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V. Moses Snow

V. Moses Snow[1]*            md: 17 Dec 1799       Ann Batchelder
   b:  5 June 1775          pl: Brookfield, Mass      b:
  pl: West-Bridgewater, Mass                         pl:
   d: Georgia                                          d:
   f: Joseph Snow                                      f: Benjamin Batchelder
  m: Ruth Shaw                                       m: Ann Burnap[2]

    Little is known about Moses Snow as he left Massachusetts, and we next find him in Greenville County, Georgia in the 1800 census.  In 1802 he was in the Jackson Land Lottery; (as shown in the census):
     4 Males – ages 1-10;  2 Females, ages 10 – 15;
     1 Male, age 25 to 35;  1 Female, age 25 to 35.
   As this writing, the only child known by name was:
1.) Jesse Snow

[1] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.
[2] Not found in THE TEXAS SNOWS; NOTES from 1850-1860 US FEC Census; Parents names.

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