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Publishing Our Commitment:


Michael Thomas Smith and David DeLane Snow do hereby form The Thomas-DeLane Company; in which to publish for sale the strategic board game: King's Corner, and as a venue for other possible entertainment projects.
We mutually agree that any and all income gained from the sale of King's Corner will be solely used for the purpose of producing additional game sets, at a price of $60.00 per game set. Whenever the sum of $300.00 is reached, we do agree to open a joint banking account for the aforementioned company. The intent of this account will be to meet such needs as: obtaining trademark rights for our Logo design, copyright on the rules of play, and any other legal entitlements to properly incorporate our venture. Such monies shall be withdrawn from this banking account, and duly noted records kept on transactions made.
May this undersigned, legal documemt serve to be a reminder of our commitment to this enterprise, announcement to the public, and attest that the founders of The Thomas-DeLane Company do agree to enter a joint partnership; for a trial period of twelve months. Afterwhich time, a re-evaluation to renew or discontinue said bussiness association will be determinded and thusly also published.

This _______ day of ___________________, 20____.

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Michael T. Smith Date
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David D. Snow Date
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Notary Public Witness Date

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My Brother

After calling my dad and wishing him a happy father's day, I turned around and called my brother, Tracy. He's three years my senior (46). Though as kids growing up we never quiet got along, over the years we've gotten along. After years of alcholism he's finally realized his issues and is now "recovering" - 172 days. Yesterday he got out of the hospital; he had his first heart attack. He was also diagnosed with emphysema - like our dad (whose 65). Now in this late stage of his life my brother realizes he's allowed so much of his life to slip away with little joy to show for it. Though we've grown closer over the last few years, we can't make up for passed failures, and my living in Texas and him in Indiana doesn't help matters; but we're trying.

Just a thought or two

Last night we had the family over for our house warming; drinking, and board games, with the TV going. It was nice. We've still got a few boxes left to unpack; now come the details of sorting it all out, but for the most part Alice has done a great job in arranging things into a home again. I really enjoy the fact that it's just us again. Mike's place is starting to take shape as well.

I've kinda droped out of the D&D DM-ing/ assisting bit. Now with our move, distance and all, I think the gaming will fade out. I'm working on the cyberQuest/ Cyber Hunt events, and when they're over I want to get back to putting more energies into The KING'S Corner board Game. Planning to do some overtime at work for funding the Game, and for going toward whatever Masonic needs arise.

Just a few jots here with nothing much to write, other than just trying to get back into Bloging. I've got some ideas I'd like to revisit. Like; revisiting those folks listed in my sidebar, and doing a Photshop piece on them, and noting some of their works.


After having rented a 24' truck, for $125 over our budget, from U-Haul, and two unexpected trips - we've finally moved in all our things, stuff and junk! Exhausted doesn't begin to express the aching muscles we've all recently discoved; glad to have it over with as the dust and piling empty bozes begin to settle.

Lewisville seems a much better place than the crazy pace of Big D.


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