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Klaatu Wow!

I finally broke down and watched The Day The Earth Stood Still. Yeah, yeah I know - WHAT! You've never seen that movie!? Yeah, it was great. Tehuti, I understand "Klaatu barada nikto," thank you. I think it is more philosophical than The Matrix, in its simplicity more awe inspiring than Star Wars; and understand the origins to Star Trek - better, after having watched this film. Yes it is that good.

The ORDER of the Pheonix

For my birthday we all went out to see HARRY POTTER And The Order of the Pheonix. After having finally read the book, now seeing the moving I think the fifth movie is the best. After $12 million the first minent at theaters I guess I'm not the only one either to have seen it. Being magickally incline the real magic of these stories is the authour's ability to make the reader turn the page with invested interest. Great movie, great story - now on to the next and final chapter!

Happy Independence Day

Freedoms are great but they come at a high price; let's not take them for granted.

A STAR WARS Imagination

My daughter, Elizabeth took me out for a belated Father's Day "gift". We went to see the Star Wars movie props Exhibit in Fort Worth. Actually the best part of it was just getting out with her; her and mom spend a lot of time together, and we seldom, so it was very nice.

Yodo seemed a lot smaller, and Chewbacca was huge! It was cool seeing the actual modle of the Empiral Crusier, from the opening sence of Ep. IV. We had a great time seeing all the details that the movie cameras didn't pick up; like how "cheap" Darth Vader's belt looked.

Afterwards we went to a high priced Japanese resturant and had sushi, the company and conversation was the best part; well seeing C-3PO was cool too.