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King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.


There is a fascinating and rather insightful comment about half way through this video...


   WHEN situations open themselves up before you, you should have the intestinal fortitude, the guts, the courage to breath deep, and step out into what can sometimes be a fire-storm of emotion. It's called growing up, maturing, giving back, being a strength to other, sometimes even being just a Sign Post ("been there done that").

   Having been raised as one of Jehovah's Witness for 13 years; enduring the ever changing doctrinal head-games and shredding of Biblical teaching and spitting out TRUTH of their own. Having searched along the Neo-Pagan Path for 15 years; wandering down eclectic back roads of my 'own understanding' and feel good whatevers I came away feeling more hungry than when I began.


It is not a knee jerk, over-reactive behavior or over-simplification of things; but a slow erosion of the view of Christianity in OUR UNITED STATES. A slow erosion that is becoming increasingly apparent to all but the most arrogantly blind in our mist. In large part because Christians themselves have allowed it by their own apathy to stand up for Christ. We "don't want to hurt people's feelings" or "don't want to be perceived as 'judgmental', hum. Standards of right and wrong? What are they? Who set them? Where have they gone?

It's not just "religion" that is under-fire in the Land of Religious Freedom, but Christianity in particular. Make no mistake about it either, we are NOT talking about Islam being under attack and much of this comes about by our own beloved Government as an appeasement toward Islamo-fascist States. Politically correct policies that hedge off ""celebrations"" have now seen the real motive of stifling giving God praise in Sports. Our military Chaplains are under-fire with the threat of Court-martial for simply having a Bible on their desk. Atheist attacking a Christian parent funded (not State funded) School for teaching Christian Creationism. And yet laughably as it sounds, (being on the 'wrong side of the argument' here), leaving Same Sex Marriage, polygamy and pedophilia groups are now coming out with their desires to be heard just like I said they would.

I have always said that a foreign army would never take over the United States, and I still believe that. We will implode from within for being a 'GOD-less' corrupt immoral nation. Need a lesson from whose history we are eager to repeat, look no further than ancient Rome's demise.

Christians Court Martialed

Pentagon: Religious Proselytizing is Not Permitted 

Make no mistake about it Islam is NOT being targeted here, either!!!!


Real Pictures of the event!!!!!!