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Mental States


A dear friend of mine, and former co-worker; whose proof read some of my own scribbles and given me pointers is in fact a published author herself.  Her latest masterpiece work, entitled Mental States: A Poet's Journey is being presented on Amazon. Either as a softcover Create Space edition or on the Kindle version.  I applauded, my friend Marjorie Jo Chesebro  for the great courage and strength she has displayed in sharing such personal experiences as many still lurk in the shadows of their own stigma induced fears.

We all have "Mental States" but some have journeys that are profoundly on the manic side. Experiences that lead to darker sides, "mental" facilities, various quantities of psychotropic medications and terror filled hallucinations. Finding the right health care providers, support of family and friends to assist you back into the collective reality is never an easy feat. Yet Marjoire endured such things to rise above them and become a professional herself. A "licensed psychological associate, a licensed professional counselor, and an unlicensed attorney", who no one would ever supect of dealing with the manic horrors of Bi-polar. I know several family and friends and co-workers who struggle as well as myself. Mental Health is as vitally important and a daily food menu or excising is to physical health issues.

   "This volume of poetry tells the life story of the author in verse. Through the genre of poetry, the author guides us through the land-mines of her life and leads us on a journey safely to the other side."



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