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I. William Snowe

I. William Snowe[1]                 md:  1657          Rebecca Brown
   b:  {1617}[2]             pl: Bridgewater, Mass       b: 1627[3]
   Arrived: 1635                                       Arrived: Plymouth 1620
   Ship: Susan & Ellen                                 Ship: Mayflower
   d: {1698/99}                                        d: {9 Mar 1698/99}
   Will: 9 Mar 1698/99                                 Will:
   f:                                                    f: Peter Browne
   m:                                                  m: Mary ---

   The voyage had been a long experience for the wide eyed eighteen year old; yet, with the April winds behind him he could soon begin his new life.  As The Susan and Ellen made port in the Massachusetts colony of America, William Snowe realized that 1635 would indeed be a turning point.
   After leaving ship he went ashore to the inn where his room and board were pre-arranged by a Sir Richard Derby.  While back in England the young William had been apprenticed in Richard's service.  Learning a trade under the skilled master's guidance was how he was able to pay for his journey to the "New World".
   Three years after his arrival, on August 31st, 1638 William's apprenticeship was legally transferred, and he was reassigned to a gentleman named Edward Doten[4] of Plymouth.  As an indentured servant William Snowe now began to officially repay his transportation debt for the next seven years.

   In 1643 William was able to bear arms in defense of the colony, and by 1645 was once again declared a freeman, having repaid his debts in full.  At the age of twenty-eight he moved to the Bridgewater community as one of its earliest settlers.  It was during the next twelve years that he began building upon his skills to develop a career for himself.  Within these years he met, and soon courted a young woman named Rebecca, the daughter of Peter and Mary Browne from Duxbury, England.
   Not only did Rebecca come from a well-respected family, but she was beautiful as well.  For in 1657 William and Rebecca married.  It was at this time that the American William dropped the letter "e" from the spelling of his English surname: SNOW.
   William and Rebecca Snow were the parents of the following eight children:

1.) William Snow                    md:           Naomi Whitman
    b:       1667                                   b:
    d: 7 Nov 1726                                  d:
2.) Joseph Snow [5]*                 md:         Hopestill Alden
3.) Benjamin Snow                   md:          [1st] Elizabeth Alden
   b:                                                    b:
   d: 28 May 1743                                      d:  1705
                                                    [2nd] Sarah Allen Carey
4.) Mary Snow                       md:          John Richard[6]
5.) Lydia Snow
6.) Hannah Snow                     md:          [1st] Giles Rickard
                                                    [2nd] Joseph Hawks[7]
7.) Rebecca Snow                    md:          Samuel Rickard
   b:       1671
   d: 4 Apr 1740
8.) James Snow[8]
   d: 1690

[1] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.
[2] One resource states: 1624. There is some conflicting information which makes it seem as though two different individuals named William Snowe.
[3] Rebecca was born 1627-1633. HISTORY OF THE MAYFLOWER PLANTERS pg. 134.
[5] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.
[6] Alt. Spelling: Rickard
[7] “Howes”; THE TEXAS SNOWS p4.
[8] James Snow was part of a Canadian Expedition of the early American Colony.

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