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Our hearts and thoughts go out the the victims and families of those who are sufering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Though I never endured the horrificness of such a storm I can scarsly imagine the emotional upheavals. I lived in Corpus Christi, along the south Texas coast line, for twenty years. I worked at the Corpus Christi State School for four years, one year we evacuated the entire campus, loading over two hundred individuals with Mental Health and Mental Retardation issuses into more than twenty comercial buses; not to mention their medications, bathing supplies, clothes, beddings, behavioral situations, staff. We stayed three horride days and nights at the San Antonio State Hospital till Hurricane Gilbert headed directly for Corpus Christi; however, at the last minuet the storm turned slaming into Mexico, with no loss of life, (as far as I remember). Still, nothing like Katrina. I can only imagine their hardships in returning to demolished homes and washed out lives.
My brother-in-law is having car problems, and since we are all sharing the same apartment we share the same problems. Though my car is still up and going, I'm having to assist him a great deal - but compared to where I could be with hardships, I'm not complaining...


Cats Away Mice Play

Someone needs to tell Dr. Prather Von Scary that one of his patients is getting frisky, while the good doctor has gone back to school. You know, it's just like that in sleep, darn ya just can't bring it back with you though.


This guy has got an opinion on everything; neat stuff, most of which I agree on. Where reality is a nightmare ; interesting and what not - check him out, but tell you heard about him from Falconmyst.

Calling Dr. Tookong. . .

This picture does not do Tookong justice; take my word for it folks, he's not the Doctor Von Scary he appears to be of the Danvers Insane Asylum. However, the RN student is presently on a blogging sabatical as his final classes resume soon. If you get a change to drop down the Rabbit hole and experience the wonders of Sleep, be sure to browes about "the dump." No telling what insanly fasinating things you'll rumage through. Yeah, tell him Falconmyst whispered his name...

Safe Tea Inspector...

As most of you have heard me mention before, I love the NEXT BLOG button. In one of my many surfings I came across such interesting people as Joseph Whited, a 33 years guy from Utica, Michigan who is not only a techology geek, but who creates his own music. Some pertty neat tunes. When you get a chance, surf by and let him know you heard of him from Falconmyst. Great guy with a neat wit.

Tehuti's Tieydyed Brainrays

Tehuti, one of my oldest and dearest friends, who got me into blogging in the first place, has one of the most fasinatingly ecletic sites I've seen around, if I may say so myself. I check his site every morning. He goes great with my coffee at 400am. Tehuti's not been blogging is quiet awhile; life's thrown him some curves but he's bouncing back. If you get a chance drop by his place and leave a comment or two - Tell him, Falconmyst sent ya!

Tree House

I never had a tree house, per se, as a kid growing up. There was a huge tree in our backyard with a sheet of plywood nailed to its larger limbs. My "fort," a-hide-away; obvious to everyone driving by, but still a world unto itself for me then. I've always loved trees, though mind you, I'm no master woodsman and only an infrequent camper. Maybe that is all the more reason for my design of Ra`More.

A circle of braided trees, beneath the shade of a gigantic ancient one, whose fruit was of delicious imortality. A sanctuary. A hall of reverance, and hope. Maybe, that too was the reason for its demise, and the loss of its people was so bitter. Because as a child I never knew of such things. Having been raised in a dark spirituality, where the gloom of an approaching Amageddon was an ever present danger.

Ah, but such is the stuff of fairytails, not real life, 'eh?

Ashes of Ra`More

"...After Queen Wyn`Omel returns from Jebul, with the dwarves, she finds IthLan`Fae slain. Her husband's arrow ridden corps lies amid the smoke filled ruins of Ra`More's smoldering stumps. As she falls to her knees wailing in her grief she cries for the Valar to hear, but her eyes tear all the more with no answer. For the end of her people, and the end of her world have all faded in the same breath. . . "

Homage to Tolkien

My story takes place in Middle Earth, but it is not quiet the same world as in The Lord of the Rings. For many things have changed: Hobbiton is no more, its people dispersed, Gondor and Rohan not even mentioned, Haradrim is over run by the Barukian Empire. The dwarves of Kazuldum, vanished with only a trace of their desendants left in a western divided land. The elves... departed. With all but a remnant who stayed behind at the Grey Havens, now called Mithar.

The more things change the more they remain the same; for the old world has passed away yet its troubble ever remain the same.

Just as the Nephilim, who once walked the Middle Lands before Noah's day, caused chaos so too does their mentality remain in our world today. For the greedful lust of man's heart, and his desire to find himself apart from that chaos continues to be an elusive dream worthy of the search.

I'm still writing on my story, but new twists, and turns come up. New characters find their way into its landscape, which I've not met before. Finding a way to give them all voices is proving to be a challenge; not to mention all the mechanics involved in the storytelling process to begin with, is interesting - so bear with me...

Farewell to the GHOSHT

I hate to surf the net and then come across a blog I enjoy, then like so many others they have to move on to other things in life. I have enjoyed Dade Ghost's comments and site as it has been one of the many sources of encouragments to me. Thank you and I wish you only the best. Soon I may need to move on as well and hope I have touched others as he has touched us...


I remember when my wife and I first met. One of our outtings was with a group of friends to a local swimming pool. I had already fallen in love with her, at first site, but she had just ended a bad relationship and was wary of beginning a new one. I remember flirting heavily with her whenever we went swimming. I could see in her eyes how the attention made her light up inside so I became obssesive with pursing her even more. With those romantic excursions began, not only our dating relationship but the beginnings of my story.
The main character in my tale is an elf who falls in love with a human female. While he flees from a troublesome situation he stumbles onto a beautiful maiden bathing...

"Near the river's edge that Fair One came
singing strange words that sounded softly like
the stirring of leaves caught in the wind;
singing his charms in an unknown tounge, at first.
He shared with me wonderous tales unheard of
by my people were the Fallen Sons of glory
those shadowed nightmares in the dark;
by which we named the Nephilim..."

Knock At the Door...

...Going downstairs to open the door, I was greeted by two well dressed very polite women. They weren't "black" but Servants of God!

Good Moring! Rather chiper, 'eh?
Morning. Them, hummm... Here we go -
Have you noticed how depressing the news is these days? Like so many of us you have undoubtedly wished God would invene... Got that right-
...Do you read the Bible?
No, haven't in years.
We have found that you are not alone. Many just don't seem interested, but have you not ever wonder if God...
blah blah blah, with a numbing humm buzzing in my head. Been here before-
Moments later, as I politely allow her preprogramed rambbling come to where I am allowed to answer...
-So, would you be open to exploring God's word as shown through these resource magizines?
Well, I would rather share a parting scripture with you instead. If you could read Deuteronmy 18:20-22 aloud for me, please?
Alright. Reluctantly agreeable...
"HOWEVER, the prophet who presumes to speak in my name a word that I have not commanded him to speak or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet must die. And in case you should say in your heart: "How shall we know the word that Jehovah has not spoken?" when the prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah and the word does not occur or come true, that is the word that Jehovah did not speak. With presumptuousness the prophet spoke it. YOU must not get frightened at him."

So, does God have a prophet today?
Well, not per sa...
-A 'mouth piece,' or Body, or Organization?
-Well, it is from that religion that I am a Proud Apostate. Please mark down somewhere, for others that I am not interested in future visits by Jehovah's Witness, thank you.
We will. Leaving with smiles, but obviously stuned.

PAGAN Christs

Studing history, myths and comparing religions you will notice The Old Gods arn't too different from the New God. Fasinating how our new age is not unlike our most ancient past.

"The Christ of the gospels is in no sense an historical personage or a supreme model of humanity, a hero who strove, and suffered, and failed to save the world by his death. It is impossible to establish the existence of an historical character even as an impostor. For such an one the two witnesses, astronomical mythology and gnosticism, completely prove an alibi. The Christ is a popular lay-figure that never lived, and a lay-figure of Pagan origin; a lay-figure that was once the Ram and afterwards the Fish; a lay-figure that in human form was the portrait and image of a dozen different gods."

Gerald Massey

© 2001 Acharya S


I love this guy's artwork style. I think each and everyone of us has some kind of talent, yet most of us, myself very much included do not profit in a career from the use of our gifts. I know artist, writers, singers and the like who never pursue loafty goals above mere personal enjoyment; many however sore with elated pipe dreams of 'what if ' they had.

Satellite Maps

Stumbled onto Google's Satellite maps the other day. I like the Hybird feature best because it gives you the aerial view with an overlaped street map version. Fasinating as it is to look up your own hometown and look down on your house, I found it a little strange as a handy tool for Terrorist as well, hummm...

A LOTR Game. . .

A Tiresome Short Excursion...

We, the pup, Misses and me, went camping. Though we anticipated to be out-of-pocket for at least three days, in the wilds of a State Park adventure, we decided to cut our wonderings short and leave after a day and a half. When we have gone camping in the past, the "primitive" sites usually consit of: a parking space, a covered pick-nik table, and a fire ring or grill stand, with an area large enough to pitch a goodly sized tent...

Packing our car for a three day stay with our past experiences in mind we headed out to the woodland wild to make new memories with our new puppy. With our lanterns, and tiki torches and usual gear we headed out to our non-refundable paid "primitive" site. When lo and behold a mile trek lay before us, with the ranger's glib remark of, "What you take in, you bring out," now ringing ever so loudly in our ears. And, uhmm - "Remember, no open flames!" we were equally admonished.

So, after four trips as a human pack mule, I finally set up camp with all our gear being splade everywhere. Sweatingly red faced we poped opend our chairs, threw back a wine cooler or two chased with several bottles of water and explored the area. Upon finding we were alone in the "primitive through a tent where you like" area, we were beginning to feel the fools for not bawking, yet by now it was obviously too late; we were bound and determind to see it through.

Actually, it wouldn't have been too bad if we'd planned better toward this end, and one of the two flash lights had worked, and the air mattress hadn't fizzeled by 11pm, 1am, 3am, 5am! Meals - hummf - we had to hike a mile back to the car, drive to a designated "day use" site to use the standing grills, showers at another location - after an equally sweaty drive and mile walk back to our tent site.

Mind you, I love this kind of excursion, if we'd been a little more informed, and packed with needed goods in mind. However, the worse part of the experience was for Micah. Our poodle puppy was so excited about the venture in the wild that his free rein included getting away and rolling in burs, which now - back home in the big city- are having to be combed and cut out; leaving patches of bald Micah exposed. Poor little guy is not too happy with us right now and I don't quiet blame him.

We all had fun... coming back home.

Forbidden Smoke

Camping Getaway. . .

We've not gone camping in several years now. We use to go quiet frequently when my daughter was younger, now she seems to fondly remember those adventureous get-a-ways. I enjoy the rustic feel of primitive camping, with the pop up tents, coffee on an open flame, hikes through a wooded area, and the cooing of morning birds. It's a much different experience far removed from the hurry up and wait, screaming to move along, and over crowdedness of the military field trainings back in my Fort Hood days. So me and the 'ol wife will venture out to some local State Park for a few days and strive to reconnect with nature and each other - a much need time away on both accounts. . .