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I purchased my first motorcycle today, a 1984 Honda Magna V45, 750cc. I've already enrolled in a MSF (Motorcycle Safty Foundation) Course for later part of next month, and believe me I'm not riding it till then. More updates later. I'm THRILLED!! And my poodle Micha likes it too!

FedCon USA 2008

My first SciFi Convention...was, well not quiet what I had in thought it would be. Tehuti invited us and I was sorry to see his excitement dashed as well.

Family Histories Continue

Here's a picture of my family, taken about 1968. Tracy, Bobbie, Linda, 'DeDe'. I use to really hate being called "DeDe". Don't know why, really. A kid thing or maybe too many negative memories attached to it. Years later friends were allowed to call me 'Dave.' Many many years later, when I developed a relationship with my mother again; she called me 'DeDe' a couple of times, then later realized I responded better to David. So much water under the bridge now, uhm? But - Don't I look cute next to my mother?

The other day I finally called Elon Fay back on the phone. She was someone I re-met at dad's funeral. We talked for quiet awhile. She's a first cousin of my dads, and as kids they seem to have been close friends. I wrote her a rather long letter. It'll be neat to aquire more material for my writing of OUR HISTORY's NAME: An Abidgement of The Texas Snows, book.
Getting reaquainted with Elon will be interesting, because I know little to nothing of my grandmother's side of the family. Other than a few photographs and weak story lines; like, 'Oh yeah she's the one who had a garden and raised chickens' - kay?


Painting by Bobbie Lee Snow "Sunset Windmill" (c) 1978.

A few nights ago I had a dream. Most of my dreams are in vivid color, and are very difficult for me to realize that I am asleep. This one was in black&white and I knew I was dreaming - it was not like my usual dreaming states.

I was in our old home in Corpus Chrisiti. On the dinning room table was an extremly large oil painting. Thick black, brown and blues strokes. I was very disturbed that I could not figure out how to paint it.

From the living room my dad entered through the french doors. I asked my dad why I couldn't paint my present picture very well, he said, "Do the background first, then everything else is easy."

I turned around and saw my mother-in-law, (she passed away in 1989); then she too offered the same advice. Then, again my wife's grandmother came into the room, and once again offered the same advice: "Do the background first, then everything else is easy."

In my dream, my wife hears me 'talking to myself' asks what's going on and I tell her I saw my dad, and her family. Thinking I crazy she dismisses it by telling me to just go back to my painting, "...and do the background first, everything else is easy."

Suddenly the alarm-clock woke me up. I woke up crying and sad, then later that morning its 'meaning' suddenly came to me.

The Genealogical Links on the side bar is my way of NOT forgetting to "do the background first" because everything in life is a lot easier when you know where you come from.