventurous spirit, with a  seeking heart.

130   Yet upon her seventh birth-year I
 confessed my sadness to her mother,
      Enava, I had so betrayed my Lord-King,
Valenfay; fleeing fair Eul’s  Ra`More in fear.

131   Since childhood my brother, Calan so
named, had ever grown deeper in his
       disdain of me, and sought my life to
 take; I had endangered those about me.

132   Against her begging tears she
 understood my cause and need to make
       recompense unto his majesties’ crown I
had so greatly offended his honored House.

133    So it was where I left you my beloved
child in not knowing me, your father all
      these year and the tale of how I met
your mother and cause for my departure. 





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Apostolic ONENESS

I LOVE Dr. Walter Martin.  His book THE KINGDOM OF THE CULTS initially 'led me out' of the Jehovah's Witnesses and in reading JUST the Bible alone; without Pastor or extra revelations of Watchtower magazines.  I just found this video and my jaw dropped!!!

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Jotting Down The Dreams

(My poem "FEET" was in a dream that looked like this).

I can lucid dream.  Most if not all of my dreams are in vivid color, realistic and bazaar, in stark contrast to my very mundane waking consciences.  Several times I will jot my dreams down as fast as I can.  But by the time, I do they fastly begin to slip away from me as I try to "capture" the emotion of them and disguise the "interpretation" they begin to reveal to my thinking thoughts as a "story" emerges with which to re-tell my dreams.  Several of my short stories have been refashioned dreams.


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My Writing Process

  I usually carry paper with me in my pockets all the time.  Whenever a thought comes to mind I jot it down.  These "scribbles" are taken out at the end of the day and tossed onto my rolltop desk.  I am an early riser, and 4:15 AM, enjoying my morning coffee, it has been my custom to go through the stack of scribbles and type them out using Microsoft Word.  The various sentences then become embellished paragraphs and usually cut & pasted into whatever "story" they seem most compatible with.  Thus far over these many years, 15+ I am working on at least six different novels, poems and genealogies and a religious research book.

   I then go through these rough drafts and re-work them internally, cut and pasting, adding and subtracting, and embellishing the thoughts into a plot, hopefully with more than a few twists in the end.  When doing the character's dialogue I usually just write out the conversation straight out.  Then I go back and add the "he said" and the "she says".  It is fun and challenging to have the dialogue sound positive and the body language negative or vice versa the other way; she smiled and said, "I can't stand you."  Makes for more interesting and realistic character developing.  A lot of times by doing this even I am not sure how the characters are going to develop.  On main male character made "look like" a real life person I know, their mannerisms are those another person I may know, they "sound" like a third person and their personality is of yet a fourth person I may know.
  Along with all of this, I sprinkle in the time of day, seasons, surroundings; which all play into the mood of the character and helps to push the unfolding story along as well.  I like twists and having an unexpected, devil's advocate of an ending; and then "watching the reader's face" - I didn't see that coming - is the fun part.

   Well, this is how I craft my story process.  I am not sure how others may do things, but it's how I've been doing it and the writing has become a great release for me.  Hopefully, readers will enjoy the efforts of the sharing.