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The world is upside...and America is in distress.

A while back when all the "Same Sex" marriage fiasco was thrust upon us by the over riding strong-arm of the Liberal courts, I spoke my peace about being against it and got all sorts of push-back. I mentioned before that long ago, tickled ear policies of weak minded Christians not standing up for the convictions of their faith would see them "fall for anything". Well, lookie lookie what is coming down the pike you sleeping 'good' people who called me nuts, racist, and a sick bigot. I said that "Gay" marriage would bring things on its coat tails; enjoy the flack of realizing that nothing happens in a vacuum, and headlines don't just suddenly pop up; but individuals, groups and communities are working hard toward making certain things happen as you all turn a blind eye too; by not speaking against things, and not voting or allowing the cultural to rot. These things have been going on for years and people are only waiting in the wings for their seeds to bear fruit!!!

Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime



 I'm a writer. I write, therefore I am a writer.  Armature one at best, certainly not a professional one.  I scribble.  I scribble for my own pleasure, but realize others may come along and wonder what I ideas might have stirred in my thoughts, and so I write to be understood by others as well.
   These are just a few of the "voices" I hear and try to capture their experiences so others may know their stories: HERE



The ‘core idea’ of this tale comes from Shawn Farrar. His premises, dealing mainly with the ethics of organ donation and transplants sparked a domino effect of ‘what if’ questions. Shawn’s basic Idea of The Cure for everything, and the creative embellishing’s of that worldview spurred my own personal creativeness. He gets the lion’s share of acknowledgements, and huge thank you!

Thanks to my daughter, Elizabeth R Garza for her view on consistency, realism, and concept for the cover art. Many thanks to Damon Terrell and Jason Prather; with their detailed eye on story-proofing and making things more readable for others. Brilliant thanks to Marjorie Jo Chesebro as a resource in Mental Health and proofing my story’s early incarnation; for the courage to put my demons in print. And finally, I would like to thank my dearest of friends, Mike Cope who never stopped pushing, encouraging and believing in the tenacity of my efforts to accomplish the massive task I set before myself.
My inexpressible and deepest gratitude to everyone who helped me struggle against my own mental health issues and self-doubt, to accept that I could become a writer by simply writing.


Memorial Day

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND is about remembering The Fallen and the service of those who we can no longer say, Thank you. Thank you Paw paw Snow for your your service: Salute.


CURE CRISIS - Ch1 draft

"Hate Speech"

   The Starbucks in front of the Mardon Hotel was full as unusual.  Across the street from the patio’s cafĂ© was Clinton Park, filled with its own flock of patrons.  An unkept vagrant man was waving a hand-painted sign that read “We’ve all been Left Behind!” The homeless man paced back and forth the length of the coffee shop’s patio.  His shouting of prophetic warnings went unnoticed.  The man’s ragged appearance was as invisible as the very trees in the park about him.  Every other day the Dallas Police would redirect the wild man to another location, less populated, but always in sight of their drones overhead.   Today felt different and his rantings more animated.  Not everyone ignored him, as the screaming prophet caught the glance of a man in black following him.
   Sitting at a patio-table beside the guard rail closest to the pacing Prophet were two men finishing up their meeting.  His friend’s twitching upper lip was offended by the prophet’s unbathed odor.  It was not as easily ignored as his background shouting.
   “Repent you Sinners! Stop taking the fact that you are still alive for granted!” His continued yelling cut the quiet of the spring day. “Eat and Drink all you want, but even you can’t ignore that the world has changed!”
   Suddenly the man flung his sign behind him and dashed across the street. Dodging a trolley car’s ringing bell he reached up and began clinging to the rail-wall of the patio.  His white-knuckle grip was wide spread as his face pressed through the bars before the two men at the table.  He shouted to the man in black, “Will you be a martyr with me, brother?  I see the truth in your eyes.  You know who The Anti-Christ is, and soon he’ll show himself to the world!”
   About that time three Police drones overhead sounded their alarms just as two armed officers tackled the Prophet to the ground beating him unconscious.  The Police State’s tolerance was not so tolerant.

   The man in black calmly asked his friend, “What do you think him?”
   The older man with the offended nose, “Him?”
   “Yeah.”  They both watched as the Police carried the limp figure away in cuffs.
   “He’s just another nut, why?” His boss smirked.
   “Anti-Christ?”  The man in the black wool coat seemed puzzled.
   Shaking his head the Executive shot back, “Take a number: Ronald Reagan, Bush, Obama, and Trump.”
   “-and what?  They were all wrong?”
   “Ah, so…,” Began the younger man.
   “So? There’s no such a thing, just another corrupt bogey-man for the masses to be afraid of, and controlled.”  His boss was growing irritated with the topic.
   Changing its direction, the man in the black top-hat sighed, “Okay.  What about ‘The Rapture’, three years ago?”
   The older man in his sixties had had enough, “Really? We’re going there: Alien abduction, CIA, 9-11, Secret Ops.  Who knows, and who cares!  People come up missing all the time, Brycin.”
   Brycin could not let it go, “But, the people, Jean?”
   Standing up to leave, Jean reminded his best reporter, “Look.  Just finish the expose on Steven and the Underground.”
   Looking back at his blond Starbuck’s waitress, Brycin dismissively replied, “Sure.  I’m waiting on my contact.”
   Jean smiled at the seated man in black, “Red hair, five two, a hundred fifteen pounds; that one?
   Brycin nodded, “Well, her too.”

   Jean added as he hailed for a taxi, “Just ask her out, man.  I want something on my desk this time tomorrow.  Deadlines have meaning, Brycin.”

CURE CRISIS... Coming Soon.


Live With No Regrets

We all die. That is the Cycle of Life, and a Fact.  So, make the dash between the two years matter.  To be sure I have had more than my fair share of "lessons learned" and foolish mis-steps.


Trek Beyond

I have loved Star Trek since I was a child.  I have not really liked the idea of the New "Reboot" Versons.  This new BEYOND looks 'hopeful' but still very much not Trek, but more Fast and Furious.  Will have to check it out.

This First Teaser is for 
my "family" my "brother".

 This one is for all you others who don't know the Love of Trek from the Beginning.


Who's The Boss?

We have a saying in Texas: "If ya want somethin done right, ya gotta do it yer self!"  Spiritually speaking, I believe that that is actually what the main character of The Bible: GOD does.  I read in scripture time and time again of how G-d worked in the lives of human beings and yet some how people just did not seem to get the full impact of the message.
   In part one of the Book, (the Old Testament) the reader of that grand story finds the main character trying to get men's attention with how to worship him, and behave with one another.  All the while, unknown to the 'readers' the main character is laying the seeds of a plot device called 'foreshadowing'; seeds of what is to come next.
   However, in part two of the Book, (the Old Testament), a new main character appears.  Yet all he does is refer back to the main character of part one.  Again, foreshadowing seeds are planted and should be more obvious even to the reader, but only near the end of The Book is the plot twist truly revealed.
   The main character from part two turns out to be none other than the Undercover Boss from part one!  Jehovah GOD spoke things into being, and the very act of speak/singing/ proclaiming "was" GOD himself! The very 'image of the invisible God', 'became flesh', and the fullness of deity dwelt in a human form'.  You could say that God went undercover and 'humbled himself like a servant'.
   Some argue Jesus was a created thing.  Only in the turn of perception that God was trying a different technique of communication with his creatures was Jesus to be considered like an "only begotten son', or even a 'Son of Man'.


   In The Bible we are told that Christ would be called Emanuel.  But after we are told this, his parents actually name him something different to begin with; Jesus (which mean Savior).  When we view the entirety of Scripture as a single volume of a complete story, only then can we realize that the main character is actually: GOD.  Therefore, in the second half of the story, the New Testament; we find a peculiar plot twist in the story.  By way of a spoiler, I think the Bible should actually be re-entitled: The Tale of The Undercover Boss.

    So, where does 'Emanuel' come into play? The opinion I assert is that instead of being a "failed prophecy" of Isaiah, it's fulfillment was actually manifested in a different manner.  It was that "difference" that was the plot twist no one saw coming! Though the first born child of Mary and Joseph was "named" Jesus, his followers 'CALLED' him Emanuel, because they saw in him the manifested fulfillment of the Spirit of the Law!  Emanuel means "GOD WITH US".
    John and Paul both gave us scattered pearls throughout their letters and book.  It is up to the astute reader to thread those pearls together; and the Christian follower should proudly "wear them" in how they share them with the world in which we live and encourage one another to continue to look for hidden "Easter Eggs" like precious gemstones.

   I do not think that, just because the actual name or title was not given to the child of Mary and Joseph as Emanuel that it is a failed prophecy; but, I believe that inferring its metaphorical meaning in the present Cannon of Scripture is HOW the prophecy was (is) manifested.  In other words, the believer must individually search out the given volume of work, and for themselves dig out those gems.  In personal Bible study, they (WE today) ourselves declare with our lives that:



{The extended version}

Mine eyes first followed her lovely curves
   bathing on a candle eve 'neath the stars long ago
at the banks of the shallow River called Blue;
   just south of the city Uruk I saw her prancing way......





One Thing Remains!!!


Very few songs have ever caused me to instantly become "emotional" as mush as this one touches me.  I had not been in church in years, I went back and was so overwhelmed BY THIS song, a few years ago that I want up from and simply laid down on the floor in front of the Pulpit and cried. I cried and prayed. I prayed and cried. As I prayed the preacher preached.  As I cried this song and others just played on.  A bright light over came my vision and the impression of warmth came over me.  I said FATHER I'm sorry I never became a pastor... I saw a light and heard a voice.. AND THEN HE TOLD ME... I just said follow me.  That is all God wants, for us to follow him.


My Sister (2) UPDATE

IN THE NEXT few days they are to do a brain biopsy on my sister to try and determine why she is having so many falls in the first place. Cindy has had many surgeries and health issues over the last few years and this resent situation is the most challenging.
GOD IS GOOD, amazing and wonderful; all our strength and courage is always reliant upon Him, alone we are too frail and weak. Yes it's scary news but life is scary. Thank you for your continued prayers and concerns.
GOD IS GOOD, no matter our situations. My sister, Cynthia Gutkowski continues recuperating in the hospital in Abilene. She's had serious health issues for many years; two hip replacement surgeries for starters. After a resent serious fall and continued headache she was admitted.
My nephew contacted me with: ""They admitted her and later found multiple lesions on her brain. They don't know where they came from or what caused them yet. She was in ICU yesterday but got released to a regular room today. She is able to speak more, but she still seems exhausted. We're basically waiting for a neurologist to decide how to proceed. But I will keep you posted as I know more.""

Launching platform

WHEN I get ready to promote my long time project this is the site I will use.  The story is still very much in the rough draft editorial stage.  But when completed my "first novel" will hopefully not be published first as I want it to be beyond perfect, of course.  First novels seem to  have that rough edge no matter the sharpening...

COMMENTS are always welcomed below. 

My Novel


   A mysterious manuscript, translated from an ancient lost people becomes the inheritance from a grandfather, Jacob Townsend never knew he had.  The closer he comes to discovering one, the deeper the rabbit trail leads him into discovering secrets of himself.  Secrets to the source of his nightmares.  His exploration becomes the full circle purging of his entire life; with twists, Jacob never dreamt of before the letters arrived. 


Please feel free to leave comments.

Chapter ONE: Old Memories


A Novel By 
David DeLane Snow


   The slap was loud and unwarranted as the sting from the woman’s hand immediately began to show its welting print on the young boy’s cheek. The boy was no more than six years old.  He tried to rub his right ear, but the woman continued to violently shake him by the shoulders while screaming at him.  She was angry about having been prematurely awakened.  The frightened child did his best not to cry out because he knew that always angered her even more.
   Just as she raised her hand for a second blow, another boy jumped in between them both.  The nine year old shoved the younger to the ground making him skid to a fall a few steps away.  The older boy shouted, “Leave him alone!  Run little brother, I’ll hold her off.”  With that the thin blond-haired boy on the ground scrambled to get away, but not before catching a glimpse of her beating his rescuer.  The tall dark haired hero then fell to the floor and curled up as the angry woman began furiously kicking him in the back and ribs, shouting, “So you think you can handle this instead - alright!” 
  Crouched behind his nearby bed the younger boy could only watch in silent horror as the beating continued until the woman grew tired, then quitting on her own accord.

   Jacob woke up wide eyed and breathing heavily from his dream.  Its realism was disturbing as he sat up on the side of his bed rubbing his ear, and the sleep from his eyes.  His sleeping wife rolled over and continued to lay undisturbed.  Jacob seemed to have suppressed so much in his life; amazed by how a single nightmare could have resurrected a host of unremembered emotions - long thought forgotten.  But, the haunting vision of those two boys -- his mind strained to put their faces back into focus.  He almost knew their names, but the attempt to recall them was futile.
   The phone rang.
   “Hello?  Morn’, James.  Yeah, go ahead and order three black and four baby blue ones, they seem to sell a lot.  Alright, yeah, I’ll see you at regular time tomorrow. Bye.”   Then, just like that with the phone returned to its cradle it was gone again; his dream and any concept of its recollection. 

   Jacob had always thought that it was his fate in life not to have a family history, because he had been in and out of orphanages and foster homes for most of his life.  He had no memory of his mother, and only the vaguest flashes of a brother and father watching Star Trek in a dimly-lit living room.  Yet those nearly forgotten happy thoughts were overshadowed by layers of darker experiences.
  The first foster dad that Jacob ever remembered was an alcoholic bum who lay about the house in boxers barking out orders to him and his three other abused foster-siblings.  By his second family...

.........THIS is the Story I am currently re-editing and working on.  It may be awhile, as I am also trying to finish CURE CRISIS first.

FEEL FREE to leave any comments in the box below; I'll get an e-mail alert, and thank you!


My Dad Found that Power!

    I remember chatting with my dad.  In a conversation not too long before he passed away, the topic of religion, and the Jehovah's Witnesses came up...Dad said, "Son, give it up." By this he meant, it was time to leave it all behind and stop re-hashing all the old arguments and topics.  Dad was very tired, and sad that he had raised us in The Society.  I remember my mom and dad having many a discussion of various Watchtower teachings.  He was studding the Bible and reading things in context and with an open mind and then comparing it to the doctrine that was brought out in the Kingdom Hall. My dad wrestled all the time with the conflicting messages of their ever changing New Light.  Later on I came across one of dad's bibles after he passed and realized how he dissected the Word and proved things to himself.  Dad always felt the JWs taught him a lot about Bible Study by were growing into a powerful mind controlling Organisation and independent thought of the student was being snuffed out.  Though he was very much correct in this view as that is totally what they have become; what he did not fully appreciate was that was the Organization he was baptized into!

  Before dad passed away he told me he had many questions for Jesus when he got to see him; I knew then Dad Understands!!!!!

   I have stumbled on to a few chat groups on the social media of Facebook and re-discovered the very same thought process of discovery of my dad, and later my own research.  I think it is wonderfully amazing to still see people coming out of the Society.  So much energy, time and effort spent of Bible Trivia and knowledge bashing over in-correct doctrinal teachings by people within a closed "society".  After I was un-chained, I still kick myself for such a wasted life in all the rabbit trails I've chased.  But maybe then again turning all those mis-adventures into helpful detour signs for others is what SNOW's Journey is about?



    CURE CRISIS has finished undergoing a profound editing process of its rough draft.  I am endeavoring to re-polish and hopefully ready for... well I do want to make it my first published novel.  I am working on two other novels and three others in the wings and several short stories sketched out that I may publish under one title.  COMING SOON.... well hopefully soon

 My novel, in scribbles. . .



 I have settled on a New title, (which has undergone various ones as well); for the novel I have been plugging away on for many years now.  THE CATHARSIS MANUSCRIPT (aka: The Nephilim Age). 



  SNOW's JOURNAL is now the new name of my web log.  I just thought a change would be nice as there is such a smattering of eclectic topics that I go through.  I do not really stick with a particular train of thought in my posts but whatever whim comes to my thoughts.




The Watcher's Book of Books