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While searching for various sites for our Cyber Hunt I came across a Lodge; inquired of a man mowing the lawn of how to become a Mason. It was that easy - to get the conversation started, but now the real conversations and interviews begin. I just finished the petition and had a meal with another; a 32nd degree, whose already begun a background check on me a week before I even turned in my packet... hum - interesting. Don't think it's all the National Treasure conspiracy bit and all, but it is a Society with Secrets. From time to time I'll jot down a few ideas and feeling of the journey; leaving the "Secrets" for others to discover on their own - hey, that's what I'm having to do.

I have a really dear and close friend named "Tehuti". We've known one another forever it seems; sometimes with years of silence, yet we've always picked up where we've left off. At times of real need I've been there for him no matter what; and he for me. Neither Tehuti nor myself are Masons. Yet, it is because of such brotherhood found in the Freemasons that I wish to learn and grow more involved.

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  1. I've been interested in becoming a Mason for years. I have an ex-father-in-law who is a Master Mason and with whom I've talked at length about joining the order. Here in my little part of the world, I know no one who is a Mason, but I'll find one for sure now. Your initiative has lit a fire under me. Soon, this too will be a journey we both share, and a new connotation to the word, "Brother."

    Congratulations on this new, life-changing milestone.