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Halloween 2015

Seems to have become our custom to go across the street to the Baptist Church for their "Fall Festival" on Halloween.  From 4:00 Pm to 6:00 PM it's a safer alternative to traveling in the dark in unlit areas.

The Great Hall

 In the seventeenth year following the Great Departure of elven kind from the Middle-Lands of earth; the dwarves ventured west.  In the west of the world of Eriduah the mountain dwellers of Mount Jebul and those left of elven descendants joined together to bond in a renewed friendship like unto the ancient days of old.   For seven days they talked, ate and shared of one another’s talents, gifts and hospitality.  Upon their leaving the dwarf Lord, Kwondol vowed to return and in a month’s time share a wondrous gift unto the elven children commemorating their renewed alliance.

   A month to the day Kwondol and his Masons returned to the elven port city of Mithar.  In four months they completed a grand structure that came to be called The Great Hall.   A domed house two hundred feet about and six stories high.  It was carved in the likeness of two hands with interlaced fingers; one elf and the other dwarf.  The thumbs were dropped away and tipped; the space in-between the thumbs and fingers were carved as leafed and woven vines.  Both thumbs were supported with spiraled columns.  A curved stair case lead up to the pillared thumb's porched way.  A solid oak, round door set in the middle.  Through the single entrance of the Great Hall's brief hallway one came to a lone chamber where three stagered row of seats lined the wall.  Three steps lead down to the center where the Elven star was inlaid in gold.  Along the domed walls were the Ax and sword Dwarven seal woven about vine; all inlaid with Mithrel silver.

Behind The Truth

   I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness for 13 years.  It took me two very long years of intensive personal Bible study to escape the clutches of the "Elder teachings".  Then I became a Southern Baptist for 15 years; 7 of that as a Lay minister, and 3 attending the Howard Payne University to be a Pastor, (but dropped out).  Then from much frustration and politically correctness burn out I left.  As a JW everything was deemed "pagan".  So, for another 15 years (2 in a 'teaching' Wiccan-Coven); I journeyed along a Pagan Path of self exploration.  About 4 years ago I returned to Christ.  I am also a big Lord of the Rings/ Tolkien fan!

(What do you think this is?)

   In the book I am endeavoring to construct, THE WATCHER'S REQUIEM; many of these experiential themes are explored through the examples of various characters. 


Creepy & Weird


Trinity: Do You Believe?


THE END Coming Soon!

HAVING been raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses; the one consistent doctrine, amid their ever changing ones, is that we are living in the Last Days.  Through all the twists and turns along my Spiritual Path "prophecies" and the Last Days was difficult for me to swallow today.  But I do, believe that we are in fact living in The Last Days.  The Bible was for the Jews, by the Jews and to the Jews; therefore look at the Jews.  People have been saying forever that we are living in the End Times, but how did the Jews figure in to all those calculations?  The Temple. The Third Holy Temple is the Key to everything. People want to say Jesus could come at any time!  But how true is that statement?  Jesus fulfilled prophecies at his first appearing even in the details of his death and afterwards.  Therefore would it not just as equally stand that his second coming would be on a timeline as well?

The Jews became a nation in 1947, took over the temple mount in 1967, and began the Temple Institute in 1987.


TEDDYs home!!!

   Lithium or not I was on the verge of an emotional break down.  When the Vet Hospital informed us this morning that our new puppy had pulled through; even they were "surprised" by the miracle.  We were expecting Teddy to pass away from the ingestion of accidentally spilt medication and then left with a $1,200.oo bill.  Instead we got a shaved, living Shih tuz and a $600.oo bill, (and a 12 month plan to pay it off). All the way around we are blessed and beyond grateful and lessons learned with sharper eyes on our fur-baby.

There comes that time

There comes that time
in all our lives when we feel all alone
filled with sorrow or depths of shame
comes also the epiphany of clarity
as if alone in all the world
you were the one to figure life out
there comes a time when you're able to
laugh more than cry at yourself
tenacity, endurance and steadfastness
they all bred their own reward
from self doubt, and pity and loathing
to give rise from some secret
inward part of your soul to
love deeply, hope in bliss, and care in truth
there comes a time when
you just
to let go
to grow.


If only...

If only --
deep exhaling sigh
there was some way 
to have everything unchanged
changed and yet the same
as if --
deep cleaning inhale
two lives lived at once
one continuing forward
the other almost reliving anew
the music would be the same
yet events and feelings
all would be change
is that regret
I don't think so
just realizing more 
years ahead than behind
enjoying live for the first time
not regret just not fearing 
anymore the embrace of life


The Pink Zombie

The silent Voices are still -
there just quietly resting
beneath some slumbering haze.

Those hyper steps jumping about
characters desiring their stories told;
yet since Lithium entered their stage
She quieted them as if in waiting
That Pink Lady whose reputation
thankfully I have not come to know
has actually shown me grave respect.

I now call the characters when I chose
instead of them rushing upon me
clambering with demands to be heard
out of chronological order or care:
one is ethereal, tall and elven fair
placed in a Sanitarium's padded cell
as Steam-punk music is overlaid.

But now with my steady mind I can
craft their desires more fittingly
as should be done: Elf lords in his fairy
woods, the undercover reporter caught
off guard, and the airship well on its
way in tune for docking.

I deeply feared the drug would inhibit
my thoughts in a zombie fashion;
however, after Her learning curve I
see the haze is about my focus
not in view - I'm happy to create anew.


The House

The house down the lane
a cottage snug with warmth
its inner glow with love 
passion and compassion
an upstairs office
all filled with books
and treasures in every nook
invited to its inner sanctum
bliss resides and hope fanned



Our new little puppy, Teddy -like all puppies and babies will do- jumped at the opportunity to get into trouble, but this time an accident cost him dearly.  Alice's TV tray table was bumped causing her sorting of medications to go flying foot-ward.  Teddy ingested a Baclofen pill.  After an hour or so he began showing deathening signs of distress.  We took him to the EMERGENCY VET hospital and he's stayed over night.  I just called a few moments ago and they were extremely excited to report that Teddy is up and about walking, eating and used the restroom outdoors!!! Teddy is making a full recovery and we should be able to have him back home Sunday morning; after another night of observation and medicated rest. Praising God in all things; the joy and love of having "Fur-people" in our lives.


The New Pink

There is a new pink in my life
She makes my world go around
Instead of a myriad roaming thoughts
glances all about at wonders
rather than jumping to and throw 
from saddens to depths of sorrow
or kindhearted smiles to ecstatic delights
She filters my desires and distrust
my self loathings and disgusts 
into a manageable focused stream
demanding me to chart a course
for calmer seas and fair lands 
forgoing the drama of chaos 
Thank you Lithium