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Water spout

AT WORK I felt the ground shake.  A ground crew digging a hold struck the water main which gushed everywhere!!!

The grandkids are spending the night; Savannah, Jamison, and baby Ember. We all stayed out on the patio for a long time it was nice seeing the world young eyes again.


   Many years ago I started writing an epic tale I entitled The Nephilim Age.  Many waters and even more bridges later I have begun yet another deeper epic tale; a Bible of sorts entitled THE WATCHER'S REQUIEM.  In the Nephilim tale the main character was called Fayendar.  He was a deseandant from the elves who stayed behind instead of fleeing with the others from the shores of (Tolkien's) Middle Earth.  I am currently in the process of turing the narritive prose into a long verse poem.  Here is just a small portion of what I have so far, and a link to where I have placed it among the grander story, (so far). Hope you enjoy.

He fled his father’s home
for the adventures of self-discovery
under the banner of a new king
who sought an elven realm afar.

Yet feeling betrayed to anger his
elder brother Calan pursued
the younger Fayendar with might of arms
of his own, to came against in strife
those rebellious freedom seekers heading east.

A great departure of their own
ancient forefathers had seen many
sail beyond the rim of the world
from the eternal lands of their
precious living-fair undead.

Those who remained behind did
fashion a new society of dreamers,
teachers and leaders of lesser men,
those weaker sons of Adam
who survived the gore of war.

From that lot of the frail
disenchanted ones of great loss
Fayendar, like Nadan before him,
sought only truth and a higher calling
more than rote ritual of vain ways.

Taking sides with his bitter dying father
Calan scorned Fayendar for leaving
under the banner of one called
king, by his own force of will was
uncrowned by Mithar’s Nephilim sons.

Yet Varlenfay proved his wrath against
the trolls and boars that fell
upon Lindol and its desolation
by which he gained his fame of might.

For from the Iron Hills north they came
with vengeance unknown with brutal
force upon their wild boar steads
the stench of trolls made their havoc.

Nine hundred fell that day yet by
Valenfay’s swift blade nine hundred
were saved and called him king
of valor as Mithar aided not their cause
. . . . . . . 

A work in progress...

Marjoire's BOOK

In one of the author’s favorite movies, The Saint, actor, Val Kilmer makes the following statement, “Those with the most difficult childhoods make the most interesting adults.”
Mental States: A Poet’s Journey is a volume of poetry that shares with the reader a life story that begins in the author’s formative years with childhood trauma, proceeds into adolescence, and follows a dark path into the development of a mental illness, Bipolar I Disorder. The poetry contained within this volume is divided thematically into seven chapters and explores topics such as the love of a mother, acceptance of a mental health diagnosis, and the nature of suffering in its various forms.
Throughout the book, the author engages the reader through poetry, pictures, quotations, and images drawn from her experiences in law school and later as a psychologist, to think deeply about the connections between early trauma and the evolution of neurosis. The author challenges us through her art to consider the premises we hold about normal vs. abnormal; sane vs. insane; and real vs. imaginary. This book is part memoir, part social commentary, and part catharsis through artistic expression.
The author wishes to inspire those who have faced difficulties, whether they be from an abusive beginning or from an arduous journey into the mental health system, to hold on to their unique person hood through the help of a loving support system, artistic outlets, therapeutic interventions, or merely by taking one day at a time. Remembering in the final analysis, that old adage, “Life is a journey; not a destination.”
                                                        ~ by Ms. Marjorie Jo Chesebro

FB says I'm complex LOL


my OFFICE space

   I don't have a huge office but I do have a desk and work area.  A place to hang up a few awards, and a computer, (that still needs to have some programs I use uploaded). But for the most part it's very nice to have a new job.  I really enjoy the area whre I work in the Life Skill's Department.  Instead of just one shift (as an HTL), I am now monitoring both shift's staffings, [6/2 and 2/10] to be engaged in active treatment with the individual's served. I'm coming at the role as a Program Supervisor, less controlling and more supportive and meeting the staff needs in making the Clients the central figure in our "play".  Too much of the time the theater lights have been wrongly focused on the shortages and worries of the the staff instead of realizing that the "Individual" are the main actors, and we their backup.  All the nice offices, computers and awards mean nothing without the real reason for even being at the facility. 

Everyday is a little better...

I did something I've never done before: listened to Country Western music without wanting to burst out crying and spiraling into a dark depression. Thank you - Lithium. My headaches are not as bad and the dizzy spells are not as frequent and the mood swings; well I'm level. Sometimes it feels like "when I 'want' to be happy it doesn't last at long, but I'm just glad the dark feelings don't erode back to light.


I use to think of Death


Mental States


A dear friend of mine, and former co-worker; whose proof read some of my own scribbles and given me pointers is in fact a published author herself.  Her latest masterpiece work, entitled Mental States: A Poet's Journey is being presented on Amazon. Either as a softcover Create Space edition or on the Kindle version.  I applauded, my friend Marjorie Jo Chesebro  for the great courage and strength she has displayed in sharing such personal experiences as many still lurk in the shadows of their own stigma induced fears.

We all have "Mental States" but some have journeys that are profoundly on the manic side. Experiences that lead to darker sides, "mental" facilities, various quantities of psychotropic medications and terror filled hallucinations. Finding the right health care providers, support of family and friends to assist you back into the collective reality is never an easy feat. Yet Marjoire endured such things to rise above them and become a professional herself. A "licensed psychological associate, a licensed professional counselor, and an unlicensed attorney", who no one would ever supect of dealing with the manic horrors of Bi-polar. I know several family and friends and co-workers who struggle as well as myself. Mental Health is as vitally important and a daily food menu or excising is to physical health issues.

   "This volume of poetry tells the life story of the author in verse. Through the genre of poetry, the author guides us through the land-mines of her life and leads us on a journey safely to the other side."



Keeping on

There are more days behind me
than ahead
There is a lot of baggage there
and glory yet
I remember tears and fears then
but hope before 
Such an air of peace and calm
still to be had
Thankful to family and friends
and God for strength

~David DeLane Snow