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One thing that keeps pounding in my thoughts while I am visiting here in Colombia is that I have to constantly remind myself to say: "The States", because let's face it I'm still an American in America, just in the South, okay, deeep south.
Sterotypes and prejudice reach a long ways, but I have not felt it against me here.  Everyone has been nothing if not supportive, informitive, and willing to go out of their personal way to ensure my saftey and well being.  I'm so sorry that my fearfulness overwhelmed me in the form of culture shock.  If my wife's health and our resources were better, this would either be our winter home or yearly vacation spot.  There is an awefull lot of bad in the world, my worldview and personal attitude does not have to be one of them. Gracias Nati, mi amiga.

From Colombia

While staying a John´s sister´s home, his neice showed me this funny video.

OSAMA IS DEAD - Finally.


John and Diane

If it wasn't for the generosity of a co-worker, John Velasquez I wouldn't have the once in a lifetime [for me] opportunity to visit Colombia.  I am to be the best man at his wedding to Diane.  This is a drawing I did for them as a present, I'm not drawn in quiet awhile, I see too many flaws.