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HOME AGAIN, again...

Alice is back home again, again; from having her second carotic artery surgery. It took a lot longer because the doctor had to go in deeper, and then put a patch to enlarge her small vessels.

I went out and bought her a brand new seude recliner, that actually arrived an hour after she did. We are all thrilled that things went so well; if only the frist one had. A grand Thank you to every one for your prayers and concerns. The ash-blue skies show the promise of hope, the trees are edging forth their interest in Spring, my wonderful wife is home; and all is right in the world once more...

She did good

Alice's surgery yesterday went very well; no complications, and should be coming home in a day or so - due to healing. I'm gratefully excited!

Well, what do you call it?

In an effort to have a little humor and be more creatively interesting here, I'm asking the question, about something everyone has in common; leaving that something special behind in the toilet - what do you call it?

BM, (Bowel Movement), excrement, waste, a relief, poo poo, stinky, log, a dump, pinch a loaf, turtle's head, crap, shit...

Oh! Do they?

Yea, right.

Another long walk

My wife is getting ready for surgery on the other side of her neck; left. Same as the one that left her paralyzed on her left side, this one should also be just a one day affair, then discharged; we are both very apprehensive about the procedure, yet we've no choice but to follow through due to the 90% blockage. Prayers, thoughts of concern and blessings for her success are welcomed.

This is not meant to be a funeral blog, but I seem to write about whats happening close about me. My wife is my dearest friend, and words fail to express how much of an influence she's been on me. I want to write about blue skies, long beach walks, and romantic talks...

Farewell O'l Friend



Robert Branstetter

My brother is gone.

I shall never share

Another poem,

Another story,

Another idea or joke

With him again.

We walked together

For many years,

As true friends,

Yea, as brothers

In out hopes and fears.

We spoke just recently,

Yet now they tell me,

He lay down to sleep

Not long thereafter,

And God took him

Whilst he slept.

SNOW Coat of Arms

Wondering if this will show up in a Google search for Snow Family Coat of Arms


Michael Thomas Smith was born on April 22, 1955 in Union, South Carolina, as the first child to Elizabeth “Betty Sue” Smith and Jesse “Rabbit” Barrayl. Due to congestive heart failure, Michael passed away on February 4th, 2009. He is survived by his two sisters: Peggy Lee Evans and Alice Irene Snow, two nieces, Whitney Sefcik and Elizabeth Garza, and a nephew, Justin Sefcik; along with several in-laws, friends and co-workers who came to know his imaginative and intellectual side. Michael T. Smith graduated from Corpus Christi’s Roy Miller High, and earned a B.A. from Brownwood’s Howard Payne University in 1978. He served in the Texas Air National Guard as a Chaplain’s Assistant.

Some of his close friends were: Bobby Branstetter, Jeff Spalding, and Donny Walker; and these sparked the imagination and friendships of Shannon Love, Michael Cope and David Snow.

While a resident of New Jersey for 20 years, Michael served in Community Homes for Delinquent youths, and upon returning home to Texas, worked his last four years in Direct Care at The Denton State School with special needs individuals.

Michael was an avid reader of Sci-Fi and Fantasy throughout his life; among his favorite authors were R.E. Howard and Robert Heinlein. Michael T. Smith was amateur writer, dear friend and will be greatly missed by those who knew him best.

longer post coming soon: MTS

It is with much sadness that I inform you, that:
MICHAEL T. SMITH was discovered on February 4th, 2009 at 3:00 PM by theLewisville Police Department, dead in his apartment, he had apparently passed away in his sleep.

My wife Alice, his sister, is devastated. Along with all her other personal medical conditions this is the one situation that is the gravest among her issues pressing on her. Alice has no friends outside her immediate family circle and at the core of her personality is a shy introvert, who when given the chance would be your lifelong defender. She has not attended church in several years but eagerly accepts the warm encouragements of prayers and genuine thoughts of concern. My wife means a great deal to me; she is my everything and I do not ask this lightly of anyone.

Your thoughts and prayers are welcomed.