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photoshop Magics

Just a little Pre-cyberQuest Game photo of some of our PLAYERS; I've been working on.

How's Your Car?

I came across an interesting site today, and checked out my car; happy as I am with it, I came away a little deflated upon reading the specs. ENTER your own information and see how you view your vehicle afterwards. Sometimes just getting from point A to point B isn't everything.


Come June first we'll be moving to the community of Lewisville, just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We will have our freedom again, as Alice's brother, Michael will be moving into his own place as well; same complex. Near the Lake and woods.

Falconmyst Creations

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I've been trying to figure out how to create GIF files and finally got a downloadable program; it's kinda neat. The possiblities are endless of the ideas I have in mind.


While searching for various sites for our Cyber Hunt I came across a Lodge; inquired of a man mowing the lawn of how to become a Mason. It was that easy - to get the conversation started, but now the real conversations and interviews begin. I just finished the petition and had a meal with another; a 32nd degree, whose already begun a background check on me a week before I even turned in my packet... hum - interesting. Don't think it's all the National Treasure conspiracy bit and all, but it is a Society with Secrets. From time to time I'll jot down a few ideas and feeling of the journey; leaving the "Secrets" for others to discover on their own - hey, that's what I'm having to do.

I have a really dear and close friend named "Tehuti". We've known one another forever it seems; sometimes with years of silence, yet we've always picked up where we've left off. At times of real need I've been there for him no matter what; and he for me. Neither Tehuti nor myself are Masons. Yet, it is because of such brotherhood found in the Freemasons that I wish to learn and grow more involved.

Joining The Secret. . .

I've wondered for quiet some time, and finally found myself stopping by an Ancient & Accepted Freemason's Lodge; my inquiry is leading me deeper into their Treasures.


The Watcher's Book of Books