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   In The Bible we are told that Christ would be called Emanuel.  But after we are told this, his parents actually name him something different to begin with; Jesus (which mean Savior).  When we view the entirety of Scripture as a single volume of a complete story, only then can we realize that the main character is actually: GOD.  Therefore, in the second half of the story, the New Testament; we find a peculiar plot twist in the story.  By way of a spoiler, I think the Bible should actually be re-entitled: The Tale of The Undercover Boss.

    So, where does 'Emanuel' come into play? The opinion I assert is that instead of being a "failed prophecy" of Isaiah, it's fulfillment was actually manifested in a different manner.  It was that "difference" that was the plot twist no one saw coming! Though the first born child of Mary and Joseph was "named" Jesus, his followers 'CALLED' him Emanuel, because they saw in him the manifested fulfillment of the Spirit of the Law!  Emanuel means "GOD WITH US".
    John and Paul both gave us scattered pearls throughout their letters and book.  It is up to the astute reader to thread those pearls together; and the Christian follower should proudly "wear them" in how they share them with the world in which we live and encourage one another to continue to look for hidden "Easter Eggs" like precious gemstones.

   I do not think that, just because the actual name or title was not given to the child of Mary and Joseph as Emanuel that it is a failed prophecy; but, I believe that inferring its metaphorical meaning in the present Cannon of Scripture is HOW the prophecy was (is) manifested.  In other words, the believer must individually search out the given volume of work, and for themselves dig out those gems.  In personal Bible study, they (WE today) ourselves declare with our lives that:


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