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My Dad Found that Power!

    I remember chatting with my dad.  In a conversation not too long before he passed away, the topic of religion, and the Jehovah's Witnesses came up...Dad said, "Son, give it up." By this he meant, it was time to leave it all behind and stop re-hashing all the old arguments and topics.  Dad was very tired, and sad that he had raised us in The Society.  I remember my mom and dad having many a discussion of various Watchtower teachings.  He was studding the Bible and reading things in context and with an open mind and then comparing it to the doctrine that was brought out in the Kingdom Hall. My dad wrestled all the time with the conflicting messages of their ever changing New Light.  Later on I came across one of dad's bibles after he passed and realized how he dissected the Word and proved things to himself.  Dad always felt the JWs taught him a lot about Bible Study by were growing into a powerful mind controlling Organisation and independent thought of the student was being snuffed out.  Though he was very much correct in this view as that is totally what they have become; what he did not fully appreciate was that was the Organization he was baptized into!

  Before dad passed away he told me he had many questions for Jesus when he got to see him; I knew then Dad Understands!!!!!

   I have stumbled on to a few chat groups on the social media of Facebook and re-discovered the very same thought process of discovery of my dad, and later my own research.  I think it is wonderfully amazing to still see people coming out of the Society.  So much energy, time and effort spent of Bible Trivia and knowledge bashing over in-correct doctrinal teachings by people within a closed "society".  After I was un-chained, I still kick myself for such a wasted life in all the rabbit trails I've chased.  But maybe then again turning all those mis-adventures into helpful detour signs for others is what SNOW's Journey is about?


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