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Home again...

Alice is back home, as of late Saturday evening. We’re settling down into the new routine of waiting for her surgery in two weeks; new higher-priced meds, the nice but odd feeling of being back home, and not in the regimented control of hospital wake-ups.

I’m exhausted, but glad to have her back home, feeling like I’ve missed another near-miss bullet that could have taken her away from me. Have I taken her so for granted, that our lives together has been so brief already? I would gladly exchange mine for hers in a heart beat if I could; ‘cause I know I could stand the pressures more readily, but know she would say the same of me as well. I’m scared, more than I’ve ever been, of being alone without her.

But its not about me…

1 comment:

  1. Wow!! Looks like I missed a whole big chapter in your life there.

    Glad to hear she's home, and so sorry to hear about this! I can't imagine the shock.

    My best wishes for a speedy recovery!!! You and Alice will be in my prayers, of course.