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Who's The Boss?

We have a saying in Texas: "If ya want somethin done right, ya gotta do it yer self!"  Spiritually speaking, I believe that that is actually what the main character of The Bible: GOD does.  I read in scripture time and time again of how G-d worked in the lives of human beings and yet some how people just did not seem to get the full impact of the message.
   In part one of the Book, (the Old Testament) the reader of that grand story finds the main character trying to get men's attention with how to worship him, and behave with one another.  All the while, unknown to the 'readers' the main character is laying the seeds of a plot device called 'foreshadowing'; seeds of what is to come next.
   However, in part two of the Book, (the Old Testament), a new main character appears.  Yet all he does is refer back to the main character of part one.  Again, foreshadowing seeds are planted and should be more obvious even to the reader, but only near the end of The Book is the plot twist truly revealed.
   The main character from part two turns out to be none other than the Undercover Boss from part one!  Jehovah GOD spoke things into being, and the very act of speak/singing/ proclaiming "was" GOD himself! The very 'image of the invisible God', 'became flesh', and the fullness of deity dwelt in a human form'.  You could say that God went undercover and 'humbled himself like a servant'.
   Some argue Jesus was a created thing.  Only in the turn of perception that God was trying a different technique of communication with his creatures was Jesus to be considered like an "only begotten son', or even a 'Son of Man'.

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