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A New Title

NOTICE: I've been polishing and continuing to elaborate on my novel. I've decided on a new title: THE WATCHER'S REQUIEM. The Nephilim were also called Watchers, and they are the main characters in my story; the ones who remained behind "watching" their brethren leave. The requiem is a roman Catholic funeral mass, a dirge if you will for the sake of the dead.

The Nephilim Age is now entitled
The Watcher's Requiem.
David DeLane Snow

First Nightmare

The slap was loud and unwarranted. The sting from the woman’s hand immediately began to show its whelping print on the young boy’s cheek and right ear, as she dauntingly continued to shake him by the shoulders screaming. The boy was no more than six years old. She was angry about having been prematurely awaken on her day off. The shaken boy dared not cry out because he knew that that always angered her even more.

Then, just as she raised her hand for a second blow, another boy (about nine years old) jumped in between them both and shoved the younger to the ground making him fall a few steps away. The older boy shouted, “Leave him alone! Run little brother, I’ll hold her off.” With that the thin blond haired boy on the ground scrambled to get away, but not before catching a glimpse of her beating his rescuer. The tall dark haired hero then fell to the floor and curled up as the angry woman had begun violently kicking the child in the back and ribs, shouting, “So you think you can handle this instead - alright!”

Crouched from behind a nearby bed the younger boy could only watch in silent horror as the beating continued until the woman grew tired, quieting on her own accord.

Jacob woke up wide eye and breathing heavily from his dream. Its realism was disturbing as he sat up on the side of his bed rubbing his ear, and the sleep from his eyes. Jacob seemed to have suppressed so much in his life; amazing how a single nightmare could have resurrected a host of unremembered emotions - long thought forgotten. But, those two boys - his mind strained to put their faces back into focus, yet the attempt was futile.

Opening of my revised Chapter One


As of yesterday, my wife and I have been married 27 years. May not mean much to some people but its a lifetime to us. It was the best of times, growing experiences that we have shared and learned from one another. Alice is my best friend and that's a great place to begin. Love ya babe, here's to 27 more!

Happy Easter

We had a great time over at Ana's home, with the kids and grandkids - celebrating Vanah's fourth birthday as well as Easter. Pics and video composite forthcoming...

The Nephilim Age

The Nephilim Age
David DeLane Snow

Hell Rises Again - soon - we hope.

Blizzard takes forever to do anything but when they do it's far worth they wait; we're still waiting on Diablo III. Because of Alice's condition she's discovered she is not quiet able to maneuver the mouse and keyboard on her favorite PC Game effectively as before; maybe this will wet her appetite as a goal to work towards.

Here's a taste of the game play in its new awesome glory!

Where The Wild Things Are

I had a strange Jehovah's Witness step-mom growing up as a child, and as a result I could not read this book because of the "demons" pictured in it. My own daughter has not only this book but action figures as well. Now, as an adult it continues to capture my imagination with its simplisticly briliant artwork, I'm glad to see it finally come to film; here's to you - mom.

My Dad

--{video forthcoming}--
Bobbie Lee Snow
1941 - 2008

Time Keeps on Slipping...

A year ago today my father passed away, seems like yesterday, yet a thousand things have come and gone since then. Alice has had two major surgerys, a stroke from one and months of rehab. My brother-in-law passed away. We got to see Alice's sister, Peggy and my brother, Tracy again - after too many years gone by; and now it's Spring once more.

We saw, what I thought was a really great movie experience; Benjamin Button - though personally I think they should have entitled it: Remembering and Savoring the Moments of your Life - Benjamin Button. It's about - just that, and how each one of is just as extraordinary as the main character, Benjamin, and how fleeting life really is in the grand scheme of things. It was the kind of film that stays with you long after the buttery smell of popcorn has faded from the air.


The Watcher's Book of Books