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On Thursday the 13th, Alice had her right aortic artery surgery, and everything went well; however, only after some of the morphine’s effects faded did we realize that she had zero use of her entire left side: arm and leg, and wide opened eyes staring straight ahead. The social worker informed us that there is a good chance of her being transferred up to Denton Regional hospital as an In-Patience for total rehab care, seeing that we have good health insurance: Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Yesterday, Thursday the 20th Alice was transferred from Medical City Dallas, by ambulance, to Denton Regional Hospital in Denton, of course. Even though I have spent literally every day and night with her, even I am under the visiting curfew hours of 4:00 pm -9:00 pm, for calls as well.

She's in a room, so far, by herself. The schedule is very regimented, from wake-up, dressing, meals, therapy, to visiting hours, and when to bathe. Being alone and with so much structure placed on her Alice is feeling very overwhelmed, but seems to be facing it well, and eager to comply knowing that it will lead to her personal independence and going home again.

I'm doing well, am able to come home and write this e-mail, balance the check book, get finances in order, feed our little homely zoo of pets, clean the apartment, and yes rest a bit. I'll return to work on Monday, thanks to my FMLA and insurance I feel like I have been able to help Alice out and repay her a little for the past 26 years.


Alice had yet another stroke, on 11-13-2008. The bullet we missed hit home this time, and landed her in Medical City Dallas NICU, and now in her own private room awaiting details of some kind on Rehabilation. She has no use of her left arm and left leg, some speach sluring and verbal slowness. Her cognitive thinking is still intake, Praise the Goddess!

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Under the knife

My wife is to have Carotid Artery Surgery, on the right side (95% blockage) this Thursday, then in a few weeks she'll have the left side (85% blockage) done. Prayers, blessings, well-wishes, and happy thoughts are welcomed; stress is high and finances stretched but we're facing them head on.

Home again...

Alice is back home, as of late Saturday evening. We’re settling down into the new routine of waiting for her surgery in two weeks; new higher-priced meds, the nice but odd feeling of being back home, and not in the regimented control of hospital wake-ups.

I’m exhausted, but glad to have her back home, feeling like I’ve missed another near-miss bullet that could have taken her away from me. Have I taken her so for granted, that our lives together has been so brief already? I would gladly exchange mine for hers in a heart beat if I could; ‘cause I know I could stand the pressures more readily, but know she would say the same of me as well. I’m scared, more than I’ve ever been, of being alone without her.

But its not about me…

ALICE's Stroke

On 10/23/08 My wife Alice had a stroke, while walking the dog in the park, after more than a week of test: blood work, CT, MRIs and the works - we continue, now, at Medical City in Dallas. She has a noticable slur in her speech, and sluggishness in her left arm -- we have still not been discharged. She is to have surgery in two weeks....

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