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MY LIBRARY listings...

I've just begun another "blog" link; called: My LIBRARY. I've tried using the MS Works format, but just didn't care for the hasel of all the hoops. Then I tried using my Star Trek Holonote(Full Version), desktop program, but when and if ever I have to reboot I'll just lose everything. So, I've begun doing a more interactive Inventory of my personal belongings.

I've just started; check it out.

Tehuti Does it Right!

We've all endured our share of trials and errors along the journey of life; striving to discover, not only who we are but who to share it with. I was honored to be asked to witnesses when both of those events converged together on the Path of one of my dearest friends. Congradulations "MDC" you've finally gotten it right! Sweet isn't as sweet without knowing the bitter in life; I'm glad he's able to enjoy the fruits of his long sought after quest.


The stench of the lime green corpse, floating just beneath the surface of the water seemed to burn its nauseating smell into his mind. Christopher found it difficult to turn aside from the sight of it; but in doing so he only discovered hundreds more - bloated bodies littering the left and right side of the shoreline. Men, women and -

He awoke, sitting up and screaming in a sweat-soaked tangle of sheets, and the soft reasuring voice of his wife Martha; telling him that he was all right, it was just a bad dream. A bad dream? But Christopher wasn't so sure about that as he struggled to fall back to sleep; with the sound of the thunderstorm looming ever closer outside their bedroom window.


Since I was a kid I have always enjoyed History. Searching through my gradparents memographed copy of The Texas Snows, during childhood trips was a journey of the imagination for my; reading names and learning the stories of my family. I've uupdated my copy of that book with about as much information as I can. Today I surfed upon a site that allows you to create your own Family Tree Web Page. The renewal of an old interest of mine; check it out: The Snow History.


Tehuti does it again! After another of my daily ritual visits to his site I rolled over some things and SNAP! I was able to Preview my own page. So cool. Just another reason why I love the internet; things are getting user friendlyier all the time... or just lazier, don't know - check it out for yourselves... SNAP!