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The Coming New Year

We had a really good Christmas; our family gathered for a delicous meal, an evening of opening gifts, playing games and just being together. Made a few phone calls and planned some goals for the coming new year. One of which is to build a better relationship with my brother, Tracy.

As kids we were never close, and even as adults we are not that close. There's always room for improving our lives and why not work toward strengthening those bonds that should be closest to us.

FLOPPY The Snowman

Check out this Snowman; who waves at passerbys, gets drunk, and lands in jail - sad story!


Behind the smiles we put forth for others are the real thoughts of our changing hearts...


I have kind of been the family historian; asking questions, writing things down, and interested in genealogy, since I was old enough to read.
From my earliest childhood memories of visiting my father's parents, I fell in love with the idea of our family having a place in histroy. With each visit, Granny Snow would fret and fuss over the details of our sleeping arrangements, and making everyone comfortable. After all had settled down she would automatically head for the living room closet to recover a book which she would always hand me, with that endearing smile of hers. Within the pages of THE TEXAS SNOWS, I not only read my own name, but escaped into the discoveries of an almost forgotten time; stories heard only around my grandparent's kitchen table. Stories which came alive with even more depth. From then on I was hooked!
Even though those lives have passed away,
are worth remembering . . .

HEY! There's my house!


I'm not too hip with all the hipe placed on movies these days, but I don't think Peter Jackson's version of KING KONG has been hiped up enough! This past Tuesday night I watched the original 1933, and the '76 remake; seeing Jackson's out did the others beautifully. This makes going to the Movies an "Experience", again.

HINT:  I tell you what, if ya go upstairs, take a left and find a quiet space, you can really "plug" into a great book or two.


Photo ART

I love this site; an excelent resource for my artistic side.

NARNIA's Review

I absolutly love fantasy! Having just come back home from seeing a very good film, I was going to quickly write up a movie review on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. But instead, I have decided to redirect you over to Taylor, in Moore, SC - who seems to have articulated it far better than I could... Taylor-

Great Storytelling

I wish I could write a story so enthralling, everyone would be spell bound. I like the kind of stories that not only have somthing to say - like parables, allegories, or metaphors, but those that start one place and end up in another; and it's gotta have a twist!

The First 911 Remembered

We are now in World War III. This time around nothing is well defind; the enemy is an elusive shadow seeping through our own opened boarders, complacancy abounds, and even the President seems questionable.
Welcome to "the future." We don't have the promised jet packs of Buck Rodgers, but at least we have Captain Kirk's communicator; no lasers, but the Wars are different...

Getting Colder

It's getting colder here in North Texas, and I'm a wimp about it. I could live in summer heat all year long; with a surname like "Snow" you'd think I would enjoy the winter - not really. The Mrs. on the other hand thrives in the change. burrrrr. Just letting the pups out to do their morning ritual as the wind slices through my face is enough winter for me.

I feel for the folks who have to deal with the Real Thing - with snow up to their necks, buried cars, and being home bound. Well, such is the Turning of the Wheel of seasons in order to get up back around to the joyou warmth of the bright summer daze! Least with winter festivals and bundling families the cold is more bearable.

- Just hate getting out in it. . .


Well who would have thought? For quiet a long time there Tehuti had tried to get me into blogging, but because I knew so little about it I felt incapable of pulling it off; yet I finally jumped into blogging, with misspellings and doubts. Well, a year later - after having faded once or twice - I'm still here.

After a year of blogging, having never really kept a journal, I find it a little interesting of the changes I've gone through and the Times as well. Learned more about photoshop, figured out some HTML codes, gotten a new Puppy, moved to a new apartment, a precious granddaughter, had a brother-in-law move in with us, started developing a Company...

Thank you readers for staying interested. Let's see where I am come Next year. . .

My new fixed Wallpaper

Photoshopped picture by Falconmyst

The Watchers

As the elders argued among themselves Calan's thoughts strayed. He wondered about the lives of those founding fathers, those ancient Watchers. Now, that he had finally been admitted into the Great Hall, Calan was able to see the detailed chamber in person. There, memorialized in their burial shrouds, as a relief of molded silver, the Watchers themselves decorated the walls. Their errier, silent likenesses commemorated the end of an erea - the passing of Nephilim immortality. But had they as individuals been befitting of such high honnors? Were they as righteous or wise as the stories told? Who could tell for sure, for they had all died years ago, and surely their deeds were exgsaerated?

As Calan listen to Barad drum up support for an army, he surrveyed the faces of those vain Stewards, in their embroided layers of robes, cords and bells; beautifully set in their bitter pious ways. He thought it strange how the light from the tripod lamps cast a creepy, orange glow across their faces, and how they resembled the morbid figures standing behind them. Then it came to him - the Stewards were nothing more than a reflextion of the Watchers own dead values.

How - just moments before he and Barad had interrupted their meeting - they would endlessly argue among themselves over the conjectures of past predictions, and make future speculations on the arrival of those who would never return. Calan thought it all sillyness, 'Wasting their lives in such foolish disputes; they're just as cold as the stone benches they sit on!' Yet, they would be a means to his end....

- The Nephilim Forbidden (in pictures)-

by D. DeLane Snow "Falconmyst"

Our business card.

Through a stony field of scattered brush and holly;

westward till I crossed the river's pebbled ford,

journeying as a solitary stranger dressed in somber grey.


On the second evening of a moondimmed pitch

the night became bathed in a blazing light,

as screams rose louder from the torched city.


Arriving upon Uruk's frightful confusion,

where a firery slaughter had awakened its slumbering guards;

its warriors caught unaware by a stealthy enemy.


I entered that battle unsumonsed -

with bow at ready and dagger sheathed

searching, without finding its cause for alarm.


As if still cloaked, my presence went unnoticed

as the people ran in panicked defense;

I sought that precious maiden who had won my heart.


She who gave my life its renewed purpose

and refuge during that time of my foolish exile;

ere Ra`More's fell demise by Nephilim hands.


"Erin-Enava!" I cried in vain in the night;

stepping through the body littled streests

as smoke gathered in that burning city of men.


A voice that once sang to me with laughter,

now faintly called amid the bleating commands of a whip;

from a house which blazed near the Eastern Gate.


Entering that smoldering threshold I saw her

crouching upon the floorwith blocked arms

warding off the blow of a raised whip.


A Nephilim dressed in silver-black's High garb

stood over his subdubed victim in mid swing'

quickly turned his mithrel armor to my inturtion.


We stood rival to rival at last facing our choice;

unwavering my arrow let loose to protect -

found its hiddious mark deep within his chest.


In one fell move the pain melted away the years;

he slumpt to his knees and fell upon his side

as his helmeted face was suddenly revealed.


The scribe stared as his brother's voice

came from the heap before him, "Feandar!

Betrayed... it's over, now I see..." Whip released.


Raptured from that baneful placed I gathered Enava

unto myself in a smothering embrace

as we fled those crumbling timber flames.


Beyond the city's burning wall I was counted

among those homeless ones who stared with

hollowed, numbed nothingness.


Enava lay dead in my arms, limp warmth

as her beauty remained to me unmarred

with her ashen face and rent garments.


"My Morning Love" remained forever unchanged

in my memories, yet her cooling form returned

not the sweet affecction we once exchanged.


I allowed her daughter to clean and redress her;

as after my people's fashion I consecrated her

with oils and spices, then bound her in my cloak.


Long I sat by her side meditating of our love;

lives briefly lived then quickly taken away -

tender was my soul-mate which none could replace.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Our paths seem clear to us from the vantage point of all our preconcived goals yet their realities of manifestions are all the more clear to those who know us best. So many things use to seem so seriously real to me, now they've become a source of amusment; not that I have regretted the journey - it's brought me to where I am now. I just wished that hindsite would have been avalible to me then. Funny how so much of what we think is concrete turns out to be fluid. My story,The FORBIDDEN Nephilim Age is about just such a journey; self discovery in a dying world.
"Live and Learn, Die and Forget it all." - Michael Vogel


This is a test post from Photobucket.com

I've seen this several times on other sites, and have now gotten into it myself. Photobucket seems to be a photo sharing resource, with tags for Templates and such... heumm - cool, stumbling and learning new things.

"Click" link and type Falconmyst, or whatever you may be SEARCHing.

Our Gathering...

Our gathering included Me! of course, my wife - Alice, her brother Michael, my daughter Elizabeth, her fiance James, their daughter Savannah; James' mother Anna, her daughter Michell, and her other brother Christopher. A small apartment full that quickly felt the warmth of family ties, love, and a sence of hope that carries through well beyond the coming of winter or next year.
Though we don't have a dinning room table, chairs nor even the fancy place settings; we all ate from plates carefully placed in our laps, while we cheerfully laughed and exchanged the details of our individual Thankfullness for one anothers affections. America can be a crazy country, with all its woes, yet we're grateful to call it Home.
Alice out did herself this year - with what was undoubtedly her best Turkey to date; complimenting our traditional trimings of carefully prepared Stuffing, yams, gravy - the works. I am most thankful, that for all of my many deeply flawed shortcomings - she has been the constant reason for getting up in the morning and facing the fears of the day; I am Thankful, grateful, HAPPY, and very Blessed that my wife is in my life. May Yule be filled with just as much contentment and peace; and May the Reader be so Blessed as well!

Change with the Moons

Watching my grand daughter grow up reminds me alot of when my own daughter was learning how to crawl, and walk. Seems ages ago now. I'm so pleased with how Elizabeth is raising Savannah; she's taken on the role of motherhood with a maturity that has made us proud. I sometimes wondered, when was going through High School if she would even be responcible for herself. But I guess after watching many of her friends follow wrong paths in life she discovered a better one for herself.
Lov ya Liz

Selina Fenech's Artwork

Selina Fenech has some very sweet artwork; stop by and check her out!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you are a religious Puritan, a Spiritual Liberal, Agnostic, or Atheist - Happy Thanksgiving! Personally I don't think it is a religious holiday, even though there are very religious undertones; we don't need the goverment telling us to "Thank God," but it is nice that our leaders had set aside a day for national Gratefullness. Whether a loved one has passed away this year, or a tragic event destroyed a precious materal belonging; each of needs a personal time of reflection which should include being Thankful for even the most mundane of life's blessings. Healing and the care of others first and fore most begins with our own, individual well being.
I am blessed and very thankful for the people in my life; my wife, daughter, family near and far, friends, co-workers, and yes even you fellow blogger - because they have all in their own fashion validated my sence of worth, respect and love. I'm grateful I live in America, with all her problems and ills at least I can be who I am with out fear.
Happy Thanksgiving, and may you all have a Blessed Season!

Getting there. . .

We are planing actual sales to begin in the Spring of 06. With various details still being refined; the whole process of getting a small buisness off the ground, and its fundings, is proving to be a challenge. But keeping everything in prespective - its just a hobby - holds back the Bussiness Machine from eating up our free time.
If anyone can provide experiencial suggestions; for raising funds, lessons learned, and advice for starting up a new bussiness - they would be happily recieved.

Goblet of Fire

We really enjoyed the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, yet having actually read the book it was interesting to see all the changes on screen. It was "darker" but a richer story line, and getting better.
Well, put your heads down and go back to work now. . .

TIME mArChEs on!

We all march to a different drummer. Some goose step along with their manipulative task masters, some dance along with the winds of momentary fades, and still others run at their own pace. Just keep in mind that we all entered this life alone. Live and learn, die and forget it - someone once told me; make every step count, and pass on the beat whenever you can.
Made anyone smile today?

Crazy World

Seems from the beginning the WAR was sold as a shamed bill of goods, No WMDs, yada yada huma... With every step we take to assit in setting up a Democratic gov over there the more we're getting pissed on while Bush plays his politics of fooling around. No Pres in the last 50years has ever had a good second run, this one started out bad from the start.
I don't think we can pull out of the WAR now, we've lost too many lives, over 2000; they need to have been for something. Since WWII that area has been in conflict and the West has been medling in their affairs ever since. What's the answer? Well, we've got enough on our own plate here at home - oh, where's Osma again?

Pope's Smile

And now we all know. Ahemmm.

Throat Singers

RocketBoom had a piece about "Throat Singers," I've never even heard of it before, but it sounds really neat. Harmonic tunings of two or more singers. From Alaska to Asia seems to have been around since ancient times. Reminds me of the near lost recordings of Finland's Kalavala, and how Tolkien revived an interest in its message for new listeners of an ancient message.

LOST in CyberSpace

Like I've said before, I don't understand how in the world people can get 'bored' -just hit the NEXT BLOG buttom - zoom! before you know it you're interested, and inspired by the lives of someone else.
My wife and I really enjoy the TV series LOST. I like how it shows individuals from variously diverse backgrounds thrown into a situation where they have to interact with one another and grow beyond their personal world views.

Schools go aBlogging

We've all heard the comercials, "Go online today!" spoken with a cheerful tone. Now, the kids are being taught how to Blog in school. Instead of sneeking about in class while the teacher goes on with their boring blah blahs, now the instructors talking about YOUR site!

Brief as Smoke

Didn't know who he was, but I was watching a football player (on some show promo) who mentioned that - even though he had three SuperBowl rings he still felt like there must be more to achieve in life. Then, there was Bill Gates, one of the world's richest men; saying that after all his millions he still felt a need to do more, and give back somehow, to those of need in third world countries.
It fasinates me to see how others articulate a preception of desiring more beyond this mundane existence. Everyone of us, in our own way and time, come to a point in our lives where we seek something beyond our experiencial knoweldge. There seems to be a human need for knowing the unknown, the more we learn the more we realize how little we understand.
Life is as brief as the smoke from a snuffed out candle.

Web Cams. . .

Don't you just hate that red darkness of web cams when you're trying to peer into cyberspace? Actually it's a rarity that I even use the web camera atop my monitor. I'm fasinated by "live" aspects on other sites even; the daily updates on RocketBoom. But I enjoy keeping a little of my mystic in not being seen as well.


I told you! This is the next big thing, the idea is cutting edge and has been developing for quiet some time VLOG. Video Blogging. Anyone - and Everyone who now owns a camcorder can produce their own videos on air. ROCKET BOOM is the leader of the cutting edge idea. Set in a "news" format - get ready for the ride; and Welcome to Life on the Web...

War Hungery Sam

Ahem ... Even the Europeans think so!

Casmar and Duke

Origins of the game of Kings; excert taken from

"The first day of the Fair of Merd saw a swarm of people entering the walled city of Germaine to set up their stalls in the marketplace. Jugglers, courtesans, artisans, storytellers, and vendors of every commodity imaginable thronged the plaza, each vying for the attention of the passerby.

"Chance for gold! Play the game of Kings! Double the contents of your purse!"

In one corner of the market sat an ostentatiously-attired young man. Before him was a gaming board set with curiously-wrought playing pieces which gleamed in the late morning sun.

"Chance for gold! Play the game of Kings! Double the contents of your purse!" Few of the passersby did more than momentarily glance at the board. One onlooker, however, stopped in his tracks and surveyed the table with puzzlement written upon his face.

"Try your luck, sir?" queried the young man.

The potential customer, a large barbarous sort, shrugged his brawny shoulders, and took a seaton the provided stool, which groaned ominously. Even sitting down, he towered over most people. He scratched in turn his hairy pot-belly, his long mop of dirty-brown hair, and the matching beard which grew wildly from his broad face.

The young man withdrew from a pocket of his cloak a large deck of cards which he began shuffling flamboyantly as he explained the rules of the game. *

*Originally written by Michael T. Smith and Don Walker

The Journey

My brother-in-law, Michael, is an impatient sort. He seems to think that just because he's got a niftty idea - with the game - we should be producing them and making money hand over fist by now. I've shared with him that a thousand goals have to be achieved first: actually handcrafting the pieces, making the individual aspects of the game, designing and producing even the box, patents, copyrights, trademarks, license fees, opening the bank account, yada yada blah blah - a zillion things have to fall into place way before we can even think of bying those little umbrella drinks yet.
I'm excited about the Journey, it's still a fun hobby, and artistic venture in the making for me; several goals have to be met, and then before we know it the machine of the business will be eating us up, and it wont be fun anymore.
My out look on life is that every mundane experience is only a foreshaowed teacher of greater and more diverse things to accomplish in our lives. I wish the big bucks were rolling in too; however, we've not even bought a horse to get in front of the cart.

My Shadows

My personal Book of Shadows, the cover of which was made from a sheet of walboard, ( from when I remolded our kitchen), the binding ropes are boot laces, ( from my military days); and the Wand I handcrafted from oak, and pine, ( from trees where I work). These items were crafted and embumed with intence emotions and around significant times in my life.

Time Change Again?

Yoda Logic

Childhood Influences

Fasinating the events that influence our lives. I was born six months before JFK was killed, grew up during the 1960s during the Viet Nam War era and greatly embued with the feelings of govermental distrust. Having been a Jehovah's Witness, the Armageddon indoctrination of the WatchTower's Cult stifeled even more my outlook on life. I loved the Planet of the Apes movies, yet again was the gloom of a crumbling society. I remember ROOTS and feeling the "guilt" of being a member of the White Race during the late 70s. But in becoming a teenager I also remembered the humor of the (60s) Dick Van Dyke Show, the hope of Star Trek, and the vision of Star War's of brighter times ahead.
We will continue to have higher gas prices, terrorist wars, growing weather concerns, viruses around the corner - but such doom and gloom is only an aspect of the world in which we live. I can't afford to see the world in such black and white absolutes any more.
The world is a wonderious place, filled with oppertunites for self improvement, and strivings to reach out to others. I know I can't change the world, I stoped trying years ago; but to live the best where we are and be an encouragement to others in sharing our experiences. Many have influenced me into wanting to become a better person - to them thanks are beyound words.

No Coffee

You'd all be proud of me - I've had no coffee today, and no extra sugar, AND no jittering sleepyness - feels weird - being clean. Man I need a cup to wake up with right now. I haven't smoked my pipe in quiet awhile either - what's up with that!

Ah the early morning light is pouring in through the upstairs window flooding the appartment with a false sence of warmth; it was very cool when the dogs when out for thier ritual visits.

Well our outing yesterday left me a bit down trodden but I guess you can't be King of the world everyday or expect a winner the first time around in starting a small bussiness, 'eh?

Uphill all the way

Seems getting into the "toy" gaming market is not only difficult but dam near impossible. Nevertheless we'll slowly plug foreward with our handcrafted, strategic board game but in a much smaller focused group.

We went to one dealer who shared his years of experience as a shop owner in the gaming industry, and - well 'wet blanket' is mild to say the least. Discouragingly honest. Ah, its just a hobby at this point any who.

KINGS at the Galleria Mall

We still have much work to accomplish in even beginning our small bussiness; however, on a marketing excursion to various North Texas shops, at least three appeared hopeful. We went to the Dallas Galleria Mall yesterday. At one of the upper level shops, Amazing Toy Creations, the spokesperson was very open to the possibility of us placing our GAME OF KINGS on consignment at thier location. If nothing else it would be name reconginition, and at least a foot-in-the-door to other local Merchants.

It's just a neat hobby - using my artistic abilities, but who knows with a lot of patience, luck, and a great deal of presistance we just may be on to something. The experience will be interesting to say the least.


The Watcher's Book of Books