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Good Night Folks

I'm tired, drained, and needing to give attention to other various mundane concerns. Thank you all for your supportive comments, advise, and inspiring encouragements; with much Blessings I am concluding my great blogging experience.

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Prayerful Tears

I have one of those obsessive personalites that whenever I become interested in something I focus on it and it alone. When 911-2001 occured I watched CNN, and all the news channels I could absorb, for three days straight. Till I was awashed and emotionally exhausted, landing in a deep depression, a despare of not being able to do anything.

Again, for four days I've been glued to the internet MSN video clips absorbing anything and everything I can of the HURRICANE KATRINA situation; however, this is going to last so much longer. I fear it will effect "us" so much more as a nation than two towers falling.

I broke down and litterally cried. Sharing with my wife and brother-in-law all the horrific details, and again finding myself in an incrediblly, emotionally drained state of mind. I am sad; beyond even the greif I tried to share at the loss of our family pet, April, months ago. I am depressed beyond help - because I can do nothing to help.

My brother-in-law's car broke down a few days ago. With no finacial resources and our personal credit shot to hell, he took out two payday loans to fix his vehicle. We are beginning to feel the 'bump in the road' hick-up as our finacial belts are being tightened. It's very difficult, money wise to make rent, utilites, car payment and food supplies; yet, in the middle of all my petty mundane issues come all the KATRINA stories in the news.

I am NOT feeling sorry for myself - 'cause heck that's just. Things to be dealt with - like you few readers. I'm just overwhelminglly saddened by my neighbors in the hurricane effected States, like many of you, who can just barely take care of our own personal family issues; what to do? Send money to the Red Cross. Give what and when you can to the HURRICANE Relief Fund raisers that will soon be bombarding the airwaves.

Most of all, fed and water your animals, give your kid an extra hug, stay a little longer with your sinficant-other, and make the most of your loved ones, looking beyond the trappings of our materialistic world. I can no longer allow myself to be abosorb by the enormity of things out of my control; I can do precious little by our little conbinded with others can impact a lot. The Federal gov can not be the only ones the vicitms relie on...


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