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      At first the “idea” of doing such a project was exciting.  But as pen was pressed to paper, the enormity of the task I set before myself began to sink in as daunting.  Though it was of my own choosing, and I revel in the learning experience; I only hope it will be profitable for others in the sharing of my discoveries.  For I ventured upon this work with an opened mind eager to accept whatever gems lay before me.  The daunting part came in how to share that material in a manner that was as “politically correct” as I could.  By that I mean not as a source of contention or for argumentation.  Yet, no matter the approach many will find offence either way in both camps.

   The intent of this work is not toward the conversion from either of the two communities: Christian or Pagan.  Rather it is intended as a beginning resource for understanding.  My hope is that this material may be used for shedding some light on the background in which the Biblical events played out.  The Judeo-Christian people lived among a plethora of deity worshiping nations.  But who were those nations, their gods, their beliefs and practices that the ancient Jews and early Christians lived among?  What was the major difference between the multiplicity of deities the ancient Pagans worshiped, and the single view of the Jews?  Relationship?  For starters, the pagans lived, feared, and personified the natural world.  Where as the Jews viewed the natural world as being wholly set apart from deity, and that deity was its sole creator.  Yet, Christians believed one step beyond the Jews in that, man could have a personal relationship with deity on an individual basis.
   This work will primarily focus upon the ancient Pagans through the lens of internal evidence of the Biblical text, and then expand that view with external historical evidence.  Keeping the focus within this context may prove more enlightening to the modern reader.  It is hoped that this material will lead some to investigate far more scholarly works.   May, both the modern Christian and Neo-Pagan find this effort beneficial, and become yet another resource among their growing library of knowledge.

   The reconstructionist view of Paganism today is growing by leaps and bounds; yet, it is based on the lives of our ancestors.  Likewise, the Judeo-Christian experience has developed far beyond its historical beginnings. Yet, it is these very modern expressions that are not the topic of discussion in this volume of work, nor are the relationships between those two communities.  May our growing understanding of the ancients foster a more accurate desire to be better descendants.



  I would like to give thanks to several people, both Christians and Pagans alike: Mike Cope, Rick Fairchild, Michael “Mickey” Fruge, Goran Waldeck, Anthony Belcher; for their encouragements, advice and friendship, (some via the Internet).  Also, countless thanks for all those who have gone before me and whose labors I have drawn upon.


I'm doing research for a new book I want to write. I'm entitling it: THE PAGANS OF SCRIPTURE. From time to time I will be posting notes for the book...


   David DeLane Snow was born in Irving, Texas in 1963.  He lived in various small towns in north-central Texas, and grew up in Brownwood.  Later, DeLane Snow lived for twenty years in Corpus Christi, where he served as a Chaplain’s Assistant in the Texas Army National Guard.  For several years he has been employed in the Mental Health field, and currently resides with Alice Snow, his wife of more than thirty years, in Lewisville, Texas.
   Religiously DeLane Snow was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for thirteen years. After many of his own family members “fell away” he later married, and then converted to his wife’s faith as a Southern Baptist, for fifteen years.  Being baptized for the first time in 1984 he soon became a Sunday School teacher, then in 1987 was Licensed as a Lay Minister and began attending Howard Payne University’s seminary extension programs in Corpus Christi, Texas.  After many years of searching and struggling with personal issues, DeLane left Christianity in search of the Pagan Expression of spiritual matters.
   In 2002 he entered a Wiccan Coven, a Neo-Pagan eclectic study-group; yet, due to employment scheduling issues departed after a few years.  But still continues to claim the Pagan Path as his own.  Being a “Solitary Practitioner” DeLane Snow continues to seek out self improvement, striving to create a network of like “believers” for the past fourteen years. With the advent of this work’s research he has come to another cross road in his journey.

NEW BLOG TITLE: The Crimson Catharsis

THE CRIMSON CATHARSIS or "The Red Purging" is the revamped title of my Blog. As the name implies, I am changing a focus in my life.  Some major changes are occurring in my personal life, and I thought it would do well to reflect that here as well.  Keeping the same Blogger address, (thenephilimage) [The was the working title of my novel: THE WATCHER's REQUIEM]; would allow people to continue following my post who care to do so. I am striving to write more. and I am not quiet sure how or in what direction this renewal will manifest itself.

   In renewing my Christian Faith I am not quiet sure how returning to it will manifest itself either.  I don't see myself becoming a Pastor.  At this point even thinking about returning to a church makes me nervous inside.  I have begun researching some information for writing a new book.  It seems this very investigation is what has spurred me toward my return to Christianity.  Paganism's reveal was a fascinating journey with a great deal of answered question. In returning there seems to be a resurgence of enthusiasm, yet many behavioral changes will take time to develop into new habits.
   Right now I am feeling a little more than overwhelmed with emotions and new questions about this direction I seem to find myself in.  Being a seeker is not always finding the answers you want.