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IV. Joseph Snow

IV. Joseph Snow[1]*        md:  7 Feb 1759   Ruth Shaw
   b:27 Jun 1734        pl: Bridgewater, Mass  b: 29 Jan 1738
   pl: Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass             pl: Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass 
   d:                                             d:  1 Dec 1796
   f: David Snow                                f: Zechariah Shaw
  m: Joanna Hayward                          m: Sarah Packard

    Joseph and Ruth Snow were the parents of the following eight children:
1.) Sarah Snow-Hayward[2]        b:  8 Oct 1759
2.) David Snow                   b: 21 Jun 1761
3.) Daniel Snow                   b: 27 Aug 1763
4.) Ruth Snow                     b: 10 Nov 1767
                                   d: 10 Nov 1769 [2 yrs]
5.) Ruth Snow                     b: 26 Dec 1770
6.) Joseph Snow, Jr                b:  2 May 17{72}[3]
7.) Moses Snow[4]*                b:  5 June 1775
8.) Mehetable Snow-Richards      b:         1767

[1] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.
[2] Snow-Hayward; hyphenated words indicate maiden and married name. Lived to adulthood and married.
[3] THE TEXAS SNOWS; incorrect typo: 5th child, 2 May 1770.
[4] *DIRECT LINEAGE to Compiler.

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