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MY SISTER and Her Blog

 I've been playing around with various websites trying to find a USER FRIENDLY one for my sister... This is what I have so far... My sister, Cindy is 3 years older than I am and we have lost contact over the last 25 years and only recently begun making inroads to building a new relationship.



   THERE ARE SOME THINGS that are "just once in a life time" experiences; this was mine! I got my hat while on a TRIP in Columbia. We, John Velasquez and myself took a 700 step trek up the side of one of the World's largest rocks to a patio tower on top. After our descent I purchased this hat as a memento of the event and trip. No, it's not a Stetson. My hat is La Casadel Sombrero SASTOR 3xxx STEVENSON. I can't read it any more but I think it says SIZE 8 (?); It has tassels on back of rim, I didn't care for them at first, but came to like it for what it was. I love my hat and the memories it brings to mind of my grand adventures to another country.Because I had such a wonderful trip and John's neice, Natalia was my English guide I gifted her my favorite Indiana Jones fedora as a token of my deep appreciation; hence, also the reason for purchasing this one in return.
    While there I even saw some of the Guerrilla Rebels in Colombia. On the way to THE ROCK, El Penon we saw a band of Rebels pretending to be doing road construction. Our cab driver stopped and paid a "tax" as with passed by I saw all the rifles to the side on the way back they were not there; very very tense for awile there as they were looking in the cab and chattering away, I could tell even John was getting a bit concerned though he tired not showing it to me. I loved my trip and would go back in a heartbeat. The people were friendly and very respectful. Not only that but got to see some great ART, and visit the GRAVE of a Colombian Drug Lord.


Saying Goodbye:On the flipside
Saying goodby
Like telling your life its all over
It's like looking for the 4 leaf clover
You want, you can't, it doesn't exist.

I can't say goodbye
I can only say, I'll see you on the flipside
Goodbye is - so final
   I will stay tribal

I've had so many loved ones
loved ones died
   left or just gone
The will always remain
   tied to my heart like a song

As you will
with that beautiful smile
that very tender passionate kiss
Your touch, your sweet large heart
As well as I an yours

Thank you God
on the flipside.

 Cynthia D. Gutkowski
(One of my sister's poems).



You are finer than gold and riches;
you are rich with love and caring
you are a "Go to Guy"
Never ending just like the sky
Your compassion for others
   goes above and beyond
Patient, caring.
Yes Love, love above all!
You are a gifted man.
WIth the saying "I can".
I adore you with everythingI am
Our journey together we learn
   from each other.
Each day is new and exciting just to know
So inviting
Good day my love
Let's see what a Blessing this day will
    bring forth.

~ BY
 Cynthia D. Gutkowski
(One of my sister's poems).