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VII. Moses Moran Snow

VII. Moses Moran Snow          md: 10 Oct 1855        Ala Pruit
     b:        1930             pl:  Hopkins Co., Texas    b: 27 Feb 1835
    pl: Missouri                                            pl: Missouri
     d: 16 Jan1864                                          d:  5 Feb 1924
    pl: Sandy, Blanco Co. Tx                             pl: Sixteen Springs, NM
     f: Jesse Snow                                           f: Calvin Pruit
    m: Sarah Standard                                      m: Aley Chris Prook

   Soon after their marriage in Hopkins County, Moses and Ala migrated to Sandy Community in Blanco County, and it was there that their four children were born.
   Moses Moran Snow served in the Army for the Confederate States of America.  He enrolled the 7th of September 1861 under the leadership of Captain George Freeman in the Pedernales Home Guard Calvary Company.  His military rank is shown as 4th Sargent.  While searching for Bushwakers, Moses Moran Snow was killed in his own home, presumably reaching for his rifle; he was killed in front of his wife.  A squad of Captain Dorbandt’s Militia had tracked him down as a Confederate deserter.  He died at the age of 34 years old.  He rather protect his own family on the Indian frontier in Texas instead of being a pawn in the Slavery issue.

Moses Moran and Ala Snow were the parents of the following four children:

1.) Jesses Moran Snow
2.) Sarah Christopher Snow
3.) Mary Jane Snow

4.) Moses Moran Snow {female}

VI. Jesse Snow

VI. Jesse Snow                         md: 1830            Sarah Standard
    b: 1792 South Carolina      pl: Gerogia[1]         b: 1749 [Cherokee Indian]
    d:                                                                       d: 1860
    f: Moses Snow                                                  f:    --- Standard
   m: Ann Batchelder                                           m: Sarah ---

   One morning[2] in 1749, a woman named Sarah Standard discovered a baby girl in a basket on her front porch.  The infant was a full-blood Cherokee Indian.  The family kept, and adopted her as their own, calling her ‘Sarah’ after the new “mother”, and giving her their surname.  It was this same Native American, Cherokee, Sarah Standard who grew to adulthood, fell in love and married Jesse Snow.[3]
   Jesse and Sarah Snow were the parents of two sons on record; one know name was:
  1.) Moses Moran Snow

[1] US Census
[2] According to a Post; dated 11 Sep 2013 on a historical social media web site.
[3] According to a Post; dated 11 Sep 2013 on a historical social media web site.

V. Moses Snow

V. Moses Snow[1]*            md: 17 Dec 1799       Ann Batchelder
   b:  5 June 1775          pl: Brookfield, Mass      b:
  pl: West-Bridgewater, Mass                         pl:
   d: Georgia                                          d:
   f: Joseph Snow                                      f: Benjamin Batchelder
  m: Ruth Shaw                                       m: Ann Burnap[2]

    Little is known about Moses Snow as he left Massachusetts, and we next find him in Greenville County, Georgia in the 1800 census.  In 1802 he was in the Jackson Land Lottery; (as shown in the census):
     4 Males – ages 1-10;  2 Females, ages 10 – 15;
     1 Male, age 25 to 35;  1 Female, age 25 to 35.
   As this writing, the only child known by name was:
1.) Jesse Snow

[1] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.
[2] Not found in THE TEXAS SNOWS; NOTES from 1850-1860 US FEC Census; Parents names.

IV. Joseph Snow

IV. Joseph Snow[1]*        md:  7 Feb 1759   Ruth Shaw
   b:27 Jun 1734        pl: Bridgewater, Mass  b: 29 Jan 1738
   pl: Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass             pl: Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass 
   d:                                             d:  1 Dec 1796
   f: David Snow                                f: Zechariah Shaw
  m: Joanna Hayward                          m: Sarah Packard

    Joseph and Ruth Snow were the parents of the following eight children:
1.) Sarah Snow-Hayward[2]        b:  8 Oct 1759
2.) David Snow                   b: 21 Jun 1761
3.) Daniel Snow                   b: 27 Aug 1763
4.) Ruth Snow                     b: 10 Nov 1767
                                   d: 10 Nov 1769 [2 yrs]
5.) Ruth Snow                     b: 26 Dec 1770
6.) Joseph Snow, Jr                b:  2 May 17{72}[3]
7.) Moses Snow[4]*                b:  5 June 1775
8.) Mehetable Snow-Richards      b:         1767

[1] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.
[2] Snow-Hayward; hyphenated words indicate maiden and married name. Lived to adulthood and married.
[3] THE TEXAS SNOWS; incorrect typo: 5th child, 2 May 1770.
[4] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.

III. David Snow

III. David Snow[1] *                 md:           Joanna Hayward
    b: 27 Sep 1703 [twin]  pl: Bridgewater, Mass   b:
    pl: Bridgewater, Mass                          pl:
    d:                                               d:
    f: Joseph Snow                                  f:
   m: Hopestill Alden                              m:

   David had a twin brother named Jonathan.  David and Joanna Snow were the parents of the following six children:

1.) David Snow, Jr  
   b: 12 Dec 1732
   d: 25 May 1753
   f: David Snow, Sr.
  m: Joanna Hayward
… … … …
2.) Joseph Snow[2]*        md:   Ruth Shaw
   b: 27 Jun 1734
   f: David Snow, Sr.
  m: Joanna Hayward
… … … …
3.) Joanna Snow
   b: 27 Nov 1735
   f: David Snow, Sr.
  m: Joanna Hayward
… … … …
4.) Mehetable Snow
   b: 18 Sep 1737
   d: 23 Mar 1766 [29 yrs]
   f: David Snow, Sr.
  m: Joanna Hayward
… … … …
5.) Lydia Snow
   b: 16 Feb 1740
   f: David Snow, Sr.
  m: Joanna Hayward
… … … …
6.) Rhoda Snow
   b:  7 Oct 1742
   f: David Snow, Sr.
  m: Joanna Hayward

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[2] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.

II. Joseph Snow

II. Joseph Snow [1]*                 md:         Hopestill Alden
   b: 1670                                          b:
   d: 18 Dec 1753                                  d:
   f: William Snow                                 f: Joseph Alden
  m: Rebecca Brown                              m: Mary Simmons

    Joseph and Hopestill Snow were the parents of the following seven children:
1.) Joseph Snow         b:  7 Sep 1690
2.) Mary Snow          b:  1 Nov 1691
3.) James Snow          b: 16 Aug 1693
4.) Rebecca Snow       b: 25 Jun 1696
5.) Isaac Snow          b: 22 Jul 1700
6.) Jonathan Snow       b: 27 Sep 1703 [twin]
               Jonathan had one son; name not known.
7.) David Snow[2] *     b: 27 Sep 1703 [twin]

[1] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.
[2] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.

I. William Snowe

I. William Snowe[1]                 md:  1657          Rebecca Brown
   b:  {1617}[2]             pl: Bridgewater, Mass       b: 1627[3]
   Arrived: 1635                                       Arrived: Plymouth 1620
   Ship: Susan & Ellen                                 Ship: Mayflower
   d: {1698/99}                                        d: {9 Mar 1698/99}
   Will: 9 Mar 1698/99                                 Will:
   f:                                                    f: Peter Browne
   m:                                                  m: Mary ---

   The voyage had been a long experience for the wide eyed eighteen year old; yet, with the April winds behind him he could soon begin his new life.  As The Susan and Ellen made port in the Massachusetts colony of America, William Snowe realized that 1635 would indeed be a turning point.
   After leaving ship he went ashore to the inn where his room and board were pre-arranged by a Sir Richard Derby.  While back in England the young William had been apprenticed in Richard's service.  Learning a trade under the skilled master's guidance was how he was able to pay for his journey to the "New World".
   Three years after his arrival, on August 31st, 1638 William's apprenticeship was legally transferred, and he was reassigned to a gentleman named Edward Doten[4] of Plymouth.  As an indentured servant William Snowe now began to officially repay his transportation debt for the next seven years.

   In 1643 William was able to bear arms in defense of the colony, and by 1645 was once again declared a freeman, having repaid his debts in full.  At the age of twenty-eight he moved to the Bridgewater community as one of its earliest settlers.  It was during the next twelve years that he began building upon his skills to develop a career for himself.  Within these years he met, and soon courted a young woman named Rebecca, the daughter of Peter and Mary Browne from Duxbury, England.
   Not only did Rebecca come from a well-respected family, but she was beautiful as well.  For in 1657 William and Rebecca married.  It was at this time that the American William dropped the letter "e" from the spelling of his English surname: SNOW.
   William and Rebecca Snow were the parents of the following eight children:

1.) William Snow                    md:           Naomi Whitman
    b:       1667                                   b:
    d: 7 Nov 1726                                  d:
2.) Joseph Snow [5]*                 md:         Hopestill Alden
3.) Benjamin Snow                   md:          [1st] Elizabeth Alden
   b:                                                    b:
   d: 28 May 1743                                      d:  1705
                                                    [2nd] Sarah Allen Carey
4.) Mary Snow                       md:          John Richard[6]
5.) Lydia Snow
6.) Hannah Snow                     md:          [1st] Giles Rickard
                                                    [2nd] Joseph Hawks[7]
7.) Rebecca Snow                    md:          Samuel Rickard
   b:       1671
   d: 4 Apr 1740
8.) James Snow[8]
   d: 1690

[1] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.
[2] One resource states: 1624. There is some conflicting information which makes it seem as though two different individuals named William Snowe.
[3] Rebecca was born 1627-1633. HISTORY OF THE MAYFLOWER PLANTERS pg. 134.
[5] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.
[6] Alt. Spelling: Rickard
[7] “Howes”; THE TEXAS SNOWS p4.
[8] James Snow was part of a Canadian Expedition of the early American Colony.


NOTE: Family History

IV. John Thomas Price   md:  1889  Sarah Elizabeth Luker
b:  30 May 1862              b: 18 May 1872
pl: Lauderdale Co., Ms        

V. Mamie Elizabeth Price
     Mamie was a soft spoken, gentile woman remembered for her kindness.  She was detailed orientated in her house cleaning and stored everything in moth balls.  After her husband, DeLaine passed away in 1964 she later married a man named Leo Armstrong.   They had no children of their own.  After he passed, she lived alone.  Mamie lived north of Houston in The Woodlands near her daughter Sandra.  Mamie Armstrong developed Alzheimer’s disease, and for a time lived in an assisted living apartment until she passed away at the age of 88 years old.

VI. Linda Lucile Townsend
       Like her mother, Linda was a quiet spoken person, but had an outgoing personality.  After she married Bob Snow, the responsibility and pressures of motherhood gave rise to a depression she did not manage well; weight gain and alcoholism developed.  After an affair was revealed, Bob sought a divorce.  Linda’s drinking lead to drug addiction, and the loss of her two sons.  Tracy and David were taken by The State of Texas, and they were placed in the Buckner’s Home for Boys in Dallas.  Bob remarried, and legally gained full custody of his sons.
   Linda’s depression and drug abuse lead to a passion charge, and a 10 year prison sentence in Gatesville.  After her release, she attended Alcohol Anonyms meetings where she met Gerald Lee Thomas, who also struggled with issues.  The hit it off and were shortly married.  Linda went to trade school and successfully completed a Cosmetology license becoming a hair stylist for a time.  She was also able to reconnect with her two adult sons, and rebuild a relationship with them.
   Gerald and Linda Thomas never had children of their own.  They lived in Copperas Cove, Texas for several years, and later moved to Loogootee, Indiana where Gerald got a job “farming turkeys”.  Earlier years of IV drug abuse took its toll as Linda suffered the consequences of having Hepatics C.  She passed away from it worsening complications at the age of 58 years old.

VII. David DeLaine Snow[1]

[1] The Compiler, SEE: Snow Family lineage.