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I recieved a neat Indiana Jones-esk Hat, Lava Lamp - from "Hippy Clause," Babylon 5: Second Season DVDs, and Movies Set, Fianlly, got my Lord of the Rings: Return of the King expan. set, muffer&gloves, Somewhere In Time-DVD! -wanted this for years; Crystal Ball. But in all seriousness the best gift was having my family nearby.

Whatever the gifts, they become dated, used, worn out, misplaced, re-gifted, rusted, thrown out or lost; memories and family last forever! All that matters to me is knowing they will be with me in the coming new year.

To all those dear friends I was unable to celebrate with; you are always in my warmest of thoughts; Happy YULE!

WARNING: Oil Light!

The oil Warning light on my car's dashboard has been frequently coming on; now as of yesterday it's stayed on. Cold weather or not, I've got to address the situation. Don't know what's wrong - I've added three quarts of oil to it a few days ago. Though I do supect a faulty plug. Grrrr... Guest it's well over due for an oil change any why.

Interesting thing about Warnings; we don't always seems to accept them. There seems something inherently deep within us to deny that something tramatic may be lurking just around the corner. Maybe not addressing such concerns will hedge off the events.

9 - 11? . . . What warnings are we over looking for the events of 2005?

X-MAS Bah-Humm

As a kid I never celebrated Christmas. After I married it became one of our traditions. One of my fondest was at my sister-in-laws home. She went out of her way to make things special; and all these years later seeing how the family dinamaics have changed; her divorce, my mather-in-law's passing, and our moving to Big D. We still do the X-Mas thing, just with a less spin on the "Jesus" bit and more on our personal family unit. Being a Pagan I've gotten a deeper understanding of the celebration.

I don't quiet agree with the "Merry Christmas" greetings being taken out of school. I believe in tolerance, and the separation of Church and State Religion, but some things are getting rediculious. Having been a Jehovah's Witness, Southern Baptist, and now a Wiccan - believe me I know what persecutive stupitity feels like.


So - Readers: "May you all have a Blessed Winter, till the warmth of Spring's embrace!"


   WELCOME to my personal Web Log SITE.  I have actually had this BLOG for a long while now.  Yet as a fun distraction, I have "gone back in time" and injected these Game Hints into older posts, so you the Player will be reading things that have no part of the game proper.  I do not mind you surfing here, just bear in mind the GAME comes first; don't need anyone getting lost on rabbit trails.

DID YOU LOOK Behind the Sign, maybe it is tied to a tree?



I remember making a snowman as a kid, its arms a stick, and the family dog bouncing up and down trying hard to get it. There's a photo buried in an old box somewhere. Seems a thousand years ago now, and almost like someone else's memories at times.

Funny, how the days lasted forever, and everything seemed so vastly important. Now, as an adult, the priorities are overwhelming, clocks needing to be punched, honey do's to do, and errands inbetween - there seems to be no time to remember the 'ol days of youth.

In the spring my own daughter will deliver her first child. Another mile stone on the road of experiences; becoming a grandfather. As a kid I seldom got to visit my own non-Jehovah's Witness family members. When we did, the visits were brief, and now those mental images are just a blur of smoke. I loved my grandparents, but I didn't have much of an example to observe. With all the "thou shalt nots" of our religious slant then, our contact was limited at best.
I think I'll be a fine grandfather; just spoil 'em and give back, do all the things I wish my grandfather could have done, be a story teller, and an example worth being remember. What else can anyone hope for. The good 'ol days weren't really all that good, and today aint half bad, now that I think of it.

Snowing Burrr

It snowed yesterday. Not all that much, enough to blanket the ground, side swipe trees, and freeze up the car doors and wind shields. Enough to be bitten with a sniffleing cold now. After having lived in south Texas, Corpus Christi, for twenty years it might have been a blizzard. It was a nice change - but uhem... I'm ready for summer again.

We moved up here for the changes you don't regularly see down south; the changing falling leaves, cold and snow, not to mention the terriffing thunderstorms that rock through. It was my idea to move north. My wife enjoys the changes - and I enjoy her, so we're both happy. Change is a given, such is life...


Thanks for the editing comments... Now go do the same with my story. Seriously, anyone who has any worth while helpful criticism would be encouraged...


Writing is like a personal opinion; everyone can do, we all have our own style and flavor - some better than others. I'm just trying to write for self discovery, and self expression; hopefully it'll help in other areas as well.

I really enjoyed the EarthSea show on the SciFi channel awhile back, and coming across Ursula K. Le Guin was almost as exciting as the first time I ever read Tolkien. Fresh and inspiring - funny thing is these authors and their works are from a time gone by; yet, with a message as timeless as the need for true friendship, understanding and compassion is today.

Found a wonderful bit from her "On Writing."


I work 16 hours on both days of the weekend. On my way home tonight I was in the far lefthand lane, driving 70mph - speed limit was 60, mind you! Suddenly from out of no where these blaring headlights come racing on my ass till they fade into a glaring aroa in my rear window for the next mile or two; unshakablly pissing me off. Then, just as suddenly, "he" came along side my vehicle - nearly scraping my passenger door with his driver's side door I'm edging over into the HOV left lane - without having even been able to check for oncoming traffic. All the while the white sedan vooms in front of me -shoots 'the finger' as he passes /bitch!/ then just as wrecklessly weaves through the thick of traffic straight ahead.


So to that driver - whoever you were - "Screw You" and pray I never find your mother's cat!

Snicket Snack

We just got back from the movies. Even though I hadn't read the books I found the movie pertty fasinating; my wife - whose read every page - saw all the changes, and liked the movie anyway. Jim Carey is a hoot! I enjoyed the characters, and visuals too; a little depressing - but its't LIFE. Now that I think about it - I loved the film!


I had a blog awhile back; ok - so I forgot all my entry codes and passwords, secret handshacks, and wizardry spellwords. So here we are again.
'Ol Tehuti will be proud; he's been blogging for awhile and trying to get me on for quiet some time now.
I have a web site that I'm struggling with:
http://www.freewebs.com/falconmyst/index.htm THE NEPHILIM AGE is a story I'm trying to develop; with a lot of graphics, using Photoshop, which is really neat. My Dad's still waiting for the movie, he's thinking the books out already, lol.
Well this is a good place to start, again... hopefully, I'll have something to put here worth the readers time, more than my own little head space...