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The FAIRCHILD's New Blessing!

Some dear friends of ours, that we've not seen in years, have resently, back in June, had their second child, a daughter:

Victoria Lynn Fairchild, arrived June 20th at 1:59PM Texas time. She weighed 6 pounds and 1 ounce. She is 19 inches long. Momma and Baby are home safe and well, with her Daddy and older brother Alex!

We send our love and merriest of Congradulations to them all!


I had my Initiation into the Freemasons tonight. . .

* * * * * * * *

Well I clicked on the sign-in to begin blogging my thoughts about becoming a Freemason; then I typed in my e-mail address, then my password. Since my computer has got some viruses it is running terribly slow - worst than if I had had regular dial-up internet service. So, waiting for the screen changes feels like "waiting forever". When the Blogger Dashboard finally comes up it is for a new posting, where I am now - composing and editing my thoughts, afterwards I will add a jpg (picture), from the many that I have previously right-clicked on and saved to a previously prepared folder, so that, like now, whenever I am actually ready to use or chose a picture the process wont be filled with searching for a picture instead of lossing thoughts during compisition of this post.

If you don't Blog or internet journal, say on My Space or such, you may have no idea what-in-the-world I am talking about. However, if you are far more acomplished at it than I am, just reading this post can be so mundane that it's boredom almost hurts to read.

Ever bite into a lemon? And then try to explain it to someone else. I remember watching Full Metal Jacket, like a hundred times, just to get in the mind set before I actually went off to join the military myself; then found out that basic trainning was such a vastly different "Experience" than watching a movie or hearing someone elses Vietnam War stories that I cried.

My joinning the Freemasons is just such an eye openner "Experience" . You can go on the web, and it doesn't take much time at all, to find the actual wording of the rituals and all the trappings of Masonry. But, the experience, the experience isn't there.

I'm just beginning to learn the Secret of Freemsonry. The Secret is. . .

The secret -- is simple, it must be experienced, one-on-one. Life and all its personal self improvement experiences are so personal that they are even vastly diffent from those who may endure them alongside yourself. We digest and internalize events differently, not better or worst -- just differently.

My Initiation into the Freemasons was just such an experience, that unless you've blogged before, eaten a lemon, been in the military you would never be able to relate - that's the big "secret" of it all. I heard one time, "Life's a Bitch!" Then it dawned it me, "If that's how you want to dress her."