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Just to hear her Beating Heart

My wife and I were woken from our "it couldn't happen to us" slumber. At the beginning of her brother's ordeal she suffered a heart attack; refused treatment but later had me take her in to the hospital. She struggled to bear the stress of her brother's situation, and deal with her own weakly managed Diabetes. So on the 15th of November 2007 she had open heart surgery, ending with a quadruple by-pass.

My life froze beyond the crawl of slow motion, and the constant gripping fear that I could in fact lose her. For four FMLA weeks I micromanaged her every step toward home recovery, which now finds us striving to meet better health care issues. I am very blessed with my Christmas Gift this year, of having my beautiful wife back in my life! Just to hear her beating heart again in my life is a mirical in more ways than I can imagine. Twenty five years of marriage were too brief a time when I waited in that ICU wondering if I would see her again, I feel like I am so honored to just write these feeble lines and blog again.

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  1. Best of luck to you.
    Hope the situation improves and continues to improve.